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Bio catch


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Bio catch

  1. 1. Frictionless Authentication and Advanced Threats Detection Benny Rosenbaum | CEO 1 Confidential , not for distribution
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction  What is BioCatch?  Product Details  Summary 2 Confidential , not for distribution
  3. 3. Who are we? Israeli-based company (RSA, Trusteer, Israeli defense forces veterans) Gartner Cool Vendor 2013 Installed in US/Canada banks 3 Confidential , not for distribution Our technology: Cognitive Behavioral Analytics Authenticates the user in online/mobile banking Catches MITB, Remote Access Trojans (RATs) in the act Offering quick-ROI Deployment
  4. 4. What’s special about BioCatch? Analysis by Avivah Litan “Why Cool: BioCatch provides invisible, continuous biometric authentication Gartner Cool Vendor of 2013 a user on a PC or mobile application by using a novel technology that goes beyond the current approaches of monitoring keystroke dynamics, mouse movements, speed patterns and other physical actions“. 4 Confidential , not for distribution
  5. 5. What business do we solve? Friction OTP 123456 123456 We’re able to strongly authenticate without a friction cost 5 Confidential , not for distribution SMS One time codes Smart Card Readers Tokens
  6. 6. What business do we solve? Fraud operations cost MITB (Man in the Browser) We’re able to accurately catch MITB, RAT live attacks in the act 6 Confidential , not for distribution
  7. 7. The Science Behind BioCatch Neural Motor Control Or: how does our brain control movement? It involves: Information Processing Coordination Mechanics Physics Cognition 7 Confidential , not for distribution -0.05 -0.1 -0.15 -0.2 -0.25 -0.3 -0.35 -0.4 -0.45 -0.5 -0.55 -0.7 -0.6 -0.5 -0.4 -0.3 -0.2 -0.1 0 βx βy
  8. 8. Our Innovative Twist Invisible Challenges Or: how can we accelerate learning and detection? 8 Confidential , not for distribution
  9. 9. Use case and demo 9 Confidential , not for distribution Mobile 2FA (various designs) PC/Mobile Invisible
  10. 10. Triggering a Response | Pro-Active Example Say you’re using a mobile app, and drag an item to the right. 10 Confidential , not for distribution Now say we introduce a subtle challenge… A 5° rotation to your move. This is what would happen if you don’t offset the rotation: you’ll end up a bit off target… But your brain won’t let this happen. You will spontaneously start correcting as soon as your mind picks up the off-target move, because your brain will work on completing the task. You won’t sense any change to the user experience, as it’s a low-volume effect (our research team tests it scientifically). And here’s the beauty of the BioCatch approach: Different people respond differently. Left: sharp, single correction (red) Right: complex, multiple corrections (blue) Colin | Fraud Director Shanee | QA Manager
  11. 11. The tall guy How do you hold the device? What happens when you tap it 11 Confidential , not for distribution Meet Alon, our 6’7” tall iOS developer. When he thumps the device, it’s very visible (blue spike) Red/Green: x-y movement of device Blue: vertical movement (up/down)
  12. 12. Acceleration Patterns | Passive Example When moving mouse to the right, how fast do you ‘close loops’?  Very high in all moves  Very slow in short moves  Moderate in long moves 12 Confidential , not for distribution
  13. 13. Selection wheel One small element… And we can learn so much Passive traits:  Rotation speed  Cognitive choice: what do you spin first?  # of corrections at the end of spin  Final selection strategy (tap vs. spin) 13 Confidential , not for distribution Pro-active, subtle challenges:  Slight Increase / Decrease Rotation speed  Slight change of speed during correction spins  Various small effects during final selection
  14. 14. Benefits over traditional behavioral analytics Property BioCatch Passive Behavioural a a Behavioural Parameters + + a Cognitive Parameters + - X Device Dependency Low High Time for building profile Short Long Excel at Free Form Usage a a 14 Confidential , not for distribution Repeat Tasks (e.g. password, PIN typing) X Remote Access Detection + - X No Reply Attacks + -
  15. 15. CyberCatch deployment Top 10 Canadian Bank  Objective: reduce friction of High Risk  .2,000,000 Users of online banking since Sep 15th  30% access from tablets  Up and running in 5 days (2 days JS Integration+3 days QA)  3-month learning, 3-month operation Top 50 US bank  .500,000 Users of online banking  Finished testing 15 Confidential , not for distribution
  16. 16. Our Project Heatmap Consumer Commercial Online Mobile Authentication Threat Detection Cognitive Behavioral Analysis 16 Confidential , not for distribution
  17. 17. Technology & Deployment Q&A 17 Confidential , not for distribution
  18. 18. Product Overview BioCatch for Web • Biometric Frictionless Authentication • RAT Detection • MitB Detection 18 Confidential , not for distribution BioCatch for Mobile • Biometric Frictionless Authentication (Touch) • Multi-Factor Authentication Cognitive Behavioral Analytics Platform • BioCatch Management Application • BioCatch Integration Tools • BioCatch Rule/Alert Setting Tool (Roadmap) • BioCatch Visualizer Tool (Roadmap)
  19. 19. Online fraud detection Risk Alerts Session Data 19 Confidential , not for distribution Management Application Fraud Team Bank’s Risk Engine BANK BioCatch Engine User Behavior (>350 Params) Frictionless Challenges JavaScript SDK Online Banking Payee Amount Mobile Banking Payee Amount
  20. 20. BioCatch Application Management 20 Confidential , not for distribution
  21. 21. Online Banking Fraud Detection Detecting Man-in-the-Browser Attacks Human-in-the-Middle 21 Confidential , not for distribution James 1st session James 2st session Automated Transactions (MitB) Time User Transaction 10:22 FBorn None 10:22 FGreen Add Payee 10:26 JamesL Wire Transfer 10:31 LinaP Wire Transfer
  22. 22. Product Overview Detecting Remote Access Sessions Fraudster's Computer Genuine User’s Computer 22 Confidential , not for distribution RAT
  23. 23. Product Overview VS other Fraud Detection Approaches Cognitive Behavior “Genuine?” “Human?” “Remote?” Application Data “New Payee?” “Suspicious Navigation?” “High Amount?” 23 Confidential , not for distribution Device Attributes “Known Device?” “Infected Device?” “Device IP Geo Location?” Fraud Detection Approaches
  24. 24. Product overview Less high risk Less fraud Risk Engine Application data? Device attributes? High Risk Transactions 4%-8% Cognitive Behavior? >0.8% 24 Confidential , not for distribution
  25. 25. BioCatch Product overview Integration tools Receive Alerts & Behavioral Data from BioCatch  Alerts - eMail, JavaScript  Alert + Data - Flat Files, API (web Service) Send BioCatch Fraud Feedback/ Whitelisting & Activity Data  Fraud Feedback/Whitelisting - BioCatch Management Application, Flat Files  Activity Data (for MitB detection) – API, Flat Files 25 Confidential , not for distribution
  26. 26. Thank you! To learn more: 26 Confidential , not for distribution