Search is changing more rapidly than ever


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Search is changing more rapidly than ever

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  2. 2.  High ranking is the search engine results pages (SERPs) are no longer enough.  Rich snippets are part of increasingly enhanced SERPS designed to help people make decision before they click.
  3. 3.  Rich snippets help users discover sites that are relevant to their searches, resulting in higher click-through rates. 1. Snippets are the lines of additional information that appear near a Google search results. 2. Rich snippets are designed to give the user a sense of what a webpage may contain. 3. Rich snippets give detailed information for specific queries. For ex. Track Duration Alegria 4:20 Querer 4:35 Vai Vedrai 4:34 Alegria 5:50
  4. 4.  Rich snippets give users quicker access to information.  Rich snippets also give webmasters an additional layer of optimization, and a chance to highlight the contents of a site within the SERPs  This provides a shirt blurb about a website’s content without actually requiring a user to dig though countless WebPages for specific knowledge.
  5. 5. •Rich snippet: average review, number of start, and price range Restaurant •Rich snippet: lyrics and a link to play the song. Music Album •Rich snippet: phone number and photos. People •Rich snippet: location and customer review. Business and organization
  6. 6. •Rich snippet: photo, recipe rating and time required. Recipes •Rich snippet: video image. Video •Rich snippet: rating, picture and price range. Product •Rich snippet: event date, location and time. Event •Rich snippet: author photo, name and a link to more articles. Authors
  7. 7. • for instance, HTML5 microdata specification is designed to use <span> and <div> tags to recognize ideas. HTML5 • This type categorizes information into specific properties and items that are recognized by search engines. Search engine radar • The snippet result of information than search near result. Snippet
  8. 8.  Rich snippets increase than the click through rate (CTR) from organic search engine results pages.  They are a visual way for business to display product, prices and reviews quickly.
  9. 9.  Pick a markup format • Micro data • Micro formats • RDFA  Markup the content using HTML tags to give descriptive names to tax • Examples of content tags: venue, event, time and rating  Test your rich snippet markup • It will read the marked up data and the user can see if rich snippets are appearing.  When Google discovers the new markup on your site, it will begin reading the tags and displaying rich snippets for your site within the SERPS.
  10. 10.  Complete Google’s request from to let them know rich snippet tags have been added to a website.  Make sure rich snippet content is visible to human users. Google will not display hidden content.  Make sure the markups match the requirements for each content type.  Verify that tags and attributes are in the correct format.  Make sure the marked up content represents what is on the actual webpage.
  11. 11.  Several plugins have been developed for WordPress sites that allow user to tog rich snippet content easily within their sites.  Type of data is limited to 6 categories 1. Event 2. Person 3. Organization 4. Review 5. Place 6. Product
  12. 12.  Created by SEO design solution  Contains module for creating rich snippets  Only applies to “event “data  Plug-in marks up existing content in WordPress site  Simple “schema for WordPress” begins the process  Pay attention to div/span codes.
  13. 13.  Plugin exclusive to recipe snippets.  Clean visual representation  Plugin appears with upload/insert media icon in WordPress.  Button to run finished product though rich snippet testing tool  Once you add a new recipe micro format tags are automatically added
  14. 14.  Plugin for events and contact information.  Output=readable paragraph with suitable micro format.  Still in development.  Potential time-saver.  Do rich snippets work?  Is the click through rate for rich snippets better than regular search result?
  15. 15.  Aesthetically pleasing layouts that include stars, asterisks, and photos draw more attention than plain text  Rich snippets help break up lines of text in the SERPS.  The result: more click thought to the sites with rich snippets  Many companies have seen a 20-30%rich in click though rates when using rich snippets  Users know what to expect before accessing the site. The result: more qualified visitors who are likely to stay on the site longer.
  16. 16.  Due to the value rich snippets provide, they likely are here to evolve and stay.  What does the future hold for them?  Bing and yahoo have implemented structured data for their rich snippets  This is a collaborative effort to restructure internet search function to easily narrow a user’s query. you may like this: High ranking in Google search could be your failure point
  17. 17.  Descriptive information is attached to content in metadata form.  Rich snippets are the gateway to the semantic web.  Google, Bing, Yahoo! Formed, endorsing micro- data as the standard for all 3 sites.  provides multitudes of HTML tags that can integrated easily into existing website designs to improve click-through rates and visibility.  The visual queues and images break up the lines of generic text and set those search results above the rest.
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