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Objective of plastic injection moulding


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plastic injection moulding

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Objective of plastic injection moulding

  1. 1. OBJECTIVE  Study and calculate Reynolds number during fluid flow  Study how the type of flow affect the final product during the plastic injection moulding process.  Determine the most suitable flow type to conduct this process and the time duration for the whole process. SCOPE Injection moulding is a heat transfer process. We inject a molten liquid into a metal mould and transfer the heat into the metal, where it is transferred into the cooling media.Plastic injection moulding is the most important plastic production method. It is also the most complex processes due to the many delicate adjustments. The flow of liquid during the process may affect the final quality of the product. So, this experiment is to determine the initial process parameter setting for the injection moulding process. Reynolds numbers have been described as three different ranges: Laminar – where liquids flow in layers, Turbulent – where liquids tumble over themselves, and Transitional – a boundary range with a mixture of Laminar and Turbulent flows in one stream of fluid.