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Celebrate India – Taj Mahotsav with


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Celebrate India – Taj Mahotsav with

  1. 1. Celebrate India – Taj Mahotsav with Yatra.comI approached my hotel room window and opened the curtains & windows and the earlymorning rays of the sun blasted into the dark room and filled it with light and warmth.However, the warmth was accompanied by the chilly breeze of a February morning. But hey! Iwas definitely not complaining because the chill carried with it the fragrance of India, the entireIndia. I have travelled so much and so deep into the very heart of this magnificent country thatto even think that the entire Indian experience could be summed up in a single destination wasa notion as unbelievably alien to me as aliens themselves, but not anymore. Well, thatdestination is Agra but only during the annual 10 day Taj Mahotsav held there can you have thisexperience. And in case you don’t believe me, I encourage you not to because this is notsomething that you can understand by just reading about it. THIS………this is something that hasto be seen to be believed.This festival is a cultural extravaganza like no other.Just like the Taj Mahal this festival is unequalled inits grandeur and the best part is it just keeps gettingbigger and better with every passing year. Thisfestival showcases arts, crafts, music, dance, cuisineand entertainment of all kinds from all the corners ofthe country. On top of all this, since it takes place inAgra, you can never run out of options. If you startto get a cultural overdose, you can always step outand go sight-seeing. Of course you should alwaysstart and end with the Taj Mahal, in between youcan visit places likeAgra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, JamaMasjid and several other popular gardens & temples. And, trust me 10 days is plenty of time tosee them all. However, this time I will talk only about the festival. My first suggestion: hire abike for the duration of the festival. It’s an excellent experience!So, as I was saying the entire Indian experience is packed into these 10 days and it has so muchvariety to offer on all platforms that no one is likely to leave disappointed at the end of it all. Isaw and heard and ate and did so much during those 10 days that looking in retrospect it seemsno more than a fantastic dream. I was surprised to learn that over 400 expert artisans fromaround the country participate in this festival. From Kashmir’s shawls to TamilNadu’s wood/stone carvings; from Arunachal’s bamboo/cane crafts to Gujrat’scarpets andeverything else in between was showcased at this festival. However, it’s the dance and musical
  2. 2. performances, both classical and popular that stole the show. Being a lover of classical music Iwas really happy to attend performances by the likes of Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. On the otherside, Bollywood singers Sunidhi Chauhan and Richa Sharma along with the comedian RajuShrivastav added a little Bollywood flavor to the proceedings.As far as the food is concerned, the variety is inexhaustible and delectable beyond belief. For afoodie like me, I can say that it was heaven on earth for me. And trust me no fancy stuff, it wasall pure traditional stuff that is seriously finger-licking good.Now that I have started to think about food, it will become increasingly difficult for me tocontinue writing this blog. Therefore, I will now take your leave and go indulge my taste buds. Ihave just barely managed to give you the highlights but I hope it gets you curious enough topack your bags and head straight for Agra during the Taj Mahotsav. Trust me you won’t regretit.This is Joy taking your leave,Travel Safe and Travel Happyuntil next time,Ciao