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How to prevent corruption


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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How to prevent corruption

  1. 1. BY : BENEDICT TIMOTHY SITI YAUMILIA SALSA SYIFA FAUZIAH HOW TO PREVENT CORRUPTION 1. Moral uprightness Parents, civil and religious societies all have a role to play. Teach honest, moral behavior by returning staff to borrow, paying our taxes, condemning corrupt, and paying a fair price for anything. 2. Raising public awareness a. Public education and awareness campaign (radio, newspaper, TV) b. Investigative journalism and information by the media. c. Empower citizens to monitor the government through periodic service delivery surveys. 3. Duties to report on assets and liability If we’re being the public official, we must report our holdings in investments and properties as well as personal assets, and not just the public official, all citizens who have made a large economic transaction must file an income declaration. 4. E-government Citizens can monitor in real time the progress of the entire tax department and documents related to public procurement must now be available on-line to minimize bribes on the government. 5. Rotation of officials This way will cut the officials who have a “safety zone” in their power and it will reduce insularity and help curb corruption. 6. Hiring and promotion of public officials People have to be open, provide equal opportunity and transparency when hiring and promoting public official, so they can be honest, competent, and independent when they work. This way will minimize the use of public power to have benefits for the family member or other groups.
  2. 2. 7. Give better salary in government jobs Many employees in government position 5 received low salary like clerks, office staff, regional leader etc. hence they expect to make money by bribery. For this they try to delay the work for so long that the client is fed up and opts for bribery for progress in the work. And if the client gives bribes to government official, then their work will be finished faster. Ex: when we create passport. 8. Keep inflation low Due to rise in prices, any amount of income seems to be insufficient, this situation will be used by the businessman to sell the stock of goods at higher price and the politicians will support them and paid monetary or give more benefits. 9. Camera in most government offices The function is to watch the employee performance, so they cannot give or take bribe because it will be known by the public. 10. The easy mechanism to report corruption People will be brave to report the corruption activities to the official if the access is easy and safe. The official must have responsibilities to secure people who have report corruption from the corruption doers. 11. Make community or institute and reproduce trust network By make community every people can discuss about everything with concerned with corruption, and every people can participate in community. We can sharing the corruption problem and we can find anti-corruption methods.