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Yankee Candles


Published on - Yankee Candle Spring 2012 Collection introduces five new fragrances to the Yankee Candle fragrance range. The Spring 2012 Collection is available in all classic Yankee Candle styles including tea lights, jar candles, tumblers, samplers and wax tarts. Please see the Yankee Candle Spring 2012 Catalogue for more information.

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Yankee Candles

  1. 1. Spring & Summer2012 NEW PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. WelcomeAn independent survey has proven Yankee Candle to be leading the home fragrancing market across Europe. The brand is aphenomenal success with the growth year on year far exceeding expectations.With this fantastic news, I am excited to present to you the new wholesale catalogue for 2012. This includes an abundance of newfragrances, innovative fragrancing solutions for the home and beyond, plus new style candles. This will not only broaden the appealbut also open new selling channels to take the brand to yet another level, confirming our position as the leader in our sector, a positionwe will not only maintain but strengthen.I want to take this opportunity to outline to you the amount of research that Yankee Candle undertakes to launch just one fragranceinto the market. A fragrance launch can take up to a year before it is released at the various trade shows Yankee Candle attends aroundthe world. Prior to this the fragrance will go through extensive research and stringent product testing. Following this the fragrance nameis researched, checks are made to ensure the names can be launched across each country and translation requirements. Each label is thenspecifically designed for each fragrance, ensuring it captures consumers attention and illustrates the fragrance blend and emotionalconnection associated with all fragrances Yankee launches. The process of market testing is then put into action with many focus groupsheld to gauge consumer reaction. Only then, when Yankee Candle is completely satisfied, will a fragrance launch.Only a brand leader will have the resources to ensure that each and every product delivered to the market is of the standard that itsloyal consumer is expecting. This is important to us and a critical path we follow to ensure we are always not only meeting consumerexpectations but exceeding them.As we look to spring and summer of 2012 fresh, floral and fruit fragrances are at the forefront of consumers minds. During these seasonsthe fruit fragrances should be 25% of your fragrance mix, floral 21% and fresh 38%. To increase the offering, Yankee is launching 10brand new exciting fragrances to excite consumers and feed demand. All of these plus some new candle styles with beautiful colourways.Everything you will need to plan, merchandise and promote the products can be found on the Marketing Toolbox. This has become aninvaluable tool for retailers, updated regularly and available 24 hours a day, so please utilise it to maximise Yankee Candle presence inyour store.As a quality, trusted, affordable brand, Yankee Candle is fulfilling consumer demand at every opportunity. Please browse the catalogueand put a some spring into your store with Yankee Candle.Regards,Clive HarperManaging DirectorYankee Candle Company (Europe) Ltd.
  3. 3. New! FOR SPRING 2012· Captivate customers with beautiful new seasonal scents· Grow your business with expanded home fragrance offerings· Elevate your style appeal with glass pillars· Light up sales with new Pure Radiance candle line· Create seasonal excitement with limited time Citrus Passion trend collection New! FOR SUMMER 2012· Brighten up your sales outlook with fun new seasonal scents· Make sales bloom with new botanical reed diffusers· Create seasonal excitement with limited time Water Inspirations and Summer Love trend collections Displays· Think outside the combi … seasonal and special occasion outpost displays grab your customers’ attention and generate impulse sales 1
  4. 4. Celebrate New Scents for Spring Inspired by the sweet, romantic beauty of colourful blooms and nature’s refreshing waters, fragrances that reflect the joys of the season.2
  5. 5. BEACH WOOD ™ TRUE ROSESeasoned by the elements … this modern blend of vetiver, Alluring, rich and velvety… as fragrant as a bouquet ofsalt air and driftwood creates an intriguing fragrance. flawless deep red roses.COASTAL WATERS ™ WHITE GARDENIAClean and bracing … the rush of cool ocean spray from So captivating … the stunning royal beauty of lush whitethe breaking surf clears the mind and refreshes the soul. gardenias in full bloom.BEACH FLOWERS ™Like delicate keepsakes from the sea … the seductive scentof tuberose, lily and hyacinth blossoms balanced with softwatery notes. 3
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  7. 7. New! Glass Pillars The classic style of a pillar candle, filled with Yankee fragrance. PRODUCT BENEFITS· Dramatically enhances any décor, from classic to contemporary, with the ideal combination of height, colour and true Yankee® fragrance in a clean glass design· Available in our best-selling Platinum fragrances· Coordinates perfectly with our tumbler candles· Easily removable label for more simple decorating· Premium quality· Burns completely TECHNICAL INFORMATION· Traditional size 7.5cm diameter allows for use in many pillar candle accessories· Made with the finest ingredients, including pure, natural fragrance extracts· Each wick is hand-straightened to ensure it is centered for optimum burn· Fragranced all the way through· Natural cotton wicks and premium grade paraffin and soy-blend wax· Burn time = up to 95 hours 5
  8. 8. Fluffy Towels ™ Now consumers have more new ways to wrap themselves in the fragrance experience of Fluffy Towels™, the fresh scent of clean towel warm from the dryer, with notes of towels lemon, apple, lavender and lily; that will add to your sales volume! e, New! Potpourri6
  9. 9. New! New! Signature Reed Diffuser Potpourri New! PinkNew!Car Jar® Décor Reed Diffuser Sands ™ Now there are more ways for consumers to go on holiday anytime with these extended home fragrance offerings in Pink Sands™ ; an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla that will brighten your sales outlook. 7
  10. 10. 8
  11. 11. New! True Rose A beautiful addition to any room Consumers can savour the alluring, rich and velvety fragrance of new True Rose in more rooms with these extended home fragrance offerings. As fragrant as a bouquet of flawless deep red roses, that will make your sales bloom! New! Décor Reed DiffuserNew!SignatureReed Diffuser New! Botanical Reed Diffuser 9
  12. 12. 10
  13. 13. Good Air Odours Out. Good Air In. ™ ™ PRODUCT BENEFITS · Effectively eliminates common household odours, leaving a fresh and clean smelling home · Available in two scents -- Just Plain Fresh (the fresh, watery scent of cool morning dew) and Just Plain Clean (a combination of clean linen and spring sunshine) · Variety of forms for every situation · Instant acting sprays for immediate freshness – on fabrics, at home, and on the road · Continuous acting forms for long-lasting fresh & clean air all around the home TECHNICAL INFORMATION · Patented odour-eliminating formulation in all product forms, sticks to odour molecules neutralising them on contact · Tumbler Candle has super-charged core with 50% more odour-eliminating power, and burns 40 – 45 hours · Votive Candle is the super-charged odour-eliminating core, burns up to 15 hours · Concentrated Room Spray concentrated formulation, up to 500 sprays per canNew!Small Space Air FreshenerFragranced polymer technology for improved performance! Use in any smallspace or vehicle to eliminate odours. Lasts up to 30 days! 11
  14. 14. Denim™ Crème Brulee Cinnamon Scone Beachfront™ Petals Ice Crystal™12
  15. 15. New! The Warm Glow of Home. ™ Decorative. Stylish. A new line of contemporary candles to light up sales. PRODUCT BENEFITS · Appealing modern design · Clean, contemporary shape is distinctive yet neutral enough to suit and enhance any home décor · New LumiWick™ design provides a wide radiant flame for a warm, inviting glow · Twelve new alluring fragrances TECHNICAL INFORMATION · Large, medium and small vase jars featuring gold metallic lids · Flat cotton LumiWick™ delivers consistent burn performance · Yankee Candle fragrance quality consumers loveNectar Lavender Chiffon™ Grapevine After Dark™ Key Lime Emberlight™ 13
  16. 16. 14
  17. 17. New! Citrus Passion Trend Collection from YANKEE CANDLE® Just for spring … a limited-time collection of fragrances filled with sunshine and possibilities! Four bright, fun citrus scents for citrus lovers: GR APEFRUIT This eye-opening and refreshing burst of sweet and tart grapefruit is a guaranteed mood lifter. OR A NGE When juicy mandarin orange mingles with fresh fruits and flowers, the scent is like sunshine for the soul. LIME Zesty lime gets even more luscious with a hint of refreshing mint and a scoop of warm vanilla. LEMON Capture the sweetness of summer with this blissful blend of fresh lemon, Italian bergamot, and pure cane sugar. Same Yankee Candle® quality consumers love, available in three candle styles and coordinating accessories to create striking displays and complete your presentation· Large 2-wick tumbler candle· Small tumbler candle· Metal candle trivet· Metal large tumbler sleeve 15
  18. 18. Celebrate New Scents for Summer Inspired by glowing sunshine, vibrant fruits and pretty flowers, fragrances that capture all the fun of the season.16
  19. 19. PINK DRAGON FRUIT WILD PASSION FRUITColourful and intriguing … there’s a lure of adventure in the Bright and vivacious … this exotic passion fruit is blendedsweet aroma of this tropical fruit. with melon and mandarin.SICILIAN LEMON FRUIT FUSION ™A bright & sunny citrus …perfectly ripe, with a naturally Summer-licious … berries, orange and lime make this sunnysweet and refreshing scent. fruit blend refreshingly tart and sweet.LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT ™A fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to beplucked… oh, the anticipation! 17
  20. 20. 18
  21. 21. New! Botanical Reed Diffusers Fragrance that’s always in bloom PRODUCT BENEFITS· Continuously provides the same long-lasting, true-to-life fragrance you can get only from Yankee Candle.· Four stems blooming with beautiful flowers that always look fresh· Attractive bud vase holder· Perfect for gift-giving TECHNICAL INFORMATION· Unique stems are designed to diffuse fragrance in the air· Long-lasting concentrated fragrance· Flameless· No alcohol content Fresh Cut Roses Garden Sweet Pea Lemon Lavender White Gardenia Lilac Blossom True Rose 19
  22. 22. 20
  23. 23. New! Summer Love Trend Collection from YANKEE CANDLE® Just for the season … a limited-time collection of pretty, fun fragrances that recall summer passions! Three bright, romantic scents for the young at heart: LOVES ME LOTS The white flowers in this sweet and citrusy mix say it perfectly. FIRST KISS Berries and violets, vanilla and spice. This fragrance is as sweet and innocent as a first kiss. TRUE CRUSH Tingly all the way to your toes ... that’s how this romantic scent with fizzy pink grapefruit, petals and amber makes you feel. Same Yankee Candle® quality consumers love, available in three candle styles and coordinating accessories to create striking displays and complete your presentation· Large decorated glass jar candle · Porcelain Illuma-Lid®· Votive · Porcelain trivet· Car Jar® · Ceramic votive holder· Tea lights (pack of 12) · Tall decorated glass votive holder 21
  24. 24. 22
  25. 25. New! Water Inspirations Trend Collection from YANKEE CANDLE® Just for summer … a limited-time collection of “cool blue” fragrances in white wax that will make a splash! Three naturally refreshing scents for water lovers: MANDARIN WATER Sunny and sparkling ... this effervescent scent is like a tall glass of cool water with a spritz of citrus. SPRING WATER This light and airy mix of spring blossoms and driftwood makes every room feel clean, fresh, fabulous. LOTUS WATER This calming combination of leafy greens, bamboo flower and musk helps melt away the stresses of the day. Same Yankee Candle® quality consumers love, available in three candle styles and coordinating accessories to create striking displays and complete your presentation· Large jar candle· Small tumbler candle· Tea lights (pack of 6)· Tea light holder 23
  26. 26. Pink Lady Slipper White Gardenia French Lavender Large jar (6) Large jar (9) Large jar (6) Medium Jar (6) Medium Jar (4) Medium Jar (6) Small jar (6) Small jar (6) Small jar (6) Large Tumbler (4) Large Tumbler (6) Large Tumbler (4) Medium Tumbler (6) Medium Tumbler (6) Medium Tumbler (6) Regular Tumbler (6) Regular Tumbler (12) Regular Tumbler (6)24
  27. 27. Fluffy Towels™ True Rose Large jar (2)· Medium jar (4) Large jar (2)· Medium jar (4) Large Tumbler (2)· Medium Tumbler (6) Large Tumbler (2)· Medium Tumbler (6) Regular Tumbler (6)· Room Spray (6) Regular Tumbler (6)· Botanical Reeds (2) Potpourri (2)· Reeds (3)· Décor Reeds (4) Reeds (3)· Décor Reeds (4)SpringOutpost DisplaysGrow more impulse sales outside the combiBy putting the right product right in front of customers, outpost displays increase your seasonal impulse sales.For spring, we’ve put together two perfect assortments – candles and home fragrancing –that will catch customer attention and grow sales.The sweet floral scents in our candle display reflect the fresh beauty of spring that consumers want,while the home fragrancing display helps customers discover new ways to enjoy a breath of spring in every roomwith a choice of floral or fresh scents.Use our outpost recommendations to order the right mix of products, then display with your own seasonal decorations. 25
  28. 28. Bahama Breeze Sparkling Lemon Pink Dragon Fruit Large jar (4) Large jar (9) Large jar (4) Medium Jar (8) Medium Jar (4) Medium Jar (8) Small jar (6) Small jar (6) Small jar (6) Large Tumbler (4) Large Tumbler (6) Large Tumbler (4) Medium Tumbler (6) Medium Tumbler (6) Medium Tumbler (6) Regular Tumbler (6) Regular Tumbler (12) Regular Tumbler (6)26
  29. 29. Sun & Sand™ Pink Sands™ Large jar (4)· Medium jar (4) Large jar (5) · Medium jar (4) Large Tumbler (2)· Medium Tumbler (2) Large Tumbler (2)· Medium Tumbler (2) Regular Tumbler (2)· Room Spray (6) Regular Tumbler (2)· Reeds (6) Potpourri (3) Décor Reeds (6)· Potpourri (2)SummerOutpost DisplaysImpulse sales are hot off the shelfNothing heats up impulse sales like getting the right products out of the combi and directly infront of customers with outpost displays.This summer, customers are looking for clean, refreshing fragrances with hints of sunny citrus thatreflect the best parts of going on holiday. Give them what they want with two perfect assortments –candles and home fragrancing – that will definitely brighten your seasonal sales outlook.Use our outpost recommendations to order the right mix of products, then display with your own seasonal decorations. 27
  30. 30. Fresh Cut Roses Wedding Day ® Large jar (24) Large jar (24) Medium Jar (6) Medium Jar (6) Small jar (6) Small jar (6) Large Tumbler (12) Large Tumbler (12) Medium Tumbler (6) Medium Tumbler (6)28
  31. 31. Soft Blanket ™ Baby Powder Large jar (12) Large jar (12) Medium Jar (6) Medium Jar (6) Small jar (3) Small jar (3) Samplers® Votive Candles (1 Box) Samplers® Votive Candles (1 Box) Tarts® Wax Potpourri (1 Box) Tarts® Wax Potpourri (1 Box) Scented Tea Lights (1 Box of 12) Scented Tea Lights (1 Box of 12)Special OccasionOutpost DisplaysNever miss an opportunity to celebrate more salesThe biggest events in life happen year round! Create special occasion outpost displays to remind your customers that youoffer the perfect products for celebrating weddings (Fresh Cut Roses and Wedding Day® candles) and births (Soft Blanket™and Baby Powder candles). Combined with appropriate accessories and decorations, these outpost displays will stimulatesales and give you a reason to celebrate. 29
  32. 32. Spring& Summer Combi Display Assortment Floral fragrance demand peaks in the first half of the year. As each season changes, consumers consider it time to change their candles, just as they do accent pieces throughout their homes. But of course, not everyone wants only floral scents. Based on our extensive experience, we recommend a carefully proportioned assortment of Fresh, Fruit, and Food & Spice that corresponds with the typical demand during the first half.30
  33. 33. 30 Fragrance (3 Combi) Recommended Spring & Summer Assortment# FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY # FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY # FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY1 Clean Cotton® Fresh 11 Black Cherry Fruit 21 Lemon Lavender Fresh2 Soft Blanket Fresh 12 Kitchen Spice™ F&S 22 Lilac Blossoms Floral3 NEW Q2! Floral 13 Mandarin Cranberry Fruit 23 French Lavender Floral Loves Me, Loves Me Not4 Midnight Jasmine Floral 14 NEW Q1! True Rose Floral 24 Midsummers Night® Fresh5 Strawberry Buttercream F&S 15 Sweet Strawberry Fruit 25 Garden Sweet Pea Floral6 Sparkling Lemon Fruit 16 NEW Q2! Fruit Fusion Fruit 26 NEW Q1! Coastal Water Fresh7 Vanilla Cupcake F&S 17 NEW Q2! Pink Dragonfruit Fruit 27 River Valley™ Fresh8 Vanilla Satin™ Fresh 18 Home Sweet Home ® F&S 28 Beach Walk® Fresh9 NEW Q2! Beachwood™ Fresh 19 Pink Sands™ Fresh 29 Bahama Breeze Fruit10 Cinnamon Stick F&S 20 Cherry Blossom Floral 30 Vanilla Lime Fruit 40 Fragrance (4 Combi) Recommended Spring & Summer Assortment# FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY # FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY # FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY1 Baby Powder Fresh 15 NEW Q2! Fruit Fusion Fruit 29 NEW Q1! Beach Flowers Floral2 Clean Cotton® Fresh 16 Macintosh Spice F&S 30 Lemon Lavender Fresh3 Sandalwood Vanilla Fresh 17 Black Cherry Fruit 31 Lilac Blossoms Floral ™4 Soft Blanket Fresh 18 Kitchen Spice F&S 32 French Lavender Floral5 NEW Q2! Floral 19 Mandarin Cranberry Fruit 33 Midsummers Night® Fresh Loves Me, Loves Me Not6 Midnight Jasmine Floral 20 NEW Q1! True Rose Floral 34 Garden Sweet Pea Floral7 Strawberry Buttercream F&S 21 Mango Peach Salsa Fruit 35 NEW Q1! Coastal Water Fresh8 NEW Q2! Sicilian Lemon Fruit 22 Sweet Strawberry Fruit 36 River Valley™ Fresh9 Sparkling Lemon Fruit 23 Natures Paintbrush Fresh 37 Beach Walk® Fresh10 Vanilla Cupcake F&S 24 NEW Q2! Pink Dragonfruit Fruit 38 Bahama Breeze Fruit11 Vanilla Satin™ Fruit 25 Home Sweet Home® F&S 39 Garden Hideaway™ Floral12 NEW Q2! Beachwood™ Fresh 26 Fresh Cut Roses Floral 40 Vanilla Lime Fruit13 Sun & Sand® Fresh 27 Pink Sands™ Fresh14 Cinnamon Stick F&S 28 Cherry Blossom Floral 50 Fragrance (5 Combi) Recommended Spring & Summer Assortment# FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY # FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY # FRAGRANCE NAME FAMILY1 Baby Powder Fresh 18 Warm Spice F&S 35 Pink Lady Slipper Floral2 Clean Cotton® Fresh 19 Cinnamon Stick F&S 36 NEW Q1! Beach Flowers Fresh3 NEW Q1! White Gardenia Floral 20 Spiced Orange F&S 37 Lemon Lavender Floral4 Sandalwood Vanilla Fresh 21 NEW Q2! Fruit Fusion Fruit 38 Lilac Blossoms Floral5 Soft Blanket Fresh 22 Macintosh Spice F&S 39 French Lavender Floral NEW Q2! Floral Cranberry Chutney Fruit6 Loves Me, Loves Me Not 23 40 Midsummers Night® Fresh7 Fluffy Towels™ Fresh 24 Black Cherry Fruit 41 Garden Sweet Pea Floral8 Midnight Jasmine Floral 25 Kitchen Spice™ F&S 42 NEW Q1! Coastal Water Fresh9 Strawberry Buttercream F&S 26 Mandarin Cranberry Fruit 43 Ocean Blossom Floral10 NEW Q2! Sicilian Lemon Fruit 27 NEW Q1! True Rose Floral 44 River Valley™ Fresh11 Sparkling Lemon Fruit 28 Sweet Strawberry Fruit 45 Beach Walk® Fresh12 Vanilla Cupcake F&S 29 Natures Paintbrush Fresh 46 Bahama Breeze Fruit13 Orchard Pear Fruit 30 NEW Q2! Pink Dragonfruit Fruit NEW Q2! 47 Fruit Wild Passion Fruit14 Mango Peach Salsa Fruit 31 Home Sweet Home® F&S 48 Garden Hideaway™ Floral15 Vanilla Satin™ Fresh 32 Fresh Cut Roses Floral 49 Vanilla Lime Fruit16 NEW Q2! Beachwood™ Fresh 33 Pink Sands™ Fresh 50 Wedding Day Floral17 Sun & Sand® Fresh 34 Cherry Blossom Floral 31
  34. 34. Fragrance Collections From our research, we know that fragrance is the number one factor in choosing a candle. But how do consumers choose a fragrance? Much like spicy, sweet, tangy, or salty foods, they have specific preferences for the five categories of fragrance –Floral, Fresh, Fruit, Food & Spice, and Festive. These preferences tend to change with the seasons, so you should adjust your assortment for maximum selling power.32
  35. 35. FLORAL FOOD & SPICELike spring in bloom, these scents are alive with From fresh baked desserts to prized cooking spices,the beautiful, alluring essences of fresh, fragrant these irresistibly delicious aromas make a home feelgarden flowers. cosy and inviting.FRESH FESTIVELike just laundered sheets, a refreshing sea breeze, From evergreens to cookies, these delightfullyor the earthy aroma of herbs, these scents bring happy seasonal scents celebrate favourite Christmas andhome familiar feelings of freshness. winter traditions.FRUITFrom berry patches to citrus groves, these mouth watering scentscapture all the juicy sweetness and lively tanginessof sun-ripened fruit. 33
  36. 36. January February March 1. Grden Sweet Pea 1. Cherry Blossom 1. Fluffy Towels 2. Soft Blanket 2. Strawberry Buttercream 2. Vanilla Lime 3. Clean Cotton 3. Fresh Cut Roses 3. Lemon LavenderApril May June 1. Midnight Jasmine 1. Beach Walk® 1. Drift Away 2. Pink Sands 2. Garden Hideaway 2. Country Lemonade 3. Lilac Blossoms 3. Sparkling Lemon 3. Sun & Sand®July August September 1. French Lavender 1. Warm Spice 1. Black Cherry 2. Baby Powder 2. Cranberry Chutney 2. Kitchen Spice 3. Midsummers Night® 3. River Valley 3. Vanilla SatinOctober November December 1. Mandarin Cranberry 1. Spiced Orange 1. Christmas Rose 2. Cinnamon Stick 2. Christmas Cupcake 2. Happy Christmas 3. Orchard Pear 3. Christmas Eve® 3. Christmas Tree34
  37. 37. FOM & BOGO50Our FOM and BOGO50 are two well-established promotions that have virtually universal appeal in encouragingcustomers to come in regularly to take advantage of these special values. Choose either one and enjoy both increasedtraffic and sales.Give your customers a strongincentive to buy now … and laterOur Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off (BOGO50) promotion is a hit withmany Yankee Candle® retailers, producing higher sales transactions,greater sales lift and increased margin.HOW IT WORKS: PROMOTION:Every month promote three popular Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off all threefragrances by ordering any combi- seasonal fragrances for the month!nation of the large jars and the large (Higher price prevails.)2-wick tumblers from the recom-mended fragrances. BOGO50 BENEFITS:RETAILER · increases sales transactionsINCENTIVE:Receive 15% off all three fragrances. · BOGO50 has a higherAsk your Customer Care Advisor perceived valuefor details. · promotional signage is available Our Fragrance of the Month (FOM) promotion is one of the best and fastest ways to grow your customer base and get repeat business. HOW IT WORKS: Every month, choose to promote one or two seasonal fragrances (from those numbered 1 and 2 in the chart at left) in all home fragrance and candle styles. RETAILER INCENTIVE: Receive up to 20% off all candle product forms in the FOM fragrance. Ask your Customer Care Advisor for details. CONSUMER PROMOTION: 25% off the selected fragrance(s) of the month! FOM BENEFITS: · helps drive impulse sales · encourages add-on sales, helping increase average transactions · promotional signage available 35
  38. 38. Marketing Toolbox Fast. Easy. Free. Access to product photography, store signage, logos and so much more! The Yankee Candle Marketing Toolbox is a self-service, user-friendly way to search, view and download Yankee Candle documents … easily and efficiently. Log on today!
  39. 39. Yankee Candle Distributors: ®BRIMP LTD ILMKERTI EHF WAXDECOR -(ISRAEL) (ICELAND) ARTIGOS DECORATIVOS, LDA4 BUSTNAY ST. MÁNALIND 12 (PORTUGAL)TEL AVIV 201 KÓPAVOGUR RUA DO BAIRRO,65147 ICELAND NO 55 - 4475-112ISRAEL Tel: 00354 (0) 554 6166 GEMUNDE-MAIATel: 00972 (0) 363 55 775 Contact: ARNAR ARNARSON & SVAVA Þ. ÁRNA- PORTUGALFax: 00972 (0) 363 55 885 DÓTTIR Tel: 00351 (0) 229060068Contact: YITSHAK BRAUN Email: Fax: 00351 (0) 229060068Email: Website: Contact: MIGUEL SILVAWebsite: Email: IKIAKOS EXOPLISMOS Website: www.waxdecor.ptDAT-CON D.O.O. (GREECE)(CROATIA) AGAMEMNONOS 47 YANKEELANDGRADA WIRGESA 10 176 75 KALLITHEA (ROMANIA)10430 SAMOBOR GREECE STR. SOS. COLENTINA NR. 21CROATIA Tel: 0030 (0) 210 9478 120 BL. R24, SC A AP.19&RQ D . 5,67 ,1$ 0 ,. ( &- 8 5,á, WFW Fax: 0030 (0) 210 9415 002 BUCARESTI, SECTOR 2Tel: 00385 (0)1 366 83 56 Contact : MARY SARAFIDIS ROMANIAFax: 00385 (0)1 366 83 61 E-mail : Tel: 0040 (0) 722 45 02 02Email: Website: Fax: 0040 (0) 31 8023952Website: Contact: MAGDA VELEV TL MANSSONS AB Email: magda.velev@yankeeland.roDECORATORS WAREHOUSE (SWEDEN & NORWAY & FINLAND) Website: AFRICA) TL Månsson’s ABCAPRICORN PARK, Olofsdalsvägen 23 YC DISTRIBUTION PTY. LTD.MUIZENBERG Box 7089 (AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND)7948, CAPE TOWN 300 07 HALMSTAD Suite A7 Endeavour HousePO 39227 Tel: 0046 35 370 88 32 Endeavour RoadSOUTH AFRICA Fax: 0046 35 372 83 Hillarys, WA 6025Tel: 0027 (0) 217 887408 Contact: LEINE&TOMAS MANSSON Tel: 08 9402 9421Fax: 0027 (0) 217 887461 Email: F ax: 08 9402 9301Contact: ALON SMILY Website: 1-800 YANKEEE-mail: Email: SOUND & DATA LTD Website: (HUNGARY)DE-LONG 1085 MARIA ST 56 YANKEE CANDLE (EUROPE) LTD(SLOVENIA) BUDAPEST (FRANCE & ITALY)TRGOVINA HANNA HUNGARY UNIT 1 BRISTOL DISTRIBUTION PARK,POLJANSKA CESTA 11, Tel: 0036 (0) 132 80400 HAWKLEY DRIVE,LJUBLJANA 1000 Fax: 0036 (0) 1 338 2731 WOODLANDS LANESLOVENIA Contact: NAGY CSABA BRADLEY STOKETel: 00386 (0) 1232 10 65 Email: BRISTOL BS32 0BFFax: 00386 (0) 1422 84 99 Website: UNITED KINGDOMContact: HERMINA SABEDER BABIC Tel: 0044 (0) 1454 454 500Email: SPIRIG AG Fax: 0044 (0) 1454 454 510Website: (SWITZERLAND) Email: BURGLENSTRASSE 33, Website: ZACHODNIA 8570 WEINFELDEN(POLAND) SWITZERLAND YANKEECANDLEUL. TATRZANSKA 26 Tel: 0041 (0) 71 626 23 40 DEUTSCHLAND GMBH60-413 POZNAN Fax: 0041 (0) 71 622 51 35 (GERMANY)POLAND Contact: REBEKKA SPIRIG LUITPOLDSTR. 9Tel: 0048 (0) 61 843 5540 Email: 91550 DINKELSBUHLFax: 0048 (0) 61 843 5541 Website: GERMANYContact: DOROTA ZDZIEBKOWSKA Tel: 0049 (0) 9851 5554080Email: TER MAAT BV Fax: 049 (0) 9851 5554089Website: (NETHERLANDS & E-mail: BELGIUM & LUXEMBOURG)HELENA LLEBARIA Kerkstraat 23 Z-TRADE S.R.O.(SPAIN) 3295 BD ’s-Gravendeel (CZECH REPUBLIC)POL. IND. CAN. The Netherlands SOUKENICKA 76MASCARO, NAVE 2 Tel: 00 31 (0) 499 46 06 03 550 01 BROUMOV08756 LA PALMA DEL CERVELLO Fax: 00 31 (0) 499 46 03 37 CZECH REPUBLICBARCELONA Contact: WIM J. SCHOT Tel: 0042 (0) 491 523 911SPAIN Email: Fax: 0042 (0) 226 015 298Tel: 0034 (0) 936 720 221 Website: Contact: JAROSLAV KLUSONFax: 0034 (0) 936 720 902 Email: jaroslav.kluson@ztrade.czContact: GRISELDA BOIX THE LAWN COMPANY LTD Website: www.ztrade.czEmail: (MALTA)Website: 51-55, TRIQ SANT ANTNIN ZUMTOBEL KERZEN GMBH & CO SAN GWANN, SGN 04 (AUSTRIA)HOLLEX SOLVAKIA S.R.O. MALTA BILDGASSE 12(SLOVAKIA) Tel: 00356 (0) 213 80639 6850 DORNBIRNGROSSLINGOVA 69, Fax: 00356 (0) 213 80639 AUSTRIA812 52 Contact: RAY CARUANA Tel: 0043 (0) 557 225 631BRATISLAVA Email: Fax: 0043 (0) 557 225 63117SLOVAKIA Website: Contact: STEPHAN ZUMTOBELTel: 00421 (0) 245 944 427 Email: kerzen@fmz.atFax: 00421 (0) 245 944 427 Website: www.zumtobel-kerzen.atEmail: dekoracie@hollex.skWebsite: 37
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