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CHEN YANG 20108021 Final project

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Chen yang 20108021

  1. 1. Google CHEN YANG 20108021 Advertising in Thailand ENTER WELCOME ^_^
  2. 2. Advertising My Story Brief history The culture of AP AdFest in Thailand AdvertisingMy Story I get to enjoy watching Thailand advertisements because of the Thailand television commercial < You can shine> on the right. A story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. This Thai advertisement make me shocked at the first time. since then, I have got in touch with Thai Ads. Thai Pantene television commercial <You can shine> “Why am I different from others?”… “why do you have to be like others?” —— <You can shine>
  3. 3. Advertising My Story Brief History The culture of AP AdFest in Thailand Advertising Brief History of Advertising in Thailand The history of development of modern advertising in Thailand is a young one. Though this Southeast Asian country has taken prides of its long history in various aspects since its first Kingdom of Sukhothai was founded in 1257, oral communications and sign boards seemed to be the only two common ways available for publicizing information at that time.Services Laundry Detergents‟ Print Ads> <„Surf This is not until 1844 when Dan B. Bradley, an American missionary, made public The Bangkok Recorder, a newspaper which allows "the first piece of advertisement" to appear in this land of the freedom, Thailand. Since then, this country started to enjoy its early years of advertising. It gradually developed print and broadcast media and found its way to the prosperous modern advertising of today.
  4. 4. Advertising My Story Brief History Brief History The culture of AP AdFest in Thailand Advertising Brief History of Advertising in Thailand The so-called modern advertising in Thailand can be traced back to just about 50 years ago. Two main factors urged to the turn of Thai advertising. One is the conclusion of the World War II that allowed Westerners to flux into this Eastern country, like many others, with their business ideas. The other one is when His Majesty the King Rama IX came to theServices throne. Under his protection, development flowered to every aspect of the country; advertising was just among one of them. Since 1958 to present, we can try dividing the development into five important periods: Starting, Leaping, Adjusting, Blossoming and Readjusting periods. Starting(1958 to 1967) Leaping(1967 to 1977) Adjusting(1977 to 1987) Blossoming(1987 to 1997) Readjusting periods(1997 to present). Queen of advertising in Thailand : Paula Taylor
  5. 5. Advertising My Story Brief History The culture of AP AdFest in Thailand AdvertisingThe Culture of Advertising in Thailand Advertising in Thailand is an adventure. When everyone depends on you, to stay awake Thailand is a modern country rich with tradition. This unique dynamic allows for a symphony of creativity, imagination, and practices that aim to reach both the modern and traditional Thai culture through advertising.AndServices Characteristically, advertising in Asia is quite different than what most Americans are accustomed to. The advertisements created are fresh, forward, entertaining, and often over-the- top! Thailand advertisements also highlight emotions or sentimental value to appeal to viewers. The personality that ads in Thailand undertake give an unmatchable persona compared to other countries. “Thai advertising is distinctive in its imageries and creative gags” (Punyapiroje, 2002). Coffee advertisement.
  6. 6. Advertising My Story Brief History The culture of AP AdFest in Thailand Advertising The Culture of Advertising in Thailand Thai temple hair Advertising in Thailand tends to pay certain respect or acknowledgement to the culture that it appears in. As mentioned, many ads tend to focus on humor, but an account group director at Batey Ads says, “The best Thai advertising is slightlyServices understated, it has a gentle quality to it. It is very pleasing to the eye.” Thailand is a high- context culture. This means that many things are left unsaid; environments, non-verbal cues, or social situations help to define messages in person or through advertising (Punyapiroje, 2002). Look ahead for the great city Advertising in Thailand goes beyond the entertainment of viewing a commercial. One must have an understanding for the culture. Advertisers are consistently challenged to foster messages that speak to Thai clients and consumers, while minding the rules of culture and legal business practices. In most cases advertising reflects the attitude and personalities of a nation. Based on the examples and discussion demonstrated in this paper it will be fascinating to view the creativity and scope of advertisements on the May Term.
  7. 7. Advertising My Story Brief History The culture of AP AdFest in Thailand Advertising Advertising Asia Pacific Advertising Festival Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, or „AP AdFest‟, is an annual event consisting of four main activities, including an annual awards contest for Asia Pacific creative works; creative seminars led by leading industry practitioners, an exhibition of suppliers to the creative industry and a forum for advertising, creative, and marketing people in the region to meet and exchange views. It is endorsed by industry associations from Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, Mumbai, Seoul, Tokyo, Manila and Kuala Lumpur.Services Held in mid-March every year at world- class convention facilities in Pattaya, Thailand, AP Adfest is a three-day event that is primarily attended by Asia Pacific agency creative professionals, but also attracts production suppliers, agency account management and marketing professionals from leading advertisers.
  8. 8. Advertising My Story Brief History The culture of AP AdFest in Thailand Advertising Advertising Asia Pacific Advertising Festival 1. To promote and recognize creative • Five main aims excellence in the region. Now established 2. To raise awareness of the profusion of as the pre-eminent cultural values and heritages in the region regional festival in the region, it has and encourage the development of five main aims. relevant and effective advertising.Services 3. To act as a forum for creative exchange and learning. 4. To provide a central resource for creative people. 5. To keep all expenses and costs low to encourage maximum participation.
  9. 9. Google Advertising in Thailand Source and&catid=7:development-of-asian-advertising&Itemid=19 Thai Ads
  10. 10. Google Advertising in Thailand THANKEND THE YOU