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Bsm wk iv_fall2013


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Bsm wk iv_fall2013

  1. 1. * 1 Session IV: Understanding Social Media Professional Certificate in Digital & Social Media Instructor: Yadira Galindo
  2. 2. * 2 Session IV Overview
  3. 3. * Social Media 101: Instagram 20 Instagram is a mobile app that allows you to share photos fast. Or is it?! In February it unveiled web functions -Browse others photos in real time -Like photos -Comment But! Still no uploads or photo filters •In 2012, Instagram saw an increase of 400 percent—going from 15 million users to 80 million by July. •In September, this photo sharing app had more traffic than Twitter.
  4. 4. * Social Media 101: Instagram 20 But today: •130 million Monthly Active Users •40 million Photos Per Day •1 billion Likes Per Day •1000 Comments Per Second This is a 1,134% increase in comments and a 1,378% increase in likes. That's a lot of engagement!
  5. 5. * Social Media 101: Instagram 20 You can change the tone, the color, crop and share!
  6. 6. * Social Media 101: Instagram 20 Instagram added some web functionality. For the moment it is simply letting people view your profile and images. For business or professional networking take advantage of this feature and fill out your bio. It is one more way to get your brand out there.
  7. 7. * Social Media 101: Instagram 20 How will you use it? •Run contests? •Share behind-the-scenes information •Promote events •Show your products •Holiday themes
  8. 8. * Social Media 101: Vine 20 • Available for iOS and Android users • Create 6-second looping videos that are “little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life” • Bought by Twitter (but videos can be shared on Facebook) • Continuous video or can use stop motion that makes it look like a GIF Examples: Vine resume 16 Ways Brands are Using Vine
  9. 9. * Social Media 101: Yelp 20 • 71 million users • 27 million reviews • Apple’s Siri search function brings up Yelp information not Google (unless you specially tell Siri to search in Google) • You can “check in” using Yelp but you must physically be at the location • Claim your company and update your information • Respond to customers!  Do they love you?  Do you know what people are saying about you? Find out!
  10. 10. * Social Media 101: Others 20 •Flickr (has half the users of Instagram) •Skype •Foursquare •Blogs: WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous •MySpace -- really?! Yes, it's back. •And many, many more! •Ever heard of Storify? Here is an example of how to use it: s-publicist-asks-buzzfeed-to-remove-these
  11. 11. * Social Media 101: Social Media Crisis 20 Have an angry customer using social media to air grievances? Here is what to do: •Respond quickly, but only with facts or approval to make good on problem •Respond as you would someone you are “talking” with, not robotic •Don’t be defensive •Send a direct/private message if appropriate •Reach out through the social media channel used SOURCE: media-pr-night?t=annuity-sales-strategies&utm_source=buffer&buffer_share=87d04
  12. 12. * Social Media 101: Social Media Crisis 20 Sprint wireless Situation: It’s Black Friday and Sprint is offering a dynamite and highly marketed deal on three Samsung phones, including one of the leading ones on the market. Demand is high causing its website to crash and phone lines are tied up. Customers are upset and saying it. Sprint Michael Adsit Jr - With such a hot deal the webpage is extremely busy. I really appreciate your patience with the site. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions and I'll be happy to help as much as I can. I sincerely hope your friend's dad gets better soon, he is in my thoughts! *Ben Sprint Letitia Monsey - I'm sorry about the issues with Were you able to get your order processed? Also, for the activation fee wavier, was this a new line of service or an upgrade? Please let me know and I can help you complete the order if need be. Thank you *KC Jeff Teamdeadlyhertz Lockhart Thats BS, you just tried and got through? Are you kidding me, I have been trying non stop now since 3PM eastern and every time I get an I get this message that you all are enhancing the is it you just get through? I have been with Nextel since 1998 and with Sprint ever since the merger, with 4 lines on my account. If I cant get through in the next 15 minutes. Me and my 4 lines wont be a Sprint issue anymore. This is crazy Michael Howard Schine Turned away at store because they are sold out. Called 800SPRINT1 on the flyer; they are closed. Tried, but the purchase section is temporarily unavailable. Tried 8668667509, told 15 minutes wait and press "1" to hold, received a rapid busy signal. Store implied offer is limited quanities. Seems like Sprint, a telecommunication company, does not have telecommunication capability to handle current customers. Very disappointed. Sprint Kasey Ann - I'm here for you! I would need to look at your account to check for the order. Can you please email me your phone#, PIN and any order details you are willing to provide to Attn:KC. I want to get to the bottom of this for you. Thank you *KC
  13. 13. * Social media management 21 •Check your Klout score •Create Google Alerts •Set notifications •Create search lists with your name/brand •Search on review sites like Yelp
  14. 14. * Measuring your own impact 21
  15. 15. * Managing multiple profiles 21 Social Media Management Systems •Manage multiple social profiles •Schedule messages •Track brand mentions •Analyze social media impact •Create and monitor lists, search terms
  16. 16. * More than a wallflower: Engagement & quality content 4 •Define goals and objectives •Pinpoint your audience •Identify potential evangelists/super-sharers •Audit your resources (I mean really audit!) •Encourage and reward buy-in internally •Establish a social media protocol and strategy •Start using social media •Post photos, video and other original content •Measure results From How the heck do I start building a social media marketing strategy?, Green Buzz Agency