Yammer on Tour San Francisco Keynote


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This is the keynote presentation from Yammer on Tour San Francisco on April 24, 2012 given by Yammer's founder and CEO, David Sacks,

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Yammer on Tour San Francisco Keynote

  1. ON TOUR San FranciscoDavid Sacks — CEO & Founder April 24, 2012 #yamtour @davidsacks
  2. Agenda3:45 – 4:45 JOIN THE CONVERSATION:Keynote & Product www.yammer.com/yotsfAnnouncement4:45 – 5:15Deloitte Case Study5:15 – 6:15Customer Panel Network: Yammer6:15 – 9:00 Password: 2012Cocktails, Hors doeuvres,Entertainment & Demos #yamtour @davidsacks
  3. Yammer on Tour #yamtour @davidsacks
  4. Amsterdam #yamtour @davidsacks
  5. Sydney #yamtour @davidsacks
  6. Industry Recognition GAME CHANGER: ELITE 8 WINNER: Innovation Collaboration System LEADER: TOP 50 SOFTWARE COMPANIESThe Forrester WaveTM: Venture-Backed TO WATCH:Mobile Collaboration Company Innovation Application #yamtour @davidsacks
  7. #yamtour @davidsacks
  8. 5M+ Registered Users 5M Users 4M Users 3M Users 2M Users 1M Users #yamtour @davidsacks
  9. The Rise of ConsumerizationBring-your-own-device Freemium apps #yamtour @davidsacks
  10. A New Party at the Table IT Line of Business End-Users END-USERS »  Security »  Needs »  Usability »  Reliability »  ROI »  Adoption »  Compliance »  Value #yamtour @davidsacks
  11. A New Distribution Model FREEMIUM CLOUD ON-PREMISE 1990s 2000s Today #yamtour @davidsacks
  12. More Vendors Than Ever Before»  How do we deal with the fragmentation?CMS" SFA 1 SFA 2 HR ERP SMM CSS #yamtour @davidsacks
  13. 62%of employees work inMULTIPLELOCATIONSduring the work week Source: Forrester Research, Demystifying the Mobile Workforce, June 2011Source: Forrester Research, #yamtour @davidsacksDemystifying the Mobile Workforce, June 2011
  14. 38%TIME LOSTduplicating work& searching forinformation Source: IDC #yamtour @davidsacksSource: Forrester Research,Demystifying the Mobile Workforce, June 2011
  15. 71%of employeesNOTENGAGED Source: Gallup Research #yamtour @davidsacksSource: Forrester Research,Demystifying the Mobile Workforce, June 2011
  16. Yammer Brings It All Together People Conversations Content Business data Mobile #yamtour @davidsacks
  17. ESNs are the New Intranet “[Enterprise social networks] are replacing corporate intranets as the most comprehensive and reliable places to find information about the company, its processes and procedures, and the people who work there.” Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO & Lead Analyst Aragon Research, “Why Social Networks Are Replacing Intranets,” (Mar 2012) #yamtour @davidsacks
  18. The New Intranet is… Cloud Social »  Instantly deployed »  People-centric approach »  No more painful upgrade cycles »  Ease of sharing »  Low cost »  Content is never stale »  Ease of integration »  Best usability Mobile Viral »  Access anywhere »  Voluntarily adopted »  Works “out of the box” »  Discoverable #yamtour @davidsacks
  19. Making Content Social #yamtour @davidsacks
  20. Today’s Product Announcements Universal Search Premium Groups Social Content Mobile Yammer Embed #yamtour @davidsacks
  21. Universal Search #yamtour @davidsacks
  22. “People and data have never been so nicely woven together.” Gareth Burkhill-Howarth, Global Head of ProjectsCMS SFA 1 SFA 2 HR ERP SMM CSS #yamtour @davidsacks
  23. Activity Stream Aggregation #yamtour @davidsacks
  24. Integration Partners #yamtour @davidsacks
  25. Premium Groups ADMIN CONTROLS CONTENT SHARING Change group privacy Share Conversations, Delete messages, Files & Pages Across files & pages Groups Mark Content as “Official” Share Files Externally Make Group View Files on Mobile Announcements #yamtour @davidsacks
  26. “Yammer wins on Mobile Architecture” Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Mobile Collaboration iPad/iPhone Android #yamtour @davidsacks
  27. Customer Spotlight:»  100+ shopping centres across Australia, the US, UK, New Zealand and Brazil»  100+ Yammer Groups»  Transformed internal communications strategy with Yammer #yamtour @davidsacks
  28. Increasing Value of Yammer BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION External Participation >> Integration with Enterprise Systems Team Collaboration Crowdsourcing #yamtour @davidsacks
  29. Customer Spotlight:»  Fortune 100 grocery store giant»  Network of 5,000 stores»  10,000+ Yammer users»  Store directors across the US share best practices on Yammer #yamtour @davidsacks
  30. Transition from Intranet to ESN Integrate Rip & & Migrate Replace #yamtour @davidsacks
  31. Yammer Embed #yamtour @davidsacks
  32. Yammer Embed #yamtour @davidsacks
  33. The New Cloud Intranet FROM » TO Intranet » Enterprise Social Network Build » Buy Get it to Work » Drive Engagement Intranet Manager » Community Manager Command-and-Control » Connect-and-Collaborate Broadcast » Many-to-Many Depreciation » Automatic UpgradesChief Infrastructure Officer » Chief Innovation Officer Employees tolerate » Employees love #yamtour @davidsacks