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Tips on selling_your_timeshare

  1. 1. Tips on selling your TimeshareMany people would agree that reselling a timeshare is not as easy as buying one. You get loads ofinvitations in mails; get courtesy calls and emails to attend a timeshare presentation. They offer you bountiesand favors in return for attending a presentation. Why all this? To convince you buy a timeshare. Buying isas easy as making a simple enquiry and many companies come knocking to your house to sell a timeshare.But, have you ever wondered is selling a timeshare as easy as buying one? The harsh truth is “no”. Resellinga timeshare can be a real pain in the neck. That is why many experts advice not buy timeshare as aninvestment. It is never going to rewards you with the returns of a real estate property. It is an investment inyour life, dreams but not for financial returns. True that many people buy timeshare with the intention ofvacationing only but certain unforeseen circumstances may force some timeshare owners to resale theirtimeshare unit. So this article is exclusively for those people and may also benefit others also who arecontemplating selling their timeshares due to reasons such as change of taste, family has grown and you nolonger want to go to the same location etc.1. Check with the timeshare developer who sold you the timeshare. Sometimes the developers offer theoriginal buyer an option to resell their timeshare back to the developer. If not find out if your timeshare isassociated with a licensed broker handling timeshare resale.2. You have to be realistic in your expectations. Do not expect wonders. It is a bitter truth that timeshareproperties do sell at less than their original price. Not only that, it may be difficult to resale as wellespecially if it is in a not so popular destination, is a small unit for example a studio and if the time of use isin an off season. It might be a challenging task to sell a timeshare like the one discussed above. But in caseof a property which is located in popular vacation destinations, is reasonably big and offers usage duringpeak season might sell easily. But again even if the property sells it might sell at 30-50% less than itsoriginal price. So be prepared mentally about that, think that it is like your car which depreciates with eachpassing year.3. Make sure you do your home work first. Research the market well to know about the prices. Also knowwhat you are selling by thoroughly studying all the documents. Try to ascertain whether your property is adeeded property or right to use one. Some right to use property values decrease considerably when theyapproach their expiry. Knowing all these facts makes you knowledgeable about your timeshare and helpsyou in reselling the property with confidence.4. List your timeshare with a real estate agency. There is no dearth of online and traditional brokers. But doenquire whether there is any upfront fee for listing the advertisement or commission on sale of property.You may not want to go with a broker who charges very large upfront fee or commission. You can also listyour timeshare in classified ads offered by many timeshare developers. The latest trend that is catching up isto list your timeshare for auction on sites such as e-bay which lest you develop your own ad campaign withyour own ideas.
  2. 2. 5. Do not fall prey to scammers who might dupe you by offering quick resale of your timeshare. Neverbelieve their promise to resale it quickly as we have discussed in detail earlier how touch it is to resale atimeshare. There is no guarantee whatsoever that your timeshare might resell in a specified time period.6. Also do not commit to any offer on phone. Do make decisions in haste. Take your time to make adecision and to come to a conclusion whether to accept the offer or not. Also request the offer in writing andalso obtain written contract.PPPPPWord Count 685online marketing company