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ECI Telecom: NPT for PTN


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NPT, ECI’s MPLS-TP based packet transport solution for Packet Transport Networks, is about putting first things first: Lowest Cost with Improved Performance.

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ECI Telecom: NPT for PTN

  1. 1. Native Packet TransportPacket Transport Networks
  2. 2. Communications became an intrinsic part of humanexperience. We wake up with our phones, we fall asleepon our tablets. NPT for PTN
  3. 3. As the sheer volume of packet being transported explodesaround us, you are looking for packet based transportnetworks to lower the cost per bit. NPT for PTN
  4. 4. To build these advanced packet based transport networks,you are offered routers and sophisticated L3-basedequipment, which are very different from the TDM-basedtransport equipment your current transport networks arebased upon, and with which your staff is used to. NPT for PTN
  5. 5. Which begs the question:How easy is to operate these networks?!Not so easy.And to make things worse, the price tag is prohibitive! NPT for PTN
  6. 6. But not all is lost. After all, it’s possible to combine the packetefficiency on the one hand and the transport reliability andease of management you are used to on the other hand.Without costs skyrocketing… NPT for PTN
  7. 7. But how is that possible, you ask. Show us what’s inside…You will get exactly what you need:The MPLS-TP for reliability and efficiency, centralized andeasy to use GUI-based management for simple operation,and flexible packet and TDM handling for cost-effectivedelivery of any type of traffic. NPT for PTN
  8. 8. And…You don’t have to pay for extra functionalities that you don’tneed, and without adding extra complexity to your day today operations. NPT for PTN
  9. 9. So you decide to build a Packet transport network – PTN, youare better off getting NPT – a Native Packet transport network. Be flexible to handle any type of traffic either natively or through Circuit Emulation, guarantee the lowest TCO. NPT for PTN
  10. 10. The NPT brings multidimensional flexibility for capacity,interfaces, and protocols, it extends MPLS-TP into the metronetwork without the cost and complexity associated with runningcomplex IP protocols on thousands of network elements.With a friendly easy to use GUI-based unified multi-layermanagement system, provisioning and maintenance is as simpleas it’s been until now with TDM-based networks and services. NPT for PTN
  11. 11. NPT PTNWould you like to learn more?