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Project Managment 1st Project Comparing Project


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petrolum hybrid electric engine

Published in: Automotive
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Project Managment 1st Project Comparing Project

  1. 1. Submitted to: Assist. Prof. Pınar ÖZFIRAT Submitted by: Büşra ŞAHİN Yaşar AYCAN İpek GÜZELCE Şevket Berkay ÇETİN Osman Enis YILMAZER
  2. 2.  Introduction  Control List Model  Simple Scoring Model  Analytic Hierarchy Process
  3. 3.  Nowadays different engine types in the world.  Petrolum engine consumes gasoline and produce CO2 fuel volume is low.  Electric Engine Consumes electric energy and the energy is stored in batteries. But battery technology is not good enough for long term use. (Batteries are heavy, not have good performance and expensive)
  4. 4.  Hybrid Engines are combination of petrolum engine and electric engine.
  5. 5.  The two test results are equal.  For the results Petrolum Engine is more preferable second is Hybrid Engine thrid one is Electric Engine.
  6. 6.  Control List Model and Simple Scoring Model result is Petrolum Engine.  For the result nowadays conditions we choose Petrolum Engine the most preferable engine.