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Closest pizza

A marketing plan for a fictional app.

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Closest pizza

  1. 1. Closest Pizza By: Yamini Harsola VIT Chennai
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • We all love pizzas. According to statistics, pizzas are • However, it usually happens, when you crave for one desperately, it is hard to order one. • The android app, closest pizza will locate you, the nearest pizza, will all the details required.
  3. 3. WHY CLOSEST PIZZA? • The midnight snack craving, tasty breakfast, memorable dinner with friends. Order a pizza, and you are sorted for the meal. • Helps you locate the nearest pizza retailer with high location accuracy. • Many options to go through even in the late hours.
  6. 6. APP INTERFACE DESIGN • The app interface extremely user- friendly. • The customers will be able to chose from an organized range of orders. • The app security and privacy issues are of utmost priority. • Researches have been done before designing for exactly knowing what the consumers want.
  7. 7. POSITIONING • The app needs to be on the top suggestions, when searched for pizza on Google Play Store. • The pizza providers in the area are informed about the app. They suggest their customers to use app when they cannot come to their store every time.
  8. 8. BRANDING • The app will be promoted majorly for people between the age group 15-35 years. • Thus, the app will commonly be promoted in places such as schools, colleges in their fests. • Events in offices can also be used as a promoting platform.
  9. 9. PROMOTION Social-Media Networking Rewards Providing Coupons Local Connection Advertising at Campaigns
  10. 10. SOCIAL-MEDIA NETWORKING • Use of Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and google-play store to promote your app. • On twitter, use of trendy hashtags. • Facebook could be used for uploading recent visits photo and earning rewards points.
  11. 11. REWARDS • Frequent customers could be rewarded with rewards after their visits. • They could be further asked to pass on the referral code, for future benefits. • Points could be redeemed as and when required. • On bulk orders from a particular retailer, more discount could be received.
  12. 12. LOCAL CONNECTIONS • Neighboring people could be made well aware of the existence of such a facility by sponsoring events in the area. • A relatable brand logo, and tagline would attract the locals more.
  13. 13. GOALS • To make it one of the most used app, whenever pizzas are searched. • To maximize the use of app among customers aged between the targeted age.