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One pager-projectipsilon v4


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updated April 2019.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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One pager-projectipsilon v4

  1. 1. Value Proposition Rotterdam Science Tower, 11th Floor, Marconistraat 16, 3029 AK Rotterdam, The Netherlands +31 (6) 2276-8839 • Standalone assessment tool or as a support to the existing protocol • Flexible to needs, cognitive assessment test alone or combined with EEG/eye tracking for precise monitoring and detection • Music activity is known for high reproducibility in activating sensory-related brain regions. • Cost effective, fast and stigma free. • Can assess risks of early dementia, allowing patients to take preventive actions. • Anxiety reduction and performance optimization using multi-sensory rhythmic stimulation. Our Vision We integrate music and technology to improve treatment and diagnosis of several neuropsychological pathologies. Our Mission We empower our users to take full charge of their minds by delivering a systematic package of cognitive assessment and training to help optimize their cognitive wellness TEAM MARKETING STRATEGY Our dementia risk assessment can be also used to evaluate elderly’s cognitive fitness in legal and liability insurance-related fields as well as cognitive side-effects assessment tool for pharmaceutical industry’s R&D. Our MULTI-SENSORY Digital Stimulation uses Rhythmic Stimulation and is designed to help users reduce stress and optimize mental performance. It is delivered though tablet app and simulation on AR/VR headsets. It will be available as a part of Big 5 Stress Management Program at Kempenhaeghe. Our Ipsilon Test examines user’s time-stamped haptic (finger) responses and draws dementia risk assessment with criteria such as learning rate, working memory and processing speed while it also works just like a tablet game for brain exercises, training such as executive function and memory skills. With its response history tracking, it also works as risk group monitoring tool for dementia, to help users gain access to early preventive interventions to prolong their quality of lives. FURTHER STEPS Pilot test is expected to complete successfully at Asociación Parkinson Madrid at the end of May, 2019. Class 1 CE mark certification application in progress with tablet test. Risk assessment module is expected to be class 2A medical device, classification strategy is in place. Invited to give presentation at XPOMET in Berlin, October 2019. EEG integration clinical trial is expected to take place from 1Q, 2020 with the partnership with Utrecht Medical Center. • Use of SNS • online marketing • patients’ forums and advocates • advertising on medical journals and aging- market related events • publish the result of pilot study • Webinars • Presentations at trade shows and conferences Yayoi Sakaki Founder, Director. Classical pianist. Invented cognitive testing method from piano teaching. . Hagen Wenzek, PhD. Co-Founder, CFO, Strategist. Former strategist at IBM, former CTO for IPG MediaBrands. Elvira Berlingieri Legal advisor, business development. LLM, MBA, Avvocato. Pierre-Alain Cohen, M.D. Medical advisor & medical business development. Clinical professor at UCSF. ACADEMIC ADVISORS Competitive Advantages One cognitive loop – music integrates assessment and stimulation through multi-sensory processing, enabling neuropsychological pathology and training. Accuracy – use of machine-learning algorithms to draw quantitative dementia risk assessment Fun, stigma-free and cost effective – much cheaper than neuroimaging such as fMRI, game- like that is free of stigma of dementia and flexible and practical pricing with practice module and the tests. Clinical partnership with Utrecht Medical Center – exclusive clinical testing and research partnership with world-leading medical research institution for ensuring the quality of the products. Patent filing in progress. Kanako Mori Clinical Psychologist, licensed to practice in The Netherlands and Japan. Supervises on product development. Makiko Sadakata, PhD. Music and Cognition Advisor. Assistant Professor of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence department, Radboud University Nijmegen. Daniele Mazzei, PhD. System IoT Solution and Artificial Intelligence Advisor. Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Robotics at University of Pisa. IPSILON RHYTHMIC STIMULATION For stress management Versatile Application STRATEGIC PARTNERS Where Music Meets Brain Science and Technology Ipsilon Test