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Epoint agro ppt


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Presentation for Epoint Agro

Published in: Technology
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Epoint agro ppt

  1. 1. Big Data Solutions Smart Connected Agriculture Smart Crop Management ● Effective Use of Water and Fertilizers ● Energy Efficient Operations
  2. 2. Key Issues Facing Modern Agriculture Water Shortage High Energy Costs Stricter Regulation Volatile Market Prices
  3. 3. The Current Market Reality Increasing demand for more cost effective food production and lower market prices Water is becoming a significant component in growers’ costs Regulators and large food chains require stricter reporting on use of fertilizers and ecological footprint
  4. 4. Irrigation Needs Are Changing Water has become a scarce and expensive resource $ Both large, disperse and complex corporate units as well as small, single plot growers, require water management optimization, tailored to their needs
  5. 5. Water Management Market Offerings A broad range of devices and solutions, such as moisture sensors and pump controls are available Each sub-system works independently and needs to be set up and programmed separately as conditions change Management becomes a difficult and costly task for the farmer Small individual growers don’t have access to many of these resources
  6. 6. About Epoint-Agro Ltd. Epoint Agro Ltd. has brought about a dramatic improvement in the management of crops requiring intensive irrigation and fertilizer distribution systems We can reduce our customers’ costs, workload and headaches, using the latest smart automation and IoT technology
  7. 7. Key Issues Facing Modern Agriculture We offer the only fully automated optimized irrigation management system that can save at least 30% in water, fertilizer and pumping energy costs