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Cyber attacks september 2014


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LightCyber: Cyber attacks for Set. 2014 summary

Published in: Technology
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Cyber attacks september 2014

  1. 1. Sheplers Number of victims Unknown Number of victims Unknown Home Depot Credit cards 56,000,000 Supervalu Stores States 1000+ 30+ Jimmy John's Pizza Place Stores 216 Cyber Attacks September 2014 Start accurately detecting the ACTIVE attacks that ALREADY exist on your network! Bartell Hotels - San Diego Guests credit card data and names 55,000 George Mason University Names and Social Security numbers 4.400 California State University East Bay Employment transaction records 6,000 Japan Airlines JAL Of its frequent flyer programme customers 750,000 DAILY ACTIVITIES ARE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR SECURITY - WARNING - Avoid Appearing on a Future Infographic of Data Breaches! Users 1,400,000 Viator