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Beau Visage Ultimate Skin Consultation System


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Beau Visage Ultimate Skin Consultation System

  1. 1. Surgical Cosmetic / Aesthetic Laser Dental Aesthetic Ultrasound BEAU VISAGE THE ULTIMATE SKIN ASSESSMENT Beau Visage is a diagnostic tool used by quali ed Doctors all over the world for diagnosing skin conditions, blood, melanin and sun damage as well as establashing your Skin Age Score. Beau Visage can see up to 2 mm under your skin. Scienti cally proven and clinically tested. THE ULTIMATE SKIN CONSULTATION BEAU VISAGE..GET THE TRUTH ABOUT AGE BEFORE BEAUTY; Aging- No 1 concern for most people Wrinkles- Lifestyle, Ageing Redness- Dilated Capillaries, Rosacea Sun damage- Pigmentation, Brown Spots Acne - oiliness, hormonal Scarring- Pigmentation, Acne scars YOUR JOURNEY TO RECOVER YOUR SKIN HEALTH 1. Our doctor will assess your skin type and any other skin condition or concern. 2. Three photographs will be taken of your face using the Beau Visage Skin Consultation system. 3. Beau Visage will calculate your Skin Age Score against a database of your peers. 4. A Doctor will read the images and will make an assessment and diagnosis. You will be shown the colour, blood, melanin and sun damage images, as well as deep seated lines and wrinkles generated by Beau Visage. Our Jodie Marsh “I AM 29 - MY SKIN AGE IS 37!!” Doctor will do a scienti c analysis on your aesthetic presentation, including loss of volume, developing aging What is your Skin Age?? WWW.ARTENOVICLINIC.IE signs and concerns. 5. A recommended treatment plan will be selected for you. This may include non-invasive treatment, aesthetic JODIE MARSH treatment or a recommended product. 6. A customised Beau Visage Report, which contains your personal photographic images, your skin age score, Glamour model. treatment plan and or recommended products will be produced for you to keep. 7. You will be able to make an appointment for your treatment and enjoy your recommended treatment plan. Beau Visage Result 8. When you next return to the Clinic after your treatment you will have your images taken again free of charge. Beau Visage uses beauty time line to allow you to compare these new images and see the result of your treatment. 9. The Doctor will also be able to recalculate your skin age score and compare it with your last visit and you will Real age: 29. see the bene t of your treatment plan. Skin age: 37. Colour Blood Melanin Sun Damage Glamour girls Jodie Marsh and Bianca Gascoigne, former WAG Charlotte Mears, GMTV host Kate Garraway and Big Brother 7's Imogen Thomas agreed to have their pictures taken with a special camera that exposes sun damage. Their faces were read by the Beau Visage skin imaging system in aid of Cancer Research UK, and the revealing session was arranged by new! magazine. The machinery looked 2mm under the skin's surface, painting a picture of what the stars will look like unless Special reader price get a FREE Consultation and Dermascope assessment worth €135 they take prompt action. & Also get your Beau Visage Ultimate Skin Consultation for only €70. The un attering images showed brown spots where the skin is sun damaged, which will gradually come to the surface of the face unless it is protected. ALUMA ... RECOMMENDED TREATMENT BY DOCTORS FOR REVERSAL And as a further wake-up call, the celebrities also had their skin age revealed, which in Jodie Marsh's case OF DAMAGED SKIN....TURNING BACK THE CLOCK..... was eight year's older than her real age. The stars reveal their relationship with the sun and ALUMA how they felt when they saw the results of the skin test: Aluma is an amazing skin renewal treatment that gently reverses the ageing process. Aluma tightens :: JODIE MARSH the skin, eradicates ne lines and wrinkles and can Glamour model. Real age: 29. Skin age: 37. improve aged and sun damaged skin. Jodie describes the result of having skin eight years older than her age as quot;horrifying.quot; How ALUMA works Energy is deposited deep in the skin as the skin is gently BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS drawn into the tip of a hand-piece using a vacuum process. 260 OFFERS - 98 LEFT This results in a gentle warming of the deeper layer of the skin and the subsequent generation of the skin/ collagen layer growth and rejuvenation, leaving the skin more radiant and 20 SCULPTRA,15 EVOLENCE COLLAGEN FILLER youthful looking. 25 ALUMA , 38 BOTULINUM TOX LEFT. . . The initial results are visible within 4-6 weeks following the treatment and continue to improve Book any treatment above & also get for several months as new collagen is continuously generated. You can enjoy and appreciate FREE teeth whitening worth €395 the e ects for months and even years after.. The whole face and neck can be treated, as can other areas of the body, in sessions lasting from twenty minutes. OUR SPECIAL OFFER END 31ST OF OCTOBER! . Visit our website for full details on Clinic,Doctors and Services CALL OUR CLINIC TODAY. ON 01 8283239 FREE CONSULTATION-- All Clients will be assessed *Prices only for booking and treatment completed on or before 31st October 2008 - see website for terms and conditions. by an Aesthetic Doctor prior to all treatments. Kilronan House , Church Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin Tel: 01 828 3239 Terms and Conditions apply – see Website for details.