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eXo Platform company overview 2012


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eXo Platform company overview 2012

  1. 1. Introduction to eXoT H E U S E R E X P E R I E N C E P L AT F O R M - A S - A -S E R V I C E C O M PA N Y Yann Aubry, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Field Marketing O C T. 2 0 1 2
  2. 2. Q U I C K FA C T S− Background Core Competencies • Founded in 2003; venture-backed • Long Java history – implemented since 2010 first portlet spec (JSR-168); led to • Headquarters: San Francisco (US), first customer, US DoD France (global) • Open source foundation • Listed in 2012 GARTNER‘s Magic • Standards support (e.g. CMIS, JCR, Quadrant for Horizontal Portals portlets, OpenSocial)− Our Team − What We Offer • Veterans from JBoss, Red Hat, HP, • Subscription model Oracle, Hyperic, BCG • Training and professional services • Cost-efficient distributed model; +150 employees worldwide (US, France, Ukraine, Vietnam, Tunisia) - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 2
  3. 3. SAMPLES OF OUR CUSTOMERS - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 3
  4. 4. OUR ECOSYSTEM - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 4
  5. 5. E V O L U T I O N O F T H E E N T E R P R I S E P O R TA L− Enterprise Portals: The Foundation for User Interaction − Provide a single, personalized user interface to access applications, information and business processes − Standards-based approach to user management and application integration− Converging Trends − Additional user interaction tools required for new scenarios (WCM, mashups, social software, etc.) − Cloud computing promises cost reductions and improved agility – organizations beginning to plan for and adopt − Focus on user engagement in the consumer web results in new style, functionalities, ease of use – and new expectations in the enterprise - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 5
  6. 6. NEW REQUIREMENTS− Business Users − Demand for simplicity of Facebook-style interfaces and consumer web features for enterprise tools − Frustration with top-down resource allocation and dependence on IT− Enterprise Developers − Challenges of integrating third party apps with existing infrastructure − Multiple disconnected tools require different user interaction models and code bases − Longer development lifecycle hinders ability to deliver new solutions− IT Organizations − Disconnected silos are difficult to maintain; complex to add new users − End user adoption of third-party SaaS tools introduces new security concerns; loss of centralized control of enterprise information − IT becomes bottleneck to adopting new technology - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 6
  7. 7. B E Y O N D P O R TA L S : I N T R O D U C I N G T H E U X PA user experience platform (UXP) is a set of user interaction technologies –portal, content and knowledge management, social networks, and collaboration– delivered as a single, fully integrated product. - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 7
  8. 8. eXo Platform 3.5T H E M O B I L E A N D C L O U D - R E A D Y P O R TA L A N DU S E R E X P E R I E N C E P L AT F O R M
  9. 9. E X O P L AT F O R M 3 . 5Enterprise Portal.Enterprise Content Management.WCM/CMS.Social Intranet.Cloud-Ready.Mobile.And More…All in a single Platform. - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 9
  10. 10. F E AT U R E S & B E N E F I T S− Portal & Content Management Foundation − Securely integrate with an existing user directory − Integrated content management (ECM: WCM, DMS, workflows)− Enterprise Social Networks − Create rich profiles; find and connect with colleagues − Activity streams− Collaboration & Knowledge Management − Collaborate in group workspaces − Built-in productivity tools: wiki, forums, FAQs, calendars, documents…− The Platform Difference − Customize − Extend - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 10
  11. 11. M O D E R N C O N T E N T- B A S E D S I T E S Create, edit & publish web content - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 11
  12. 12. I N T E G R AT E D C O N T E N T M A N A G E M E N T Capture, store and manage documents - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 12
  13. 13. U S E R - F R I E N D LY S O C I A L I N T R A N E T S Turn Your Intranet into an Enterprise Collaboration Platform - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 13
  14. 14. K N O W L E D G E M A N A G E M E N T: W I K I & F O R U M Confidential – Internal Use Only - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 14
  15. 15. CUSTOM GADGETS & EXTENSIONS - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 15
  16. 16. N AT I V E M O B I L E A P P S Native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android give eXo Platform 3.5 users secure access to their intranet dashboards, including documents and custom gadgets. - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 16
  17. 17. T H E F I R S T M U LT I - T E N A N T P O R TA L & U X P− Cloud: Introducing the UXPaaS • Private or public cloud deployments • Elastic solution - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 17
  19. 19. SUBSCRIPTION BENEFITS− Certified Production-Ready Software − Multi-year support and update policies − Includes features not available in community project − Access to all supported versions− Documentation & Knowledge Base− Maintenance Program − Delivering certified updates, patches and bug fixes − Access and support for new versions released− Enterprise Class Support − Unlimited incidents − Coverage up to 24*7 with 1 hour response time - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 19
  20. 20. SUBSCRIPTION EDITIONS eXoPlatform eXoPlatform eXoPlatform EXPRESS ENTERPRISE UXPaaSEnterprise PortalContent Management(ECM, WCM, DMS)Development Tools(IDE, JCR and more)Social NetworksKnowledgeManagementCollaboration & MobileAppsCloud ReadyMulti-tenancy andCloud-enablingTechnology - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 20
  21. 21. eXo PROFESSIONAL SERVICES− Evaluation Programs − Quick Start Program − Development Subscription− Training − Curriculum designed for admins, developers & architects − Certification− Consulting − POCs − Custom solutions − Migration - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 21
  22. 22. e X o T R A I N I N G & C E R T I F I C AT I O N Fundamentals Developer Administrator (2 DAYS) (3 DAYS) (2 DAYS) Customize eXo to Manage, support &Course Introduce the key benefits support POCs & maintain eXo inObjectives and features of eXo products deployments production Users, consultants, projectStudent System engineers with System engineers with >4 managers, portalProfile >1 year Java experience years of Java experience administrators, webmastersPrerequisite - eXo Fundamentals eXo DeveloperPublic 1,500.00 € 1,900.00 € 1,900.00 €On-site (8 5,000.00 € (plus T&L) 6,500.00 € (plus T&L) 6,500.00 € (plus T&L)participants) - Copyright 2012 eXo Platform 22
  23. 23. Thank YouC O N TA C T U S : S A L E S @ E X O P L AT F O R M . C O M