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Yasmo live events-proposition

  1. 1. Yasmo Live Areti Kampyli Founder & CEO areti.kampyli@yasmolive.com +44 (0) 7981644975
  2. 2. Yasmo Live: A new era in on-site event networking The product: Yasmo Live allows event attendees to find the people they want to network with at an event through a picture-based profile feed on their mobile phone. Delegates can search for people on-site in real-time and make the connections that mean the most to them.
  3. 3. Yasmo Live: a new era in on-site event networking Operational on: iPhone Nokia Blackberry Sony Ericsson J2ME LG HTC Samsung Motorola Through Wi-Fi or operator’s network
  4. 4. Power feature: Search for people that are physically nearby Proprietary search engine: Delegates can find fellow attendees they are eager to meet at the touch of a button. They can search by a delegate’s name, company, position, industry and location.
  5. 5. More Power Features Take a note: Write a note to Filter: yourself about a Choose to see delegate. Notes only the people are stored on you want your personal account online Arrange a meeting: On-site in Alert me: Tell us to designated alert you when the areas person you want to meet enters the venue People Around: Everybody around you at the event in real-time
  6. 6. Event Programme, Feedback & Support Event Programme: Feedback: Organisers Support: Any question is Organisers can feed changes receive feedback on answered via text or email to their delegates’ phones, the event. Opinion Polls and a member of our support while at the event can be embedded here team is always on-site
  7. 7. Before and after the event… My Notes: All the notes you took on the app are stored next to every profile and on the Tab ‘My Notes’ as a follow up agenda Participants who viewed me: The ones who viewed your profile, as an incentive for you to contact them Registered Participants: Detected Participants: Viewed Participants: The Connect with everyone who See everyone that ones whose profile you viewed registered with the event attended the event while using the app at the event
  8. 8. Full online profile… Delegate Information: Name Professional Title Company Industry Location Your online presence under one roof: Objective from event Add a link to any of your online communities or a link to your company products and services
  9. 9. Capturing all of the delegates From registration… When delegates fill in the registration form on the event’s website, this is what happens: Yasmo Live captures delegate data, for an instant yasmolive login Delegate gets redirected to yasmolive.com & receives a welcome email Delegate receives a text with the application to download it directly to his/her phone
  10. 10. After the event: Measuring on-site interactions Yasmo Live measures for the first time the outcome of delegates’ on-site interactions and offers analytics of their activity throughout the day Profiles views among attendees Event programme and floor plan views Feedback forms submitted On-site appointments arranged
  11. 11. After the event: Providing organisers with valuable demographics Delegates’ demographics per event: Industry, Location, Objectives, Profession, Education, Gender Comparative demographics over time period, industry & location
  12. 12. Additional feature: Yasmo Live as an advertising platform White Label Offering: Yasmo Live offers a white label service to event sponsors, who get exclusive visibility of their brand amongst hundreds to thousands of highly targeted event attendees. Contact: Areti Kampyli, Founder of Yasmo Live e: areti.kampyli@yasmolive.com t: +44 (0) 7981644975 skype: areti.kampyli.yasmolive