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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  2. 2. 7k оtпяе;[ tи1d~ аиа{уS'is /5' de4rOquot; -10 & d~с!~рftои- 0/ & -1Л' 'еol Ja:J 01 -I:k Eftj//sJL blat!kr- d Ca/v/ft.- loO//dye- Иj;k. JoIwtJ/ sk tleJcr/b~:J ~ -10 t:lесг) w/th qf а/IIt'сц/-i/е!J sk J1щ NJ-- ср/к/ои- 0/1 -ihe- зе/мо/, g/шу-еf e~/JY~Jf k~ /-ed;'п:Js ~clto~/ PYO~) /11 Ql/'dИ'-- 1-0 /; иd .ипо-h енаА S:tY::;~C2rf her #/ iиCI аl1с1 J.&i J-OIrtI!- k()fYL .e41C{2liY't1-!Jе~-уu? J~ f ihcd- -РАе /S ()?1 -ihe- И,gМ VVШj 7k -Ir~~f ~/sio/ar!f 1ft I~ k-т pr-?JL/Vi-ed /J~f.rйпl а11Й ad ?( I~ /еЛiм'- wlцeJL cl yattl7y iю~ #/пШ 1-0 !tи-- .1/~/Л/еиd Е//Ц1-. ~/sio/qy je-/1re coMy/Mk!, io & crd;'b/!/o/ 01 k jJ/of аиd fИalи fk- y-ead-tr'quot; l-e~-/aJ & j:Ja-f~-hс4)~awt 01 & q$fJjjJb.
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