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  1. 1.  VasHouse is a leading provider of solutions and content for mobile network operators. VasHouse is a dynamic value added services company, focused on increasing connectivity across all areas of the global mobile data chain. Our business activities include Global SMS services, Mobile content & solutions, Research & development, Managed messaging services and Mobile marketing platforms.
  2. 2.  QR Code is a kind of 2-D (two-dimensional) symbology developed by Denso Wave and released in 1994 with the primary aim of being a symbol that is easily interpreted by scanner equipment. QR Code (2D Code) contains information in both the vertical and horizontal directions, whereas a bar code contains data in one direction only. QR Code holds a considerably greater volume of information than a bar code.Used in: Links to:Print Ads Pure textBillboards WebsiteBusiness Cards & Brochures Personal CardStore Shelves EmailProduct Labels SMS Text Phone call Calendar Wi-Fi Network
  3. 3.  High Capacity Encoding of Data QR Code is capable of handling all types of data, such as numeric and alphabetic characters, Kanji, Kana, Hiragana, symbols, binary, and control codes. Up to 7,089 characters can be encoded in one symbol. Small Printout Size Since QR Code carries information both horizontally and vertically, QR Code is capable of encoding the same amount of data in approximately one-tenth the space of a traditional bar code. Dirt and Damage Resistant QR Code has error correction capability. Data can be restored even if the symbol is partially dirty or damaged. A maximum 30% of codewords can be restored. Readable from any direction in 360° QR Code is capable of 360 degree, high speed reading. QR Code accomplishes this task through position detection patterns located at the three corners of the symbol. Structured Append Feature QR Code can be divided into multiple data areas. Conversely, information stored in multiple QR Code symbols can be reconstructed as single data symbols.
  4. 4.  “STC QR Prepaid Scratch Card” is the concept we want to present today. QR code is continually growing in popularity, more people are learning the new technology, along with the smart phones trend. Dictating in the number from the prepaid card can be perceived as a tedious task. Most users don’t type the code correctly from the first time, where the QR code scan is always correct. Looking at it from this perspective, implementing QR codes in Prepaid cards will solve this issue by a simple QR code scan, in addition to being a unique idea that hasn’t been done before in this context. In a highly competitive market this can be a chance for the first adopter to stand out, by showing that its technologically there and up to date..
  5. 5.  Easier Interactive Faster The “Cool Factor” Possibility of “STC Going QR” marketing campaign
  6. 6.  QR Code is generated with QR Code creation software and a special printer, these tools cannot automatically create QR Code that can be read correctly. In order to generate a properly readable QR code for the intended reader, the size (area) of QR Code is important. The size of QR Code is decided by (1) determining a symbol version, based on data capacity, character type and error correction level, and by (2) setting a module size, based on the performance of the printer for printing or the scanner for reading.
  7. 7. 1. To ensure error free reading, The QR Code will be displayed on one side of the card with free space surrounding it, while instructions and other info are on the other side.2. For users who don’t use smart phones, a QR reader or/and simply those who prefer the older ways, the same linked pin code can be displayed under or simply inside the QR code.
  8. 8.  Nowadays, just like the QR Code technology, new technologies are constantly coming to the scene that are being used in several fields, winners here are the first adopters and companies who apply these technology to add to their success. Together a more accurate and precise business model can be created to cover the whole concept from A to Z, starting by generating the codes until reaching the customer.