foursquare Data 2011


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foursquare data & business opportunities 2011

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  • foursquare Data 2011

    1. 1. Business & Data!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    2. 2. 101 What’s foursquare? Local KnowledgeTechnology Social Every Day!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    3. 3. DataFoursquare has seen an constant increase in traffic, adoption and usage during the past 12 months, positioning itself as the top Location Based Network in the market. *Source: Alexa, Ignite, ComScore!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    4. 4. Data Penetration outside of the US has turned 4sq into an important marketing tool for both small business & corporations. LAtin America & South East Asia account for over 30% of total traffic. *Source: Alexa, Ignite, ComScore!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    5. 5. Business In Spring 2011, foursquare released their Brand Page tool for public use, allowing brands to create their own page on foursquare. At the same time, foursquare released their online application to create branded badges under their Beta program.!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    6. 6. Numbers - foursquare had 200 registered companies with a brand page in October 2010. One year later, the brand page count is of 5000+ pages. - 80+ Brands have had presence with a badge. - foursquare has released more than 360 badges since they launch. approximately 200 of those badges are inactive now as most of them are time or situation specific. - Countless numbers of business around the world have registered with foursquare to offer specials at their locations via the platform. - foursquare announced in 2011 their University program where major universities will get their own badge. (This program is planned to launch worldwide but so far has presence only in the US with 24 local universities with an active badge as of November 2011) - Universities, Local & Federal governments, local tourism boards, sports organizations and museums have seen benefits in joining foursquare with brand pages and badges.!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    7. 7. Numbers Raw data. 16,000,000+ users. 25,000,000+ places. 1Billion+ Check-ins. 10,000 actions per second. Every second, 35 people check-in. Mayor markets: USA & Europe. Emerging: LatAm & SE Asia. Growth 1M/month for the past 12 months (aprox) *Source: Foursquare engineering!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    8. 8. Data Growth. *Source: Foursquare engineering!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    9. 9. Business Opportunity. Even though Location Based Networks have grown considerably over the past 24 months, adoption is still very small amongst corporations and small business. Being able to passively interact with customers in their every day life without alienating their routine is priceless for a marketing or ales campaign wether is niche specific or general awareness. Tools like foursquare allow this type of interactions with potential customers every single day.!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    10. 10. 101 Analyze your business strategy - Explore different tools - Train your company - Find integration - Create & segment databases - How? Explore your niches - Adapt to your customer needs - Create value - Be Social - Find where your customers are going - Elaborate an strategy - Take a small campaign for a test run -!"##$%&()*+,-.)/
    11. 11. About by- Business development & expansion consulting firm with presence in Canada, US & Latin America.- We combine global business trends and apply them into a local context.- Accidental Marketing is the Social Business division of Yammed Consulting. We have developed integratedsocial intelligence and marketing campaigns for clients across the Americas.- We work with companies and agencies striving to deliver top notch Social experiences.- Our work has been showcased across the americas & nominated for industry awards.We help companies approach new markets and local consumers without any distractions and with solid goals. We look for specific information and data that will provide us with enough business intelligence to be able to deliver business strategies to our clients. This information is then leveraged to turn experiences into transactions.
    12. 12. Ready to get social?