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Ktm duke 390 - marketing presentation


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Ktm duke 390 - marketing presentation

  1. 1. KTM 390 MAKE WAY !!
  2. 2. TEAM - 9
  3. 3. KTM Brand History • Founded in 1934 by Hans Trukenpolz in Mattighofen, Austria. • Started as a car and motorcycle repair shop dealing primarily in metal workings. • Started bike manufacturing due to low business in the metal workshop. • The company expanded throughout Austria • Once Ernst Kronreif becames partner in the Trukenpolz company, the name is changed to KTM.
  4. 4. KTM LEGACY • High Performance motorcycle company from Austria • Produce Mini-bikes ,Dirt Bikes, Sports Bikes, and Dual Sport Bikes • They are the only non-Japanese bike that is part of the big 5. • Podium Domination - Massive gold medal collection in the across the world.
  6. 6. MARKET DEMOGRAPHICSINDIAN 2-WHEELER SEGMENT IN INDIA • TOTAL PRODUCTION - 34,02,897 units / year. • MOTORBIKE SHARE – 25,56,782 units / year (75%) • GROWTH RATE - 7-8% / year In the last few quarters, there is a steep climb in growth observed in the 150cc+ segment. Growing at almost 29%. Unlike the lower segment where the growth has been roughly 9.2%. An indication that the market is shifting towards the performance segment.
  7. 7. KTM IN INDIA • KTM entered the Indian market via Bajaj in January 2012 by launching the Duke 200 (A 200cc “naked” street bike). • Instant hit among the biking fraternity. • KTM organizes official events all over the country to promote safe riding. Eg. ORANGE DAY – Track event and ORANGE RIDE – Street legal rides.
  8. 8. MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS (Continued) Hero 55% Bajaj 27% TVS 7% others 11% Sales
  9. 9. KTM DUKE 390 • The elder brother of the Duke 200. The Duke 390 is double as powerful but weight just as much as its younger sibling. • Practical and affordable. • All terrain motorcycle. • Superior handling capabilities • State of the art technology • Front runner in the 400cc segment in INDIA.
  11. 11. MARKET TREND • Indian Market looking for upscale bikes. • Serious riders want to buy powerful bikes that are affordable. • Consumers are ready to pay a premium for the “Luxury 2- Wheeler Segment”. • Increase Social presence.
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS • A Global brand name. • Known for durability and performance. • Highest BHP in segment. • Cost effective. • Low maintenance. • Higher gas mileage. WEAKNESS • Low market presence. • Will take time to be accepted. • Primarily meant for single rider comfort. • A misnomer to be a very expensive motorcycle.
  13. 13. SWOT AnalysisOPPORTUNITIE S • INDIA - a potential market as it was an untapped market for performance bikes. • No direct competition in the cost and performance segment. • Front runners to conduct organized races for KTM Duke owners. THREATS • New entrants from competitors who have higher market presence. • Traffic congestions and bad city roads. • Rise in fuel prices. • Primary 2 wheeler segment is dominated by high mileage motorcycles or scooters.
  15. 15. BIKE COMPARISON NAME OF BIKE ENGINE CAPACITY PRICE * (INR) COMMENTS KAWASAKI NINJA 300 300 cc 3,50,000/- • Higher maintenance • Premium fuel required. (22 kmpl) • Not ideal for all terrain HYOSUNG GTR 600 600 cc 4,50,000/- • Bike underpowered for the engine capacity provided. Low gas mileage. (16 kmpl) • Not ideal for all terrain HONDA CBR 500 ABS 500 cc 5,00,000/- • High maintenance. • Low gas mileage. (17 kmpl) • Not ideal for all terrain KTM DUKE 390 390 cc 2,00,000/- • Ideal for all terrain • Light weight. • Cost effective • Self maintain training provided. • Good gas mileage. (30 kmpl) Ex-showroonNewDelhi
  16. 16. WHAT IS THE TARGET MARKET?The people aspiring to have powerful and really fast bikes. Demographic Higher disposable income of consumers has become a key factor in driving the markets and development of the products. Socio-Cultural There has been a drift in the mindset, taste and lifestyle of the people. The experiential rider has become very demanding and looks for thrill more than just a normal commute.
  17. 17. Segmentation >Young Men >Highly fashion oriented people >Men wanting to live on the edge. >Men who want the KTM DUKE 390. High Disposable Income Strivers Potential Market
  18. 18. WHO DO WE SELL TO? • Frequent long distance riders – Experiential riders. • Those who are interested in performing stunts • Those who want to portray a Macho image. • Those who lay emphasis on sheer riding quality in a bike. • Those who wish to get noticed, trying to portray an unstoppable image. • Urban lifestyle. The wannabes.
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  20. 20. MARKETING PITCH : PRINT Stunt rider doing a “Stoppie” in a KTM Duke with the following quote : “THE ONLY THING STOPPING YOU IS YOU.” The pitch is primarily meant for ardent riders who would be interested to push the bike to its limits and perform stunts on their own.
  21. 21. MARKETING PITCH : VIDEO An individual who recalls riding his KTM Duke 390 whenever he closes his eyes. Followed by quote : “CANT GET IT OUT OF YOUR MIND. EVEN IF YOU WANT IT TO.” Again, meant for ardent riders who are interested in a thrilling riding experience.
  23. 23. THANK YOU