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Alzheimer Disease

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  1. 1. ALZHEIMERS9d Students know the  9b Students know howfunctions of the nervous the nervous system mediatessystem and the role of communication between different parts of the bodyneurons in transmitting and the body’s interactionselectrochemical impulses with the environment
  2. 2.  Alzheimers WHAT CAUSES ALZEIMER’S Alzheimers disease start’s by a bunch of proteins in the brain Some how scientist say that plaque’s and tangles may be thecause of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease occurs when neurons get damaged in partsof the brain and start to die As neurons die the brain is left with less neuron’s so its hard toremember new information they also lose their ability to understandand interact with other people
  3. 3. WHY DOES ALZHEIMER’S HAPPEN WHEN YOUR OLD Alzheimer’s disease mostly occurs when someone reaches anage or somewhere around age 70 It does it have to be around age 70 it could happen anytime Cause of a large amount of the brain’s neurons are already deador are dying from the disease The process may go faster as the person ages .
  4. 4. WHY DO PEOPLE GET ALZHEIMER’S People that have parent’s or sibling that developed Alzheimersdisease are likely to develop it as well Scientists say that there’s two kinds of gene that are passed byfamily members The first gene is APOE-e4, that increases thechance of developing Alzheimers The others are just cause of the ageing and neurons die
  5. 5. HISTORY OF ALZHEIMERS In 1901 a German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer identified thefirst case of what became known as Alzheimers A fifty year oldwoman he called Auguste D had Alzheimers. she died in 1906cause of Alzheimer’s It was first described as a distinctive disease by Emil Kraepelin
  6. 6. WAY’S TO PREVENT ALZHEIMER’S You can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other disease by eatingright exercising staying mentally and socially active and keepingstress in check According to scientific research physical exercising reducesyour risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 50 percent Also reading can prevent you from having Alzheimers.
  7. 7. WHAT HAPPENS DURING IT Neurons begin to work less and may wander or becomeconfused anxious or engaging in angry outbursts tearfulness orrestlessness. His attention span may shorten. He may have problemsrecognizing family and friends and difficulty with languagereading writing and use of inappropriate undressing or the use ofvulgar language.
  8. 8. WHY DO SOME PEOPLE GET ALZHEIMER AND SOME DONT The first reason why other people just don’t get is because itdoes it run on their family while other’s do Also it maybe cause of the ageing of the person or theirpersonal health Or they never exercise their brain or don’t read or have theenough food to be health
  9. 9. SYMPTOMS OF ALZHEIMERS The mood and personalities of people with Alzheimers can change.They can become confused suspicious depressed fearful or anxious A person with Alzheimers may start to remove themselves fromhobbies such as social activities work projects or sports People with Alzheimers may have trouble joining a conversation.They may stop in the middle of a conversation and have no idea how tocontinue or they may repeat stuff they already said
  10. 10. HOW DO PEOPLE DIE FROM IT Alzheimers patients forget how to eat Some forget how toswallow. So when they eat they might start choking. Some forget how to breath and they die without no onewondering how it happen Some complications of Alzheimers are heart attacksthromboembolisms strokes kidney failure
  11. 11. HOW DOES THIS IMPACT THE WORLD Well I think this impacts our community cause many people dieof Alzheimers. Also it impact their family and friends. Alzheimer’sis a sad disease because you forget your family members and don’tremember the good times you spent with your friends or family. It’salso a painful death.
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