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It's the wild west out there infographic


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LightCyber: It's the wild west out there (infographic)

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It's the wild west out there infographic

  1. 1. It’s the Out there! wild west Stores States 180 21 Stores Locations 228 1,060 August 15 August 15 and Supermarket Chain STORES Stores 2,900 August 5 Goodwill Industries Unknown number affected out of NON-PROFIT August 5 TotalBank in Florida August 28 J.P. Morgan Chase HEALTHCARE POS August 27 August 5 August 26 OTTO pizzeria Portland, Maine Wireless Emporium August 19 Community Health Systems DHS employees 25,000 victims 60,000 Internal records stolen 4.5m Patient records stolen victims 72,500 victims 900 number of victims unknown number of victims undisclosed victims 12,000 August 13 Onsite Health Diagnostics August 6 Western Regional Center BANKS