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FInding Value in Serendipity


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Published in: Business, Technology
  • Excellent presentation on the exponential value of virtual networks -- I think the hardest thing to wrap people's mind around is the perception of loss of control within a virtual environment. How to we address that fear?
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FInding Value in Serendipity

  1. 1. Finding Value In Serendipity Webinar
February 28, 2012
10:00 am PST #yamvalue @yammer
  2. 2. #yamvalueMaria Ogneva Brian Cator Daniel RasmusHead of Community Sr. Dir. Communications & Industry Analyst & Strategist@themaria Store Operations @danielwrasmus @briancator #yamvalue @yammer
  3. 3. What Is Serendipity? #yamvalue @yammer
  4. 4. The World Has Changed linear networked #yamvalue @yammer
  5. 5. We Need To Update Our Thinking #yamvalue @yammer
  6. 6. We have to update our paradigm Industrial Economy VS. Serendipity Economy •  Focuses on incremental •  Existsalongside Industrial improvements economy •  Measures inputs and •  Economic model that is outputs emergent & unpredictable •  Standard measurements to •  Unfolds in a non-linear gauge improvements way •  Views serendipitous •  Have yet to create a activity as intangibles , measurement system to too difficult to measure account for it Traditional measures do not account for the value from serendipitous activity #yamvalue @yammer
  7. 7. How Is Serendipity Economy Different? 1Process Separation 2 Time Delay 3 Un-forecastable Value 4 External Validation 5 Dynamic Configuration 6 Undefined network potential #yamvalue @yammer
  8. 8. Differentiator 1: Process Separation Value is generated Idea ! throughout the existence of ! Creation an idea, not just the moment ! it was created ! ! time What this means for you #yamvalue @yammer
  9. 9. Differentiator 2: Time Delay S M T W Th F s Network created Users sharing merch. photos Takes several weeks to realize Photos the value leads to strategy convo #yamvalue @yammer
  10. 10. Differentiator 3: Un-forecastable Value ? ? Leads Ideas Questions Network #yamvalue @yammer
  11. 11. Differentiator 4: External Validation1 Peer posts a photo of 2 See merchandising 3 Run sales report to assess if new photo on Yammer, new merchandising merchandising apply this concept to display on Yammer strategy boosted your store sales Second process Only the third process validates the first can validate the application of the new merchandising concept #yamvalue @yammer
  12. 12. Differentiator 5: Dynamic Configuration Usefulness increases with number of people and ideas •  Began using Yammer in 2008 •  Transformation through serendipity •  Reduce turnover rate of 2% vs. firm-wide average of 15-20% #yamvalue @yammer
  13. 13. Differeniator 6: Undefined Potential Serendipity may enter at any point & change configuration #yamvalue @yammer
  14. 14. Now what? #yamvalue @yammer
  15. 15. Serendipity at 7-11 #yamvalue @yammer
  16. 16. Intended benefits Unintended benefits •  Increased store•  Restructuring of the field performance organization •  Increased market•  Simplification of the performance infrastructure •  Morale booster•  Getting field consultants •  Expansion of the notion of into the stores a team•  Sharing best practices •  Faster onboarding•  Feeling connected •  Increased quality of answers •  Faster iteration We had a general thesis, but we couldn t foresee all the benefits #yamvalue @yammer
  17. 17. What do diapers and beer have in common? #yamvalue @yammer
  18. 18. #yamvalue @yammer
  19. 19. Recognize success! #yamvalue @yammer
  20. 20. Encouraging Serendipity #yamvalue @yammer
  21. 21. 10 Steps To Planned Serendipity1  Go big or go home2  Integrate social profiles with performance3  Make the system accessible4  Give people permission to collaborate5  Track results: Use a tag #yamwin or #yammersuccess to track value 6  Learn from failure7  Look beyond productivity and efficiency8  Executives, lead by doing 9  Celebrate value 10  Be patient #yamvalue @yammer
  22. 22. Q&A Brian Cator Daniel Rasmus Sr. Dir. Communications & Industry Analyst & Strategist Store Operations @danielwrasmus @briancator Please use the questions module on the lower left #yamvalue @yammer
  23. 23. Thank You #yamvalue @yammer