Yas, Tilly, Emma & Hannah Musical Pitch


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  • Yas, Tilly, Emma & Hannah Musical Pitch

    1. 1. Teen Dance/Music Show Pitch TEAM HOT-FLUSH.
    2. 2. Audience Research 2,061 People are a fan of dance films. This is important because we’re going to include lots of dance/ classic dance movie conventions in our web show. We did most of our research via Facebook because that is where we’d want to advertise our web show. Most of the users who join the fan pages are aged between 13 and late 20s - OUR TARGET AUDIENCE.
    3. 3. Reality Tv meets Scripted Reality based tv 2, 437, 965 fans of scripted reality based. 1,104,107 prefer reality show Target audience prefer scripted reality drama
    4. 4. Teen Culture Films HSM This is another influential film. 426,572 people are a fans of this teen cult/ music/ dance film. This also shows a potential following for our show. Mean Girls 759,151 people our fans of this film. This is a girl centred comedy based in a high school. Our web show would also be a girl centred comedy but with the added mixture of high school musical/ glee.
    5. 5. MAIN INFLUENCE: GLEE Genre: Musical Comedy. 6, 454, 245 people are a fan of Glee; 50 of my Facebook friends are common viewers/ fans of Glee. This means we’ll have a definite following of people because Glee has made such a phenomenal impact that literally everybody knows about it so we potentially have an Character Fans. expected audience. This gives us an idea of what character story lines / types work.
    6. 6. What Does The Research Tell Us? • The Facebook groups were very helpful to find our target audience because the majority of people that joined the fan groups are aged between 13 - late 20s. The amount of people that because a fan were over the 10s of thousands, showing that this genre has a huge following already, that could become a potential audience.
    7. 7. Generic Conventions
    8. 8. Narrative We following four girls through their everyday life at a performing arts/ talent school. We look at the relationships and the girls trying to succeed their dreams. This is a Musical Comedy genre. It looks at everyday relationships that the audience will already be familiar with.
    9. 9. Themes Friendship - This would be looking at every day friendships/ relationships and the ups and downs between best friends - PEOPLE CAN RELATE. Ambitions - Hopes & dreams explored on screen - strengths & weaknesses? Working Hard - That hard work pays off - dreams come true if you work towards them. Tensions between discipline & freedom - exploring the line between conforming to the school & people around you and letting yourself be free and be expressive through performing.
    10. 10. Settings High School/ College. Gym/ Dance Studio Corridors. Street/ Outside Canteen
    11. 11. Characters At The Moment we’ve only determined the four main characters: Girl who is talented in all areas and all round nice. Girl who is also all round nice but has a background story (about home life?) Girl who is the bitchy but also has background story. New shy girl (loner). All girls are friends but there is a lot of banter between them.
    12. 12. Comical. No One Cares. Iconography Confident girl group Popular. You can tell lots from their stance. Dance Wear conflict
    13. 13. SWOT: STRENGTHS. The market for musical comedies is very wide; they all continue to reuse the same conventions but people still want to watch shows/ films on people trying to achieve their dreams and showcasing their talent. The added extra of comedy to the genre makes the audience a lot more wider. People loved Glee, and our show is similar to Glee but it is more about performing in general compared to a group of people singing.
    14. 14. SWOT: WEAKNESSES Shows such as Glee have already opened the door to show choir, and films have already looked at dance and performance schools such as Fame, & Step Up. This means that our audience may already be fed up with the whole scenario, so we have to add something with more edge to our web show. Pulling off a “convincing” performance school, which the characters being convincing as well.
    15. 15. SWOT: OPPORTUNITIES Being playful with the genre. Potential audience from dance/ Glee fanatics. who literally are interested with anything to do with these shows! This idea is full of opportunity to play around with the characters as well.
    16. 16. SWOT: THREATS • Being Convincing. • The public might not want to watch a WEB show because Glee and similar shows are already popular.