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Chen yang 20108021


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Homework by CHEN YANG 20108021

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Chen yang 20108021

  1. 1. in Thailand —— CHEN YANG 20108021
  2. 2. “Why am I different from others?”…“why do you have to be like others?” —— <You can shine> The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds.Thai Pantene television commercial <You can shine> This Thai Ads make me shocked at the first time. since then, I have get in touch with Thai Ads.
  3. 3. The history of development of modernadvertising in Thailand is a young one. The so-called modern advertising inThailand can be traced back to just about50 years ago. Two main factors urged tothe turn of Thai advertising. One is theconclusion of the World War II thatallowed Westerners to flux into thisEastern country, like many others, withtheir business ideas. The other one iswhen His Majesty the King Rama IX cameto the throne. Under his protection,development flowered to every aspect ofthe country; advertising was just amongone of them. Since 1958 to present, we can trydividing the development into fiveimportant periods: Starting(1958 to 1967) Leaping(1967 to 1977) Adjusting(1977 to 1987) Blossoming(1987 to 1997) Readjusting periods(1997 to present).
  4. 4. Characteristic Advertising in Thailand is an adventure. Thailand is a modern country rich with tradition. This unique dynamic allows for a symphony of creativity, imagination, and practices that aim to reach both the modern and traditional Thai culture through advertising. Advertising in Asia is quite different than what most Americans are accustomed to. The advertisements created are fresh, forward, entertaining, and often over-the-top! Thailand advertisements also highlight emotions or sentimental value to appeal to viewers. The personality that ads in Thailand undertake give an unmatchable persona compared to other countries. “Thai advertising is distinctive in its imageries and creative gags” (Punyapiroje, 2002).
  5. 5. The Culture of Advertising in Thailand Advertising in Thailand tends to pay certain respect or acknowledgement to the culture that it appears in. As mentioned, many ads tend to focus on humor, but an account group director at Batey Ads says, “The best Thai advertising is slightly understated, it has a gentle quality to it. It is very pleasing to the eye.” Thailand is a high- context culture. This means that many An interview with an adverting things are left unsaid; environments, account worker from non-verbal cues, or social situations Punyapiroje’s (2002) research help to define messages in person or said the following: through advertising (Punyapiroje, “There is nowhere like Thailand. 2002). We have our own gags. For example, a Godzilla standing to pledge he Thai flag. We create advertising by our own culture. …Also , Thai advertising characteristic ally is about unexpected situation. They are surprises. We can make fun and joy without any reason. Thai people can laugh about their good and bad luck and others.”
  6. 6. Advertising in Thailand goesbeyond the entertainment ofviewing a commercial. One musthave an understanding for theculture. Advertisers areconsistently challenged to fostermessages that speak to Thaiclients and consumers, whileminding the rules of culture andlegal business practices. In mostcases advertising reflects theattitude and personalities of anation.
  7. 7. content&view=article&id=59:thailand&catid=7:d evelopment-of-asian-advertising&Itemid=19 /the-culture-of-advertising-in-thailand/Some Thai Ads &feature=related
  8. 8. Thank You!