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  • Students can draw 2D drawings on the go and use the school computer labs to do their 3D drawings!
  • Paste illustrations. How?
  • Dmro mae (i pad

    1. 1. MAE IPAD PROJECT An iPad project for Singapore Polytechnic
    2. 2. MAE Studentwith an IPAD Make I attend Use EBook comments Lecture for notes in EBook I attend Class or tutorial Attend class E-learning? Sp timetable Log-into online LAMS Use EBook Submit Attend Lab for inlab their for expts expt results I attend practical Use EBook Draw Carry out- Follow for inlab necessary lab expts instructions expt tools with IPAD
    3. 3. A day in school for a SP student• Imagine, every student is equip with a iPad/tablet instead of a laptop.• What can they use the iPad/tablet in school for?• This presentation give an insight of what the students can use the iPad/tablet for?
    4. 4. 1st thing 1st : in school • What are the things that students can do? • SP timetable • SP cams • Access blackboard
    5. 5. Where to eat or hangout? • SP cam • Students able to search for places to eat • Find the least crowded food court • Or find available places to hang out!
    6. 6. What’s my schedule?• SP timetable• Students will be able to check their timetable online• Also able to access the modules that they are taking
    7. 7. How do students study/learn? • ibook • Digital books in the iPad • Lessen the use of paper • Saving the environment • All books can be dump into one iPad • Lecture notes and practical notes can be store as digital books in the iPad
    8. 8. Report!• Pages• Allow students to write their report while they are moving around.
    9. 9. Applications!• Number of applications for students to choose from!• SP cams: – Check on the crowd in the food courts. – Judge on which food court students wants to go.• SP timetable: – Find out online the timetable of the students. – Remove the need to log into SAS to check the timetable.• SP maps: – Provide a map of SP for students to move about and find the location that they want!• SP library: – Provide instant access to SP library database for the latest book availability!
    10. 10. What app for what uses?• Mechanics 1, Thermo 1, Autocad, etc…• Lecture: using e-books on the tablet, remove the needs of paper for studies.• Learning materials will be provided online!• Tutorial: on-line LAMS, students can do their tutorial online without the lectures handling out questions notes for students.• Practical: Lab on the go, students can look at their practical lab sheets online without the needs of the lecturer preparing the lab sheets!
    11. 11. Mobility!• Students can do their work even while they are not in school!• Autocad WS: able to handle 2D drawings on the iPad.• Drawings can also be saved in the cloud server and be share wirelessly!• 3D drawings can be access using the school computer labs!
    12. 12. Functionality• Using Pages to do your report (Microsoft word)• Using Keynotes to do your presentation (Microsoft power point)• Both application are able to share their data via e-mail!• Data can also be share via a cloud server (drop box).
    13. 13. Communications• Wi-fi function, wireless communications.• Facebook, tweeters, messengers, e-mail!• Many form of interaction between students and lecturers!
    14. 14. How does it looks like?