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New Yahoo! Connected TV App Development Kit (ADK) with Device Communication:
Download the new Yahoo! Connected TV ADK:

Device Communication is a powerful two-way protocol for connecting mobile devices to Yahoo! Connected TV.

More info is available on the Yahoo! Connected TV Developer Page:

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  • I’m Scott Lincke. I head up the Connected TV Product teamI going to take you though the connected TV product, some of the latest innovations and developer tools and process
  • First, a little about the philosophy and vision that has make connected TV successfulNot a replacement for TV; Yahoo! Connected TV makes TV better TV first user experienceProgressive build of engagementThis usage model works well for users and gives developers the flexibility to build great applications
  • Many developers have already adopted CTV as a platform with a variety of applicationsHere are some of the most popular applications on the platformSome are designed for information snacking while watching TV; others enhance TV and others take over the TV and entertain for hoursMost popular categories include news, music, weather, social, Video on demand, finance, sports, games, and shoppingThese are great applications, but remains a lot of space your application to be successful on the platform
  • We’ve been innovating on the platform since CTV introduced it, essentially creating the categoryOur latest version is 6.0It includes a host of new features that I’ll describe to you now
  • One key advancement is the inclusion of Broadcast Interactivity. BI is our automatic content recognition system.With BI application experiences that complement the TV content can be offered to viewersIt works by detecting what is playing on the TV, presenting a prompt inviting the viewer to engage and if so launching the application and sending it the viewing context.It can even update the application with the latest context as the viewer moves through the show.For example, HSNWorks broadlyDeveloper access is limited…
  • Broadly there are two use casesTV ContentAdvertising
  • Beyond enhancing what’s on TV, we’ve also added ways to better interact with the TV itselfLast month we introduced the Connected TV Mobile app for androidIt lets youLaunch and navigate applicationsEasily retrieve a list of installed apps and launch any directlyEnter text using the phones keyboardAnd even select content and play it on the TVBest of all, the underlying APIs used to create a lot of this functionality are being made available to you to include in your application. More on that in a moment.
  • We’ve also added some in-app ads to Connected TVRight now we are rolling this capability out into Yahoo applicationsAds appear in the sidebar and in the bookmarks in the dockClick through actions are designed to be optimized for use on the TVWe are looking into 3rd party access so developers can monetize this way
  • Today we can help you sell your app on more than 1 mm TVs.We have upgraded the gallery into a connected tv storeThe store makes it easy for consumers to find and purchase applications with just a few clicks using Yahoo WalletPayments are processed by Yahoo and you are piad through the Yahoo premium services back-end
  • Hopefully you’re seeing the opportunity here to build and sell your application on CTVWe’ve made it easy to get goingJust download the adIt includes a VM, extensive documentation, sample code and a TV simulatorJavaScriptAJAX style applicationsBuild your applicationCTV dedicated developer support forumsEmail technical supportYahoo! Developer Network global events…
  • Earlier I talked about enabling communication between the TV and your mobile appToday we are releasing an ADK that allow you to do just thatIt includes documentation and a new simulator that supports a Wi-Fi connection to build and test this new type of appIt also includes sample apps, the latest engine and other updates
  • And here is where you can get it and any other information about developing for connected TV.Jim Cortez will be up on stage in a moment to tell you more
  • Ihave one other announcement before I goWe’ve been long asked about solution that could add Connected TV functionality to any HDTV.I’d like to introduce Scott from D-Link to explain their exciting new offering.
  • In wrapping up, I’d like to summarize the opportunity for developers on the platform.…Thank you. I hope we get to enjoy your apps on Connected TV. Let us know how we can help.
  • Yahoo! Connected TV - Developer Event - Device Communication

    1. 1. Developer Event #YahooCTV Connected TV
    2. 2. Welcome! Ron JacobyVice President, Yahoo! Connected TV #YahooCTV Connected TV
    3. 3. Yahoo! Connected TVA software platform that enhances television through engaging interactive experiences Not a replacement for TV; Yahoo! Connected TV makes TV better TV first user experience Progressive build of engagement #YahooCTV
    4. 4. Robust Award-Winning Platform Introduced at CES 2009 › Launched with Sony, Samsung, LG and VIZIO Annual Product releases aligned with manufacturer timelines Recognized by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Winner of 2011 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Plaque Award “…Yahoo! Introduced the Connected TV platform with applications designed specifically for the TV - ushering in an explosion of consumer personalization and choice, ultimately enhancing the viewers’ TV watching experience.” Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Primetime Emmy® Award Press Release, Oct 2011 #YahooCTV
    5. 5. Widely Distributed 40 partnerships throughout the CE value chain Over 8M devices in market through major CE manufacturers Scalable architecture enables integration throughout the product line › Over 130 models of TV › Price points as low at $199 at 22” Global › Distributed to over 135 countries › Base platform localized to 31 languages #YahooCTV
    6. 6. Engaging 62% of consumers feel that Internet Connectivity is an important feature of new TVs 69% of Connected TV users rank Yahoo! Connected TV as better than other Connected TV products Over 3 million devices communicate to Yahoo! servers every month › TV connection rates of up to 70% › Varies by manufacturer Over 1.5 million unique monthly users invoke the platform › User engagement rates of up to 90% #YahooCTV
    7. 7. Open Open development environment › SDK download freely available from Largest cross-manufacturer footprint of any CTV platform Familiar JavaScript development model › AJAX style applications Established ecosystem › Over 10,000 registered developers › Many development shops to bid on application development App testing and certification program run by Yahoo! › Includes review period for manufacturers #YahooCTV
    8. 8. Product Overview & Update Scott LinckeSr. Director Products, Yahoo! Connected TV #YahooCTV Connected TV
    9. 9. Yahoo! Connected TV How to Interact with Connected TV Apps With the press of a button on a consumer’s remoteConsumers tune into TV Programming. Intuitive controls allow users to select the app control, a dock of Connected TV apps appears at the bottom of the TV screen. of their choosing, such as flickr TV. 1 2 3 Flickr TV app allows consumers to easily browse their photos or videos … … and view in full screen 4 5 #YahooCTV
    10. 10. Sample of Most Popular Apps Top 20 Apps on Yahoo! Connected TV Amazon VOD Showtime Yahoo! Weather Yahoo! Sports Pandora TuneIn Radio Facebook AccuWeather Yahoo! News Yahoo! Video Yahoo! flickr eBay YouTube CrazeTV Yahoo! Finance Vimeo Twitter Screendreams iHeartRadio MyCast #YahooCTV
    11. 11. Current Production Release: 6.0 Introduced CES 2011 Initial deployment via software update to 2011 Sony TVs Factory installed on 2012 Sony TVs in stores now Key features › Broadcast Interactivity (ACR) › Device Communication › App Store #YahooCTV
    12. 12. Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity Real-timeinternet content that complements the TV show or Advertisement › Uses Into_NowSoundprint technology to detect what is being watched. Content: trivia, fun facts, voting, related videos, photos, purchase products, more.. Works with any video: cable, satellite, VOD, DVR, Web video Developer access limited to those working jointly with TV content owners #YahooCTV
    13. 13. Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity Use Cases• TV Show and Sporting Event Interactivity – Deliver actor and show info, live voting, play along, videos, photos and more.. – E-commerce sales of TV show items – Example: Showtime® Boxing• TV Ad Interactivity – Information about advertised products – Purchase product, order samples, view related content, read reviews – Example: Fidelity TV Ad #YahooCTV
    14. 14. Connected TV Mobile App• Enables navigation of Connected TV apps and functionality from your Android phone• Launched last month on the Android store• Currently compatible with 2012 Sony Bravia EX 40, 46, and 55 inch TVs #YahooCTV
    15. 15. Yahoo! Connected TV In-App Advertising Advertising in existing Yahoo! TV Apps › Prove out the technology and systems › Create processes for ad click-through TV Display ads appear in TV App and App Launch Bookmark in Dock TV optimized Click-through Experience › Access additional screens of product info › Play a video › Email the viewer product information / discounts › Launch a TV App for more info #YahooCTV
    16. 16. Yahoo! Connected TV StoreWhat is it? Major upgrade to the Widget Gallery that enables selling applications All transactions processed by Yahoo!® WalletEmpowers you to reach ready-made market Deployed on well over a million TVs Available Internationally Promotion of your Apps › Spotlight area › Featured Area Payment infrastructure of Yahoo!® Premium Services back-end #YahooCTV
    17. 17. Sell Your App at the CTV Store!Get Started Developing your Paid TV Widgets1) Download the App Developer Kit (ADK)2) Develop TV Application – debug on simulator3) Upload App to CTV Store to test on TV / Submit4) Receive production approval from Yahoo! QA5) Certification of App by TV OEM managed by Yahoo!6) Submit the Store Payment form7) Configure Pricing Tier8) Your App is now for sale!Payment Details Developers receive 70% revenue share after taxes and currency conversion Developers paid in USD on balances over $100 #YahooCTV
    18. 18. CTV TV Application Development Kit Introducing Y! Connected TV ADK v1.3 Released today and available for download! New feature: Device Communication › A new "Device Communication Simulator” › Device Communication allows the Yahoo! Connected TV app to connect to the Simulator over Wi-Fi › Includes Device Communication sample TV apps Upgraded Features: › Engine upgraded to 6.0.21x44, equivalent to the latest versions in the field › Updated documentation and release notes on the web site › Registration and Terms of Use moved to installer › Ubuntu VM configuration updates #YahooCTV
    19. 19. Download the ADK Available Today! #YahooCTV
    20. 20. D-Link Scott LambdenSr. Product Manager – Multimedia #YahooCTV Connected TV
    21. 21. D-Link Evoke TV ™ Interactive HD - Developers Only – Limited Quantity Add Yahoo! Connected TV to any HDTV Includes Y! Broadcast Interactivity and Device Communication DSM-360 Universal Remote w/Qwerty keyboard Ethernet - Optional 802.11n wireless Price: $179 ORDER NOW! Two-Sided: Universal Remote with Qwerty Keyboard #YahooCTV
    22. 22. Why Develop for CTV?1. Connected TV as a Product Category is Exploding2. Yahoo! CTV Pioneered and Continues to Lead Innovation3. Yahoo! Tools and Support are Available to Assist Developers4. Simple Monetization Process5. App Sales are Enabled Across TV Brands and Internationally #YahooCTV
    23. 23. Device Communication & Technical Overview Jim CortezFront End Engineer, Yahoo! Connected TV #YahooCTV Connected TV
    24. 24. What’s Coming Up Yahoo! Connected TV Platform › Engine Architecture › Application Architecture Device Communication New Announcements Demo #YahooCTV
    25. 25. Engine Architecture #YahooCTV
    26. 26. Application Architecture #YahooCTV
    27. 27. What’s Coming Up Yahoo! Connected TV Platform Device Communication › What is Device Communication? › Goals › Existing Technologies › Demo › Current Architecture New Announcements Demo #YahooCTV
    28. 28. What is Device Communication? #YahooCTV
    29. 29. Device Communication Goals1. Security2. Real Time Events3. Simplicity4. Flexibility #YahooCTV
    30. 30. Existing Technology: Built on IP No application-level message passing No Ability to add custom services Consumer Frustration #YahooCTV
    31. 31. Existing Technology: Other Platforms Google TV › Only Request/Response › Basic Commands, no application level messages › Designed for simple remote functionality › Uses mDNS/ZeroConf Boxee/XBMC › Very Basic request/response › Based on XML › Unsecure #YahooCTV
    32. 32. What is Device Communication? #YahooCTV
    33. 33. Current Architecture: Discovery① Auto Discovery② IP Lookup Web Service③ Manual IP Configuration #YahooCTV
    34. 34. Current Architecture: APIRemote Method Calls Publish & Subscribe #YahooCTV
    35. 35. Current Architecture: API’s Services › Media & App Launching Input › Keyboard, Media Controls, Navigation TV App Communication › Pub/Sub & Remote methods #YahooCTV
    36. 36. What’s Coming Up Connected TV Landscape Yahoo! Connected TV Platform Device Communication New Announcements › Euro iTV 2012 › Yahoo! Connected TV App – Android › Device Communication Libraries Demo #YahooCTV
    37. 37. Euro iTV 2012 euroitv2012.orgDevice Communication: A Multi-Modal Communication Platform for Internet Connected Televisions Jim Cortez, David A. Shamma, LinghanCai #YahooCTV
    38. 38. Yahoo! Connected TV App - Android• Share videos from a mobile device to the TV• Send web page URLs from the TV to your phones web browser• Utilize gestures and touch to accelerate discovery, launch and navigation of TV Apps• iOS App Soon! #YahooCTV
    39. 39. Open Source Libraries! Java Library › Compatible with Android › Wraps Protocol › Used In Yahoo! Connected TV Mobile App Development Tools Objective-C (iOS) soon! Available Today for ANY OS/Platform #YahooCTV
    40. 40. Demo –This demo is not available to online attendeesA video of this demo will be posted to our @ConnectedTV #YahooCTV
    41. 41. What Developers Get Yahoo! Connected TV App Development Kit Device Communication Developer Tools for Device Communication Open Source Libraries #YahooCTV
    42. 42. Start Building! #YahooCTV
    43. 43. Q&AJim Cortez, Ron Jacoby, Scott Lincke #YahooCTV Connected TV
    44. 44. Thank you for joining the Yahoo! Connected TV online developer event Download the Yahoo! Connected TV App Development Kit Video of the live event will be posted to our blog #YahooCTV Connected TV