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Online Reputation Management for Hotels


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Carmelon team offers hotels' online reputation management and reviews improvement services which include Consultation and guidance with TrustYou ORM system ,technical training, handling of reviews policies, analysis, Review, evaluation and assessment of key competitors, and ongoing support and consultation.

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Online Reputation Management for Hotels

  1. 1. 1 Online Reputation Management for Hotels Gil Vardi Products and Online Reputation Director
  2. 2. Main Topics 1. Carmelon Digital Marketing - Company profile - Our services - Our Clients - About us 2. Online reputation management and reviews improvement service 3. The importance of online reviews for hotels 4. TrustYou – Online reputation management system
  3. 3. Company profile Carmelon Digital Marketing provide comprehensive and advanced digital marketing solutions and services to a wide range of leading companies internationally with a focus on the travel industry. Our team includes dedicated professionals with experience in all aspects of digital marketing, including experts in SEO and UI, Google AdWords and Analytics certified experts, mobile and app analytics, content editors, social media professionals and content writers. We act according to a comprehensive methodological approach, which includes the masterful application of a variety of techniques and tools, as well as meticulous data analysis and comprehensive research.
  4. 4. Our expertise  Improving results with smart digital marketing We provide advanced, multi-channel digital marketing services which increase sales for our clients  Increasing quality traffic to websites We specialize in increasing quality traffic from search engines that produce conversions  Analyzing visitor traffic We specialize in web analytics, which allows us to improve performance, and execute a proper solution  Optimizing website conversion rates We specialize in increasing digital conversion rates, and boosting your online sales and business results
  5. 5. Our Services Traffic • SEO - Search Engine Optimization for websites • PPC - Advertisement in search engines, apps, social networks and websites • Mobile Search Marketing – Mobile websites optimization Analysis • Web Analytics – Analyzing the traffic that reaches the website or app Action • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization • Accessibility - websites accessibility for disabled users Reputation • ORM – Consulting and supporting for Online reviews improvement and reputation management for hotels
  6. 6. Amongst our customers
  7. 7. About us Mr. Yair Carmel - CEO & Founder A digital marketing expert since 1999, Yair has an extensive and comprehensive experience in digital marketing along with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), traffic analysis (Web Analytics), conversion rate optimization (CRO), mobile marketing, Google advertising, search engine advertising, management and more. Yair (better known by his nickname Carmelon), is an inspired out-of-the-box thinker who utilizes his vast proficiency consulting with corporations and large companies, in synergistic collaboration with colleagues, and forming alliances with web development and IT companies. Mr. Ofer Wizel - VP Media & Clients, Partner Active in the field of internet and digital marketing since 2000, Ofer has an extensive expertise in digital management, specializing in marketing e-commerce websites, SEO, Web Analytics, CRO, mobile marketing, internet advertising, affiliate programs, social network marketing, management and more. As part of his previous job as a manager of online operations at Isrotel hotels chain, Ofer assisted in establishing and directing the internet and e-commerce areas, and management of the company’s websites. Mr. Gil Vardi – Hotels Online reputation consultant Active in the field of internet since 2009. Gil has a diverse experience in digital projects management and online systems implementation. As part of his previous job, Gil managed the implementation and the trainings of TrustYou’s online reputation management system in all 30 hotels of Fattal chain. Additionally, Gil led researches and implementation of innovative online tools for improving the chain’s websites’ user experience and conversion rates. During his two and half years of work at Fattal hotels chain, the online sales were multiplied by 3.
  8. 8. HOTELS ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY Travelers Reviews Google reviews Google Hotels Finder Local reviews sites Direct sales (Best Price Guaranteed) Local agents websites read reviews from other travelers before booking a hotel Mobile Presence Click To Call Web app Native app SEO PPC Affiliates Ads CRO 41% Online Travel Agencies (BPG) Hotel Sites 8
  9. 9. Online reputation management and reviews improvement service Main goals: 1. Maintaining and strengthening the influx of positive reviews for a prolonged period of time, knowing that this is a central decision making factor in the customer's reservation process - More positive reviews = more sales! 2. Prevention and management of negative reviews by active encouragement of a direct, respectable, and controlled conversation with the customer, thus both improving the hospitality experience, and reducing negative public exposure. 3. Encouraging the expansion of an online guest review database, and specifically sharing those that are positive, in order to strengthen the hotel's image online. 4. Improving guest satisfaction across all hotel categories (rooms, service, food & beverages etc.), by setting objectives and tasks based on the reputation management strategy that will be predefined according to the hotel’s specific goals.
  10. 10. Services that we offer towards improving reputation and managing reviews o Consultation and guidance in selecting and implementing an ORM system o Technical training sessions in regard to correct and effective usage of the ORM system. o Assistance in developing an online hotel reputation management strategy. o Consultation regarding the policies of the correct handling of reviews. o Analysis of periodic reports for monitoring purposes, and subsequently improving the positivity of reviews. o Assistance in defining objectives and tasks based on the KPIs. o Review, evaluation and assessment of key competitors in order to lead in each and every category. o Ongoing support and consultation.
  11. 11. 11 How important is it to manage your online reviews? A study made by the Pennsylvania State University and SAS (Business information analysis company) found that:  The online reviews have the biggest influence on consumers in evaluating hotel's quality  A consumer will prefer to pay the lowest price, but will make an order only after checking the reviews of the hotels and its competitors  A price is no longer a main factor for hotel's quality evaluation in the online reviews age  Reducing the price can no longer improve the hotel's image in the eyes of the consumer, however, focusing on addressing the problems raised in the negative reviews will  A positive review = growth in sales and increasing of the level of sales. "if a hotel increases its review scores by 1 point on a 5-point scale (e.g., from 3.3 to 4.3), the hotel can increase price by 11.2% and still maintain the same occupancy or market share." (Cornell University, 2012) See more at: world/#sthash.mCD2TxgG.dpuf
  12. 12. Sharing inspires more dreamers SHARE FAVORITE 41% read reviews from other travelers
  13. 13. Are we part of the conversation? Ask yourselves…
  14. 14. Source: 14 The answer is YES! 87% of travellers use the internet to plan an upcoming trip 52% of travellers changed their initial plans based on Social Media posts 50% of companies in the travel industry agree that they have generated bookings via Social Media
  15. 15. The “Global” village of the Internet
  16. 16. Circle of Trust 16
  17. 17. Online reviews scattered all over the Internet Blogs & Forums Social Media Review Portals & OTAs
  18. 18. • TrustYou is a German company which provides a system for online reputation management • Among the company's customers are Fattal hotel chain and Tamares hotels • The system gathers all the online reviews about the hotels from more than 250 internet sources into one user friendly interface • Aggregation of reviews’ rates is turned into main KPI’s (Key performance index) which are introduced on the system dashboard. The KPI’s include hotel’s categories segmentation based on content analysis in 29 languages TrustYou – Hotel’s online reputation managing solution
  19. 19. 19 3‫של‬ ‫עיקריים‬ ‫מוצרים‬TrustYou‫לניהול‬ ‫כפתרון‬ ‫באינטרנט‬ ‫המוניטין‬ ‫רצון‬ ‫שביעות‬ ‫סקרי‬ "‫להקשיב‬"‫האורחים‬ ‫לדעות‬ ‫רצון‬ ‫שביעות‬ ‫סקרי‬ ‫באמצעות‬ ‫גם‬ ‫להטמעה‬ ‫הניתנים‬ ‫בפייסבוק‬ ‫הדעת‬ ‫חוות‬ ‫ניטור‬ ‫על‬ ‫אומרים‬ ‫הלקוחות‬ ‫מה‬ ‫להבין‬ ‫אמת‬ ‫בזמן‬ ‫והמלונות‬ ‫המותג‬ ‫מוניטין‬ ‫שיווק‬ ‫להטמעה‬ ‫מוניטין‬ ‫שיווק‬ ‫כלי‬ ‫באתרי‬‫לטובת‬ ‫המלונות‬ "‫שקיפות‬",‫אמון‬ ‫העצמת‬ ‫אחוזי‬ ‫והגדלת‬ ‫הלקוחות‬ ‫ההמרה‬ 19 Three Products as the solution 19 REPUTATION SURVEYS Listen to your guests with our powerful guest satisfaction surveys and Facebook application REPUTATION MONITORING Understand what customers are saying about your brand or product in real time REPUTATION MARKETING Convince customers of your reputation with marketing tools to increase conversions
  20. 20. Online Reviews Monitoring Tool Understanding.. The customers and their needs 20
  21. 21. Dashboard- Main KPI’s
  22. 22. Reviews management and goals definition
  23. 23. Reports and notifications The system allows exporting a wide range of personalized reports on the basis of the KPI’s
  24. 24. Hotel’s categories rates based on reviews content analysis
  25. 25. Comparison to predefined competitors
  26. 26. Reviews management - Inbox Manage your online reviews in a user friendly interface with diverse options: Reply directly from a designated window, Filter reviews by several parameters, Forward reviews as task, Share reviews in social networks and Edit the reviews’ sentiment analysis
  27. 27. Social networks Integration
  28. 28. Cross Platform
  29. 29. 24/7 Email alerts
  30. 30. GSS & UGC Surveys Collect all feedback with * GSS – Guest Satisfaction Survey | UGC – User Generated Content
  31. 31. Customizable satisfaction survey's request Templates
  32. 32. Guest Satisfaction Survey – Example 1
  33. 33. Guest Satisfaction Survey – Example 2
  34. 34. On Site Surveys
  35. 35.  Use TrustYou and strengthen UGC and analytics data  Use TripAdvisor and strengthen TripAdvisor ranking  Use Google and strengthen Google ranking  Use Holidaycheck and strengthen Holidaycheck ranking Reviews Distribution
  36. 36. UGC MARKETING SOLUTION Visualize all feedback with * TrustYou’sMeta-Reviews(TM) are based solely on verified travel reviews from more than 250 sourcesworldwide. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
  37. 37. 100% SEO friendly integration. Usage of TrustYou API TrustYou supports integration Introducing Management Responses to UGC * TrustYou’sMeta-Reviews(TM) are based solely on verified travel reviews from more than 250 sourcesworldwide. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
  38. 38. Mobile Ready * TrustYou’sMeta-Reviews(TM) are based solely on verified travel reviews from more than 250 sourcesworldwide. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
  39. 39. The Meta-Review™ * TrustYou’sMeta-Reviews(TM) are based solely on verified travel reviews from more than 250 sourcesworldwide. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
  40. 40. Multi languages support * TrustYou’sMeta-Reviews(TM) are based solely on verified travel reviews from more than 250 sourcesworldwide. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
  41. 41. Partner Quotes “ ” We are excited to have started testing the TrustYou Meta-Reviews. We are convinced TrustYou's overall reputation summary will be one of the key aspects to help Chinese travelers to make the right booking decision on “ ” As a global acting company, Trivago needs global acting partners. TrustYou's capability to automatically analyze millions of reviews into easy to digest summaries in every language is very promising to us. Rolf Schroemgens CEO, Trivago “ ” The TrustYou Sabre Red App provides incredible time saving for agents while giving them a global, comprehensive look at what travelers have said with one simple click. This allows agents to dramatically reduce research time on a hotel’s reputation. Chris Kroeger SVP, Sabre Travel Network Denise Peng COO, * TrustYou’sMeta-Reviews(TM) are based solely on verified travel reviews from more than 250 sourcesworldwide. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
  42. 42. +2% INCREASE IN TRUSTSCORE +1865 SURVEYS SENT PER MONTH +20% INCREASE IN AVG NUMBER OF REVIEWS ON TRIPADVISOR PER MONTH +19% RYDGES REVIEWS COMING FROM TRUSTYOU SURVEYS +2% INCREASE IN POPULARITY TrustYou’s customers proven Success “When new developments happen in the hotel industry, Derag Hotel and Living monitors them closely and implements the innovations in order to remain a frontrunner. In TrustYou, we have found a competent partner with whom to manage social media and hotel reviews efficiently. TrustYou helps us not only to monitor our online reputation, but also to actively work on areas where our competitors have the advantage.” — LARS DÜNKER (OPERATIONS MANAGER, DERAG HOTEL AND LIVING)
  43. 43.  User guide manuals in several languages  Tutorials  “How to” guidance based on case studies  Online scheduled webinars  Consultant and support by the experienced team of Carmelon – Digital Marketing TrustYou – Training and support
  44. 44. 1. Comprehensive and proven 3-in-1 product from 1 vendor 2. Intuitive interface that offers a great user experience 3. Participate in the new Meta-Reviews™ revolution 4. Experienced and passionate team *** Detailed comparison to other ORM systems will be presented upon request Top 4 Reasons To Choose TrustYou * TrustYou’sMeta-Reviews(TM) are based solely on verified travel reviews from more than 250 sourcesworldwide. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.
  45. 45. Business model 1. Hotels online reputation management in reviews channels for increasing revenues. Based on monthly retainer or actual hourly consultation format 2. TrustYou products - One year contract
  46. 46. Questions? Contact us
  47. 47. 47 Thank You! Gil Vardi and Carmelon’s team