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Celebrate india – goa carnival


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Goa Carnival is like the annual meeting of Travelers Inc. because it attracts tourists not only from within Indian borders but also from all over the world. In case you have been dreaming of attending the Rio Carnival all your life and haven’t been able to do so for whatever reasons then starting with this one is a pretty good idea!

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Celebrate india – goa carnival

  1. 1. Celebrate India – Goa Carnival with Yatra.comAvid travelers are usually perceived as extroverts, especially by those who aren’t one of us. Itwould seem so because we spend so much time and energy in alien places with alien people.However, from my personal experience I would say we travelers are more introverts types.Otherwise how would you explain the ever ready bag packs, the round hat that envelopes uscompletely, the over grown beard, the dirty t-shirt, the 3/4th cargo pants whose pockets arefilled with god-knows-what and finally a map in one hand and a lonely planet guide book in theother. These are signs of an individual who likes spending more time inside his head thanoutside regardless of wherever he might be. How else would we be able to make sense of thealien people and alien worlds that we throwourselves into, all the time? If you areinterested in finding out the truth for yourselfthen the place you might want to head to isthe Goa Carnival, because that is where you’llfind this species in abundance and greatvariety.Goa Carnival is like the annual meeting ofTravelers Inc. because it attracts tourists notonly from within Indian borders but also fromall over the world. In case you have been dreaming of attending the Rio Carnival all your lifeand haven’t been able to do so for whatever reasons then starting with this one is a pretty goodidea!By the way the travelers’ look that I outlined above is exactly the way I looked during thecarnival, minus the map and the lonely planet of course. I have been there so often I practicallyknow my way around town like the back of my hand. However, the transformation that theentire town goes through during the festival even boggled a regular me.There are plenty of carnivals celebrated throughout the country but what lends Goa Carnival itsdistinct flavor is the cross between the Goan and Portuguese culture. The carnival was firstcelebrated in the year 1961, during which the Goan territory was still under the influence of thePortuguese colonizers. That is why even though the carnival is celebrated on Indian soil, itsflavor is not so Indian.Colorful dresses, weird masks, lively dancing, jazzy music, street performances and larger thanlife parades are all that occupy the duration of the festival. I say, do you even need anything
  2. 2. else? I am glad I was all alone because celebrating with the locals in traditional Goan style wasone hell of an experience. One thing I learnt then…….Goan people seriously know how to partyhard and that too in style. And, where else would those parties be if not on those spectacularGoa beaches. Just can’t get enough of them, can you?With thousands of people crowding the streets, I was glad no one was paying attention to medue to which I could do all my weird dance moves without any inhibitions. I’m sure I didn’tmanage to impress any girls, but who cares! Jokes apart; Goa Carnival is the perfect time to seeGoa in its entire splendor with all the pomp and show driving your adrenaline level higher andhigher.However, personally my best memory of the festival was watching Remo perform live. The guyis a born live performer and he sure did live up to his reputation. I’ll take your leave now but I’llpray that you too are lucky enough to see him perform live. So now all you gotta do now isbook those tickets, pack your bags, get a hat, a map, a lonely planet guide book, those essential3/4th cargos and you are all set for the Goan experience.This is Joy signing off,Happy Travel to you all,Until next time,Ciao.