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  • -Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. They’re like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your post. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. -There was less Twitter activity during the 3 rd and final presidential candidate debate. Are you surprised? -President Obama used the hashtag #bayonet -Romney used hashtag #horsesandbayonet (Horses and bayonets mentioned by Obama about why don’t we have as many naval ships)
  • -Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without, yet only 24% of tweets during the time of the study used them. -Using one or even two hashtags in a tweet is fine, but if you add a third, you’ll begin to see an average 17% dropoff in engagement. -Posts with images have double the engagement of those without even though users can’t see them until they click on them. -If you ask followers to “RT,” you’ll get a 12X higher retweet rate than if you don’t. But if you spell out the word “retweet,” that figure jumps to 23X.
  • -“tweet spot” for the number of tweets per day appears to be four -Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday compared to weekdays. However, most brands aren’t taking advantage of this phenomenon and, on average, only 19% of the brands’ tweets were published on the weekend. -tweets published during “busy hours” performed best. Tweets during such hours, defined as between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. in the study, got 30% higher engagement rates than those those that occurred after-hours. Twitter’s performance in this respect is the mirror image of Facebook, where posts on “non-busy hours” get 17% higher engagement.
  • *#NBCFail - Marx posted the message on Thursday, nearly 24 hours before the Olympics’ opening ceremony. On July 27, the day of the ceremony, there were just 212 #NBCFail tweets, according to Peoplebrowsr. By July 28, there were 6,000. By July 29, there were 20,000. *Denver Post sports writer tweets “horny” statement as says later it was meant to be a DM to reader
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  • NFL Hangouts: -- Look good on video *
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  • Bsm wk iii_j2013

    1. 1. Session III: Beginning Social MediaProfessional Certificate in Digital & Social MediaInstructor: Yadira Galindo * 1
    2. 2. Session III Overview * 2
    3. 3. Final project•Develop a social media strategy •Define goals and objectives •Pinpoint your audience •Identifypotential evangelists/super-sharers •Audit your resources (I mean really audit!) •Encourage and reward buy-in internally •Establish a social media protocol •Start using social media •Measure results•Or, a social media analysis •Identify an organization that participates in social media •Describe the org (target audience & message) & its social media efforts •Comment on 4 of the following: authenticity, transparency, ethics, listening/monitoring, outreach/engagement, building conversation/community, strategic planning * 4
    4. 4. Assignment 3Assignment 3:All students: 1.Post a link to a social media article/blog onsomething you didn’t know regarding social media with ashort summary of what took away from this article. 2.Comment on posts by two of your classmates. * 4
    5. 5. Social Media 101: Twitter Anatomy of Twitter * 9
    6. 6. Social Media 101: TwitterWhy should I use it? Finding my Twitter voice1. Micro-blogging 1. @Replies2. Quick answers 2. Retweets3. Finding a job 3. Blog Posts4. Text-meets-conference call 4. “As-It-Happens” Updates 5. Photos5. Venting (Keep it clean) 6. Questions6. Keeping up with your team 7. Answers7. Movie, restaurant reviews 8. Maladies8. Political, social causes 9. Celebrations 10. Digital small talk * 13
    7. 7. Social Media 101: Twitter Be helpful. Be relevant. Engage. Share. Don’t: Be annoying. TWEET IN CAPS! Brag or over-promote you/your company. Be toxic. Be illiterate. Whine.Do: * 14
    8. 8. Social Media Done Right, Wrong Top 10 social media stars, according to Forbes magazine Five top social media marketing campaigns for fa , according to Politics, Humor and social media a bad mix for KitchenAid , according to PR News #NBCFail * 19
    9. 9. Social Media Done RightPanda Porn, Redefined: Mei Xiangs Artificial Insemination Live-Tweeted Fo #PandaAI * 19
    10. 10. Social Media Done Right or Wrong? * 19
    11. 11. Social Media 101: Pinterest •Fastest growing social network ever. Site had 11.7 million unique U.S. visitors in Jan. 2012, making it the fastest site ever to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark. •Think of it as a virtual pinboard. Sometimes called an “aspirational social network,” users create, manage and share themed imageFirst prototype launched March 2010. Co- •Users can browse other pinboards, re-pin imagesfounder Ben Silbermannsaid he personally wrote and like the content the sites first 5,000 •Popular with American women and, in 2012, itusers offering his was reported that 83% of the U.S. users werepersonal phone number women. In Britain, however, 56% of the user wereand even meeting withsome of its users. male and about 10 years younger than in the U.S., where the age range was typically 35-44.More on Wikipedia. More on Pinterest. * 15
    12. 12. Social Media 101: Pinterest Anatomy of * 15
    13. 13. Social Media 101: PinterestPinterest announces Secret Boards•You can now create up to 3 secret boards•You cannot change existing public boards intosecret boards•Why use secret boards? Pinterest gives you theseideas: •Create a holiday gift list •Plan a special event •Create a project that is not yet ready for public consumption How will you use Secret Boards? 15 *
    14. 14. Social Media 101: PinterestPinterest announces Business AccountsLike Facebook, Pinterest now has two options,create a personal account or business account.Business accounts let you do the following:•Verify your website, so that consumer know totrust you•Add buttons and widgets to increase engagement•Learn about case studies * 15
    15. 15. Social Media 101: Pinterest •Most popular pins of all-time (relatively speaking, of course): – Huffington Post, 4/14/2012 •“Pinterest Is Now the Third Most Popular Social Network in th – Social Times, 4/6/2012 •How do you use it? Contests, catalog, sharing recipes, crafts, you name it as long as it is visual! •Half of users log on dailyLaunched in May •The most repinnable keywords are: recipe, chicken, minutes,2003, LinkedIn’s -TopRank, 01/10/2013membership growsby approximately •Fit a popular category: The most popular categories on Pintertwo new members -Top Rank, 01/10/2013every second.More on Wikipedia. * 15
    16. 16. Social Media 101: Google+ •Declared by outlets like the New York Times to be Google’s biggest attempt to rival Facebook, it is actually the company fourth try at a social network. •In 2013 it reported 135 million users. In 2012 it was 100m with 60 percent daily engagement. • Are you engaged here? •Google+ users are only spending 3.3 minutesLaunched in June monthly and trending down. By comparison,2011, Google+ Facebook users currently spending 7.5 hoursupside includes using monthly.integration intoexisting Google •Single male-dominated (70-30) and geek-products. driven (top users include students, but also web designers, engineers and softwareMore on Wikipedia. developers). Top countries are U.S. and India.* 15 More on demographics.
    17. 17. Social Media 101: Google+ •Circles: You use Circles to organize the people you follow (as well as who follows you) on Google+. And you can use Circles to organize your stream. •Real-time stream: In Google+, the stream flows as new updates are posted. New updates automatically show up at the top of your stream after you log in, and new comments appear automatically as people comment on the posts. Hangouts: Think of hangouts as group video chat. You can chat, via video, with up to ten people at a time-for work and play! Hangouts goes pro with NFL Hangouts +1 and SEO potential: Hello. It is Google, isn’t it? It can help your career?! MediaJobsDaily says yes. Communities: In December 2012 Google+ introduced this feature which is much like a FB * 15 group. Topics range from science to animals, etc.
    18. 18. Social Media 101: Google+ How do you use Google+? •USA Today – Black Friday 2012: What you need to know •Boosting your career using Google? •Create circles in your industry •Use hangouts to talk to people •Check out Hangouts on Air •Look good on Video (whether for Google+, Skype,YouTube or anything else…) •10 Brands Making the Most of Google+ •Hangouts are more than just video conferencing, you canshare your desktop and collaborate on documents * 15
    19. 19. Social Media 101: Google+ Why you can’t ignore Google+ •Social Networking •Content Marketing •Search Engine Optimization (SEO) * 15
    20. 20. Social Media 101: YouTube •YouTube is the second largest search app behind Google Search •We watch 4 billion hours of YouTube per Month •72 hours are uploaded per minute •YouTube is now investing moneyYouTube is now investing money in creating its own programming, competing with cable programming •YouTube is a Google subsidiary •You can stream your Google+ Hangout live on Google or archive it there for later viewing •Your company website may run out of bandwidth if you update your videos frequently, keep them on YouTube for people to watch later 15 •7 Quirky, Comical YouTube Channels *
    21. 21. Social Media 101: LinkedIn •The world’s largest professional social network. •LinkedIn has 150 million users globally; 60+ million in the U.S. •More than 22% of LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile devices; a year ago, that figure was 8%. ( Mashable) •Most popular industries: Tech, Finance,Launched in May Manufacturing; most popular job functions:2003, LinkedIn’s Entrepreneurship, Sales, Operationsmembership growsby approximately •Slightly more men with 58%, and the bulk oftwo new members membership are in age range of 25-54.every second. •Teens are the fastest growing group, and growing fastest in Latin America, Asia and Africa. MostMore on Wikipedia. users in U.S. while fastest growing country is Indonesia. * 15
    22. 22. Social Media 101: LinkedIn Anatomy of a LinkedIn Profile * 15
    23. 23. Social Media 101: LinkedIn LinkedIn Basics: 1.Write a dynamic headline with a summary on your profile. Use keywords. 2.Use a professional photo that makes you look serious about doing business. 3.Get rid of LinkedIn’s dynamic URL. 4.Make sure to complete your education and experience sections. Again, use keywords. 5.Proofread your profile before saving it. Your profile is a reflection of you, so you want it to look professional. 6.Is your profile public? It should be.*** 7.Ask people you know and with whom you have done business to “recommend” you. (More.) * 15
    24. 24. Social Media 101: LinkedIn To look like a LinkedIn Pro: 1. Completely fill in your profile. 2. Add connections, and send personalized messages when doing so. 3. Join Groups.How does the 4. Answer questions.average executiveuse LinkedIn? 5. Regularly update your statusHe or she logs on 6.Don’t ignore:anywhere from a few 1.Company Pagestimes a week to daily, isa member of at least 2.Jobs Listingsone group, and does notpay for a premium 3.Learning Centeraccount. (More.) * 15