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Digital connect

  1. 1. Presenting!
  2. 2. Our Pillars of Strategic Focus Employee Experience •  Employee Relationship Management! •  Reward & Recognition! •  Organisational Development! •  Mobile Learning! Customer Experience •  Cloud based CEM or On Premise CEM! •  Contact Centre solutions! •  Voice & Video Solutions! •  Event Management! •  Community Management!
  3. 3. Our Pillars of Strategic Focus Mobile App Ecosystems •  QRD Devices! •  ODP & Apps Stores! •  mCommerce! •  Mobile Media & Advertising! •  Enterprise Mobility! •  mHealth, M2M, mGovernment! Digital Solutions •  Content Management System! •  Online Collaboration! •  Digital Publications! •  Cloud Based Services! •  Digital & Social Strategies! •  UI & UX Design & Planning!
  4. 4. OPEN SOURCE INNOVATION “The blend of Digital Connect as a company and Asterisk as an open-source product ensures that you are able unleash the exponential value of Linux and Open Source Software while maintaining peace of mind that all support and services are professionally handled.”!
  5. 5. In future, the most powerful brands! will be customer-centric. Successful companies will know their customer and will be the customer’s advocate.! Customer Centricity
  6. 6. •  Digital Connect a member of Digital Solutions Group, an Open Source Innovation Company has been operating and trading since 2007 and has deployed key telephony solutions in South Africa and Africa. We offer unique, global customer-centered communication solutions with a level of engineering and expertise that surpasses the cliché of value add and return on investment, allowing companies to benefit from the openness, power and flexibility that Open Source platforms offer such as Asterisk. ! •  Applying decades of expertise allows Digital Connect to deliver alternative, cost effect and mature IP solutions that are supported by the distribution and deployment of Asterisk, QueueMetrics and Digium. 
 ! Experience
  7. 7. •  Digital Connect is able to design, deliver and implement a comprehensive “On Net” portfolio of solutions ranging from PBX, switching, Contact Centre platforms, MPBX to full and complete VoIP solutions all at a higher performance ratio than traditional solutions and vendors. ! ! •  The combination of Open Source platforms and applications, hardware and software interact effectively to deliver innovative solutions that we believe are the future of communication and business interaction.! What We Do
  8. 8. •  Asterisk, The Open Source PBX has enjoyed rapid growth over the past 10 years. As a result, Asterisk continues to challenge larger, more established competitors to claim more market share.  ! ! •  With Asterisk, your organisation can adopt corporate phone systems that are designed to be easier to customise and cost a fraction of traditional proprietary systems backed by Digital Connect comprehensive Service Level support plans and local engineering skills.! Open Source
  9. 9. •  Asterisk was originally built as a PBX and today represents an astonishing 18% of the global market for business telephone systems. ! •  The base feature set includes many of the most popular and powerful PBX functions.! ! The Market
  10. 10. •  Digital Connect offers PBX, Hybrid, Video Calling, VOIP solutions and Contact Centre technology based on open source ACD, Predictive Dialers, IVR Solutions and Digital Voice logging via the Asterisk Communication Platform and I6net IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video platform).! ! •  Digital Connect has consistently over the years introduced novel and market winning solutions implementing innovation within its organization and the industry. Integrated solutions using technology, skilled people and evolving end-to-end business processes demonstrate how managing three (3) essential ingredients - People, Processes and Technology not only results in Customer satisfaction but delighting Customers.! ! Open Source
  11. 11.  ! •  No expensive OEM Licensing! •  Commercial off the shelf Hardware! •  Use existing LAN Cabling and single cable to the desktop via POE (Power Over Ethernet)! •  Soft phone, save cost instead of installing hard phones! •  All messaging and music on hold, held internal; No expensive external devices required! •  Including royalty free music – No licensing required! •  Full set of features not requiring additional licenses! •  Multiple sources for phones and PSTN Interface Cards! •  Management: Very flexible and Digital Connect can assist with remote support, without sending engineer out to site.! Cost Saving
  12. 12. Key Features : ACD  ! ! •  An ACD is a specialised phone system that routes (distributes) incoming calls to teams of agents assigned to various call queues. Queues are simply ordered list of calls to be dispatched to agents. ! •  The ACD oversees the process of placing incoming calls into the proper queue, assigning priority to those calls based on various factors (the order of their arrival, the importance of the caller, the urgency of the caller’s situation), and ultimately dispatching those calls to an available agent. The algorithm by which calls are dispatched is called the queue strategy.!
  13. 13. Key Features : Queue’s  ! ! •  A simple ACD system consists of a source of calls (a pool of lines, trunks or virtual trunks), a FIFO (first-in, first-out) queue and a pool of agents who are selected using a “ring-all” strategy. ! •  In this case, when a call arrives the system rings the phones of all agents who are not already on a call. The first agent to answer the call is connected with the calling party. All the other phones stop ringing.!
  14. 14. Key Features : Queue’s  ! ! •  A more complex (and likely more useful) configuration would have the call offered to the agent who had been in the idle state longest. This “most idle” strategy is frequently used when all agents are considered equally qualified to handle a task. ! •  Other common strategies include round robin, linear hunt, least-recently-called, fewest calls and random. In some cases, the ACD can weight its selection based on the caller’s need (generally collected using an IVR application) and a list of skills associated with each agent. This is generally referred to as “skills-based routing”.!
  15. 15. Key Features : Experience  ! ! •  While waiting in queue, callers generally hear a combination of marketing messages, queue status messages and music. ! •  Marketing messages are simply audio recordings that are piped into the queue on a periodic basis. Status messages provide the caller with specific information about their status — the number of callers ahead of them in the queue, the estimated wait time. !
  16. 16. Key Features : Dialers  ! •  Outbound call centers frequently use a dialer application to connect agents with targets. Dialers can be simple desktop applications that implement a basic “click-to-call” function, or much more advanced systems.! •  Predictive dialers are essentially smarter power dialers. They carefully monitor the average handle time for each agent and attempt to predict when an agent will become available. Rather than placing calls on a one-agent-to- one-call basis, they place more calls than there are agents available. handed off to agents.!
  17. 17. Key Features : Attendant  ! •  Automated attendant systems have long been paired with ACDs, allowing callers to route themselves into the appropriate call queue. Automated attendants are simply menu systems that prompt callers to indicate their preference using the keys on their phone or, in some cases, by speaking keywords. ! •  Callers are willing to accept up to two levels of menu before reaching a live agent. More than two levels tends to annoy most callers and can result in an increase in abandoned calls.!
  18. 18. Key Features : CTI  ! •  To increase agent productivity, desktop business applications are frequently integrated with the ACD in such a way that data related to the caller is automatically displayed when a call is delivered. This is commonly referred to as either “Computer- Telephony Integration” or simply as a “screen pop”. There are several ways to accomplish this. In some cases the business applications support a CTI standard like TAPI or TSAPI. In other cases the applications are custom and communicate directly with the ACD or a “CTI server” that acts as a proxy for the ACD.!
  19. 19. Key Features : Recording  ! •  Call centers frequently record calls either to monitor the performance of their agents or for regulatory compliance. Call recording systems handle the process of capturing the audio from all participants in the call, mixing it, storing it and producing an index that allows administrators or regulators to locate and review recordings. ! •  A properly built recording system that we offer makes it easy to pinpoint conversations using common keys including Caller ID, date, time and agent ID.!
  20. 20. •  JSE-listed Phumelela Gaming And Leisure Limited is the horseracing and/or tote betting operator in seven of South Africa's nine provinces and is recognised as a world leader in harnessing the latest technology to globalise horseracing.! •  Phumelela, based at Turffontein Racecourse in Johannesburg, operates five racecourses, five training centres, over 200 tote outlets, a centralised Contact with 150 seats in Johannesburg, deployed, supported and maintained by Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group.! Case Study : Phumelela
  21. 21. •  Phumelela selected Digital Connect a member of the Digital Solutions Group in 2007 to managed its initial Contact Centre Deployment and then in 2012 to complete a side by side upgrade and migration to a fully managed IP PBX for its Johannesburg 150 seat Contact Centre operation. ! ! •  Phumelela further selected Digital Connect to deploy its Contact Centre in Port Elizabeth in 2009 due to the value derived from the deployment in Johannesburg. This subsequently has now been incorporated in the Johannesburg operation.! Case Study : Phumelela
  22. 22. •  The deployment for both Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth included full hardware sourcing, provisioning, configuration and deployment across both geographically dispersed Contact Centre Sites. ! •  The Johannesburg Phumelela Contact Centre now manages both the Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape) and Western Cape interactions. Digital Connect provides remote and onsite support in the event of large volume race days.! Case Study : Phumelela
  23. 23. •  Digital Connect as part of its solution offering provides Phumelela with a Platinum Service Level Agreement which provides for 2 Hour MTR (Mean Time Response) and a 4 Hour MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve). ! •  Digital Connect through its own 24/7 Business Support helpdesk ensures continuous uptime and further engages in proactive monitoring with the primary objective of ensuring continuous uptime across all hardware and software deployed.! Case Study : Phumelela
  24. 24. •  Reduced Capital and Operating investment for Phumelela for its 150 Seat Contact Centre in Johannesburg! •  Allows for complete Contact Centre Management with complete Contact Centre Real Time monitoring, Voice Recording per conversation per agent, Service Level monitoring, Quality Assurance management with the ability to complete call ratings, Historic Reporting and Digital Wallboard outputs per Team Leader. !! •  Complete management of both voice networks and infrastructure, including five (5) PRI’s with Toll Free and Share Call numbers.! ! Case Study : Phumelela Benefits
  25. 25. •  Complete management per Team Leader and Contact Centre Manager based on login authentication ensuring assigned and grouped Agents are monitored, with the net result of enhanced productivity.! •  The redundant upgrade now provides access to centralised web based applications, which contain business intelligence such as frequency, Call arrival trends and patterns and key Contact Centre performance statistics.! •  Accessing web based applications that allow for anywhere, anytime access to determine Agent activity, Service level management and Quality Assurance.! ! Case Study : Phumelela Benefits
  26. 26. •  Integrated and Redundant Asterisk IP Telephony Platform.! ! •  Implementation without interruption.! ! •  Voice LAN, Data storage and Data Backup’s onsite and offsite including and Management of IP Telephony! •  Leveraging Open Source skills and expertise offered by Digital Connect to deploy a fully functional 150 Seat Contact Centre.! Case Study : Phumelela Benefits
  27. 27. THANK YOU!!!! ! ! !