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Business english activity


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Business english activity

  1. 1. TEFL & ICT MA Program 2012 -2013Business English Instructors: Dr. Mrs. Jennifer EvansChapter 7: Assessing Students’ Progress Dr. Youssef TamerActivity: Assessing Students’ Listening Progress ……./ 10Applying For JobsMaria Martinez is applying for a job. Listen carefully to the conversation in the video and answer thequestions in the following activities: I. True or False + Justification (4pts) 1. Maria is applying for an executive marketing assistant position. 2. Maria has got a postgraduate diploma. 3. She had a working experience as a sales person in a big make-up company. 4. She speaks 3 languages. 5. She is currently jobless. 6. She is submitting the application online. 7. She worked in reception before. 8. She got an appointment for an interview. II. Multiple choices: (2pts) Tick the right answers Maria must e-mail Mrs. Thomson: 1. A Letter of reference 2. Original copies of her qualifications 3. Resume 4. CV 5. Application form 6. References 7. Diploma III. Questions: (4pts) 1. What’s the name of the company Maria is interested to work in? 2. What is the company (Maria willing to work in) specialized in? 3. What is Maria good at? 4. What duties or responsibilities does the job Maria is applying for involve?TEFL & ICT MA Program By Yassine AIT HAMMOU