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Contactless Payment


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Contactless payment techologies in 2015.

Published in: Technology
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Contactless Payment

  1. 1. Contactless Payment apple pay android pay samsung pay microsoft wallet
  2. 2. apple pay ➔ nfc ➔ Touch id ➔ Secure element(new chip) in iphone 6 and over ➔ IOS 8 has apple pay api ➔ October 2014 ➔ It stores data encrypted ➔ Passbook app required ➔ Scan card and apple goes bank and verifies your info and add it too passbook ➔ Also you can add a new card manually ➔ It doesn’t store credit card number or anything ➔ It stores Device Only Account number ➔ Dynamic security code ➔ You can suspend payment from find my iphone website ➔ Apple doesn’t store your shopping history ➔ Cashier doesn’t see your name
  3. 3. apple pay ➔ US only for now ➔ Amex, mastercard and visa only ➔ 6 major banks (83% of us credit card volume ) ➔ They are increasing usage by having agreement with retailers (macy’s, mcdonalds, whole food..)(because apple pay need to nfc payment setup ) ➔ Online marketing Groupon, target, uber has in app purchase with apple you can do one touch payment over the app ➔ 4% of ventures has apple pay ➔ Walmart doesn’t allow apple pay because they like to have users data ➔ Starbucks doesn’t allow on store but they allow over starbucks app on ios ➔ You can use your apple watch by double click
  4. 4. android pay ➔ similar with apple pay ➔ nfc required ➔ android 4.4 or over required ➔ US only (since 3 years) ➔ Google "sees" every transaction that a user makes ➔ But unlike "Google Wallet," Android Pay is is not a product. ➔ Instead, it's an API layer in Android that will be able to power in-app and in-store mobile payments capabilities for any Android-based app. Google Wallet, for example, will be powered by Android Pay's technology.
  5. 5. samsung pay ➔ Samsung's phones will work with NFC technology but also standard magnetic credit card readers, thanks to its recent acquisition of LoopPay ➔ Requires s6/s6 curve ➔ Will launch this summer ➔ Works with fingerprint
  6. 6. microsoft wallet (fail) no one uses it
  7. 7. CurrentC Based on QR Codes Long before Apple Pay, big brick-and-mortar retail chains were conspiring to sidestep the typical 2% to 3% fees they’re charged by credit card companies when consumers pay with credit. A company called MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange), spearheaded by Walmart, was started to build a mobile payment solution that would become an app called CurrentC that’s preparing to launch, but is already in the app stores. PayPal bought Paydiant for $280 million The system is built upon technology developed by Paydiant, a startup based in Boston.[4] The system, intentionally, does not support credit cards, as one of its goals is to prevent merchants from having to pay their interchange fees. However, as CurrentC transactions can directly debit customers' banking accounts via the ACH system, consumers do not enjoy the same legal protection against fraudulent charges that is offered by credit and debit cards.