NTC Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum 2013


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Keynote presentation at NTC Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum 2013

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NTC Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum 2013

  1. 1. Finding The Next BIG Thing Yaw Shin Yeo NTC Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum 2 March 2013
  2. 2. Who am I?Hi, I’m Yaw. I am the investment manager at Infocomm Investments looking after ouractivities in the US. I work closely with our portfolio companies Twilio and Quid, andspend most of my other time advising entrepreneurs on Asia expansion. I meet withhundreds of startups every year over coffee and probably drink too much of it for myown good. In my previous life, I was a IT repairman, firefighter and plumber.
  3. 3. So how has techentrepreneurship changed in the last 10 years?
  4. 4. I Cost of starting a tech company has dropped dramaticallyII Maturing models of describing the startup processIII Rising popularity of startup acceleratorsIV Tech entrepreneurship becomes more global
  5. 5. I + II + III + IV =Great time to be an entrepreneur!
  6. 6. Startups Continue to Push theTechnology Edge1. User Interfaces : Leap Motion, Thalmic Labs2. 3D Printing : Shapeways, Makerbot, TurboSquid3. Programmatic Adtech : Media Math, DataXu, RocketFuel, Criteo4. Big Data : Cloudera, Palantir, Mu Sigma, Opera Solutions, 10gen5. Software-Defined Networking : Nicira, Big Switch Networks, Pica86. IT Security : CrowdStrike, WhiteHat, Appthority, FireEye, CipherCloud7. Communications : Twilio, Whatsapp, Viber8. Crowdfunding : Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable9. Video : Tremor Video, Machinima, Vidyo10. Mobile : Zenprise, Flipboard, Waze, Entreproid, Aereo
  7. 7. But more interestingly, technology is now disrupting business models in traditional industries
  8. 8. Transport Google’s “self-driving car” Getaround’s P2P rental modelUber’s on-demand “private driver” Zipcar’s self-service model Photo credits : Asphalt & Rubber
  9. 9. Finance Lenddo is using social networks Lending Club’s P2P model to evaluate your financial reputation
  10. 10. Education The Minerva Project Khan Academy MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses
  11. 11. The Internet Revolution HasOnly Just Began… Source : Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital by Carlota Perez
  12. 12. … and Some of the BiggestOpportunities Are in Asia More than 1 billion 4.2 billion people smartphones by 2015 Rise of the middle class and “Green Field” opportunities growing purchasing power Photo credits : Jo@net (Flickr)
  13. 13. One more thing …
  14. 14. Practical Tips for An AspiringAsian Entrepreneur1. Market size and geography matters2. Competition (or lack of) can work for you3. Do you really need venture capital?4. Revenue is essential5. Be creative when it comes to hiring
  15. 15. </ Thank you /> Yaw Shin Yeo yaw@infocomminvestments.com www.linkedin.com/in/yawshin/