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Yahoo! Mail Product Reviewer's Guide

  1. 1. OVERVIEWThe newest version of Yahoo! Mail brings conversations to life with a communications experience that is faster,easier, and safer. With over 284 million users worldwide (and growing), Yahoo! Mail offers a brand new design andunlimited storage, making it fun and easy to share, organize and store a lifetime of memories. And just as we havein the past, we listen to our users‟ feedback and continue to innovate and provide new enhancements to makeYahoo! Mail the best webmail experience possible.FasterYahoo! Mail is now 2 times faster than the previous version. The Yahoo! Mail team leveraged Yahoo!‟s cloudtechnology to deliver faster load times, especially in places where users are far from a Yahoo! datacenter, as well asmodern, compact mark up, HTTP request streaming and performance tuning for the most common entry points.Please refer to the Yahoo! Mail Speed Tech Brief for more details.SaferThe latest version of Yahoo! Mail offers even better spam protection. On a monthly basis, Yahoo! Mail‟s SpamGuardtechnology blocks 550 billion spam messages from cluttering your inbox. And, the newly-released Yahoo! Mail Anti-Phishing Platform reinforces Yahoo! Mail‟s SpamGuard, making it much harder for phishers to reach your inbox. Inaddition, new Anti-Spam Instant Messaging technology helps protect you from receiving unwanted IM conversations.Please refer to the Yahoo! Mail Spam Tech Brief for more details.EasierYahoo! Mail has a fresh design with quick ways to reply to messages, chat with your friends and more.At the bottom of your messages, you will see a new reply bar that allows you to quickly respond to emails fromYahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Groups, Facebook and more. You can chat with Yahoo! Contacts or Facebook Friends directlywithin Yahoo! Mail. And, you never have to worry about losing important conversations since they‟re savedautomatically. With our powerful, easy to use search tools, you can find conversations and emails quickly.You can make the Yahoo! Mail experience more personal by selecting one of our exciting new themes andconnecting to Facebook, Twitter and Zynga to get birthday reminders and updates from your social circle. And, youcan choose from several new applications that let you find new fonts and attach large files for your message.Yahoo! is the premier digital media company and is committed to creating deeply personal digital experiences,delivering your world, your way. Yahoo! Mail is one of those experiences and we have a lot to share.2
  2. 2. New! Five Cool Yahoo! Mail Features 1. Quick Reply: Instantly respond to messages from Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Groups, Facebook and other Web mail providers with a new easy reply bar. 2. Better Yahoo! Messenger integration: Chat with your Yahoo! Contacts and Facebook Friends and view all your past conversations within Yahoo! Mail. 3. A More Personalised Experience: Yahoo! Mail provides a variety of options from themes, to unique stationaries to page layout options to offer an experience that best suits your mood. 4. New applications: Pick a cool new font or attach large files – there are several new applications powered by the Yahoo! Mail Development Platform. 5. Enhanced emails: Now you can view and interact with photo slideshows, inline videos and more from within Yahoo! Mail.GETTING STARTEDTo upgrade an existing Yahoo! Mail account to the latest version, go to and click onthe Try It Now button. To get started using Yahoo! Mail, go to If you don‟t currently have aYahoo! Mail account, please take a moment to create one.Please note: Yahoo! Mail works best with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3+,Apple Safari 4, and Google Chrome 5+.In order to fully experience the new and enhanced features of Yahoo! Mail, we recommend that you allow Yahoo! Mailpop-ups in your browser. Add the following URL to your list of browser pop-up exceptions: DESIGNSimpler and SleekerYahoo! Mail offers a richer, sleeker interface, making your communications easier to navigate and more enjoyable.3
  3. 3. TabsAlong the top of Yahoo! Mail, tabs give you access to key areas of your Yahoo! Mail: your Inbox, Contacts andUpdates from your social circle.When you compose a new message or reply to a message, a separate tab will appear at the top of the page so youcan easily switch back and forth between tabs without fear of losing a draft message.NEW! Multiple Options to Navigate Through Your Message ListWhen browsing through your messages in one scrollable list, you can double click on a message to view it in a full tab.You can also scan your emails quickly in a preview pane by single clicking on a message or using the up and downarrow keys as you navigate through the list. 4
  4. 4. When browsing through your messages in one scrollable list, you can double click on a message to view it in a full tab.You can also scan your emails quickly in a preview pane by single clicking on a message or using the up and downarrow keys as you navigate through the list.NEW! ThemesTo personalize Yahoo! Mail with one of 12 different themes, select the Options drop-down menu (at the top left-handcorner of your browser), then choose Themes. Yahoo! Mail will give you an instant preview of each theme you clickon. When you‟ve chosen the theme you want, simply click the Done button. 5
  5. 5. NEW! Video Playback and Photo SlideshowsYou can view photo attachments as well as photos and videos from sites like Flickr, Picasa and YouTube directlywithin your email.By clicking on the thumbnail, a slideshow will appear on your screen where you can easily view images in full-screenor as a photo album as well as play videos from Flickr or YouTube. 6
  6. 6. Seamless Experience Across DevicesYahoo! Mail is optimized for mobile devices so you can now enjoy a consistent experience across many popularplatforms. 7
  7. 7. FASTER AND BETTERThe newest version of Yahoo! Mail is 2X faster than the previous version. From searching your inbox to checking yourmessages to uploading multiple attachments, your Yahoo! Mail is faster than ever.NEW! Quickly ReplyReply to your emails without any extra clicks. Instead of having to hit a „reply‟ button, just type in the box at the bottomof the message display.In addition, you can view comments and respond directly to Facebook Friends right within the email message. 8
  8. 8. Search ExperienceThe Yahoo! Mail search experience leverages Yahoo!‟s wealth of search science and technology to help you getanswers faster by finding the right emails and IM conversations. 1) Type in your search query in the Search box and hit the Search Mail or Search Web button. Or if you‟re just searching your email, hit the Enter key (Windows) or Return key (Mac) after typing your query. 2) If you‟re searching your email, narrow your results by clicking on one or more filters to the left of the Search Results view. 3) Any Web search will open a new browser tab to display your search findings.Storage ForeverUnlike some web-based email services, Yahoo! Mail gives you unlimited storage for all of your emails. You‟ll neverhave to delete older messages just to make room for newer ones. And combined with Yahoo! Mail‟s robust searchfunction, your email inbox is a searchable archive that‟s all about you!NEW! More AccessibleThe newest version of Yahoo! Mail is designed to benefit people with all abilities and disabilities. Weve focused ontwo aspects of accessibility that are of particular importance for users who are blind or visually impaired: 1) Device Independence The new Y! Mail is designed to be device independent; users can use the product via a keyboard or a mouse. Keyboard access enables users who cannot use a mouse to use the product. For example, visually impairedusers, and users with physical disabilities often rely entirely on the keyboard to use the product. To that end, Yahoo! Mail has a comprehensive set of keyboard shortcuts, and desktop-like keyboard navigation of the UI to provide a natural and intuitive user experience. 9
  9. 9. 2) Screen Reader Support Beyond keyboard access, Y! Mail makes use of techniques and technologies that make it easier for users of screen readers to use the product. This includes: Use of the W3C ARIA Specification, which enables users of screen readers to have full access to Yahoo! Mails rich user interface that consists of complex, desktop-like UI controls (such as tabs, lists, popup menus, dialogs, and autocomplete functionality). Improving the discoverability of the feature set by surfacing context-sensitive instructional text to users of screen readers.SAFER THAN EVERYahoo! Mail is the #1 email provider in protecting users from spam and has reduced spam by more than 40% in thelatest version.Yahoo! Mail Anti-Phishing Platform (YMAP)Building on the success of a pilot anti-phishing program with eBay/PayPal in 2007, the Yahoo! Mail Anti-PhishingPlatform reinforces Yahoo! Mail‟s SpamGuard by adding security measures that make it much harder for phishers toget to your mailbox.SPIM ProtectionProtection doesn‟t just end with Spam, but also includes SPIM: SPam Instant Messaging. You can now protectyourself more effectively against SPIM bots by blocking IMs you don‟t want, as well as blocking specific IM users fromgetting in touch. To try it out, click on Options, Messenger Options, and Privacy. 10
  10. 10. EASIER TO STAY CONNECTEDNEW! Facebook ChatTo chat with your Facebook Friends you will first have to link your Yahoo! and Facebook accounts. Simply click on thelightning bolt icon next to your "Facebook Friends" list, which appears on the left side of the screen. Clicking on thelightning bolt turns your Facebook chat on and off. If the lightning bolt is gray, you are signed out.NEW! Top ContactsWith the tightly integrated Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger, your Top Contacts are the contacts you communicatewith the most and will appear in the left pane under Online Contacts. To see all your online contacts, click on the“Show All…” button 11
  11. 11. NEW! Archived ConversationsNow all of your IM conversations with Yahoo! contacts are archived by default. You can browse and search yourconversations from any computer you sign in to. Please note that IM conversations with Facebook friends cannot bearchived.To access your IM conversations, go to your inbox: 1) On the left navigation bar, click Conversations. 2) Your conversation archives will display in the inbox pane, with the most recent conversation appearing at the top.Want to disable archiving? Follow these steps: 1) Click Options in the upper left corner of the Mail page. 2) Click Messenger Options in the pull-down menu that appears. 3) In the Messenger Options menu, uncheck the box next to Keep a history of my conversations. 4) Click OK. 12
  12. 12. NEW! Updates TabYahoo! Updates has moved…to its own tab. Weve created a streamlined interface for you to view all of your Updatesin one location. On the Updates tab, youll see the a place to update your own status and all of your update feeds fromYahoo!, Facebook and Twitter. You can post updates to Yahoo!, Facebook, and Twitter at the same time.USEFUL APPLICATIONSYahoo! Mail comes preinstalled with applications from Yahoo! and third-party developers. You can easily access yourfavorite applications on the left navigation bar of Yahoo! Mail.Under Applications on the left side of the browser window, click the application you want to use. It will open under anew tab or in its own Yahoo! Mail window. You can add more applications to the navigation bar as well, such as MyCool Fonts or Attach Large Files. To add a new application: 1) Click the Gear icon next to Applications, opening the applications gallery. 2) Find the application you‟d like to add. 3) Next to its name, click Add. 13