Multi-touch Bedside Terminal


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Multi-touch Bedside Terminal

  1. 1. Company Profile Sales Dept. 2010/08
  2. 2. Agenda About Poindus Channel Strategy All-in-One, One for All VariCura :Medical Bedside Computing Platform TM TM
  3. 3. About Poindus Poindus is a solution-based hardware provider of specialty computing platform Establish: 2009 / 06 Members :15 persons (Taiwan), 10 persons (Germany) Product ranges: – All-in-one POS system – Industrial touch Panel PCs – Interactive KIOSK Poindus’ members expertise include POS hardware and industrial computing platform over 20 years. Our expert technical knowledge and experience provides the best solutions in information technology.
  4. 4. Direct Service Poindus Systems Corp. is subsidiary by Poindus Systems GmbH which is located in Frankfurt, Germany, Poindus offers the complete direct service to serve all the European partners. Featured in the convenient European traffic network, Poindus offers the shortened delivery time and its partners can be benefited from the local hub delivery service.
  5. 5. Channel Strategy Decision Selected territory – culture and language difference, openness to business, market size, etc. Limited – channel conflict Expert – experience and knowledge of domestic market Channel network coverage – products and services conveniently available to customers
  6. 6. All-in-One, One for All Hospitality Solution Medical SolutionKIOSK Solution Industrial Solution Multi-Touch Solution Your Solution…. TM
  7. 7. Poindus’ Solutions
  8. 8. Product Main Features
  9. 9. CPU Benchmark
  10. 10. VariCura TM
  11. 11. What is multi-touch? Multi-touch is an enhancement to touchscreen technology, which provides the user with the ability to apply multiple finger gestures simultaneously onto the electronic visual display to send complex commands to the device. The multi-touch is popular in the high-end smartphone application such as iPhone, Notebook or 3D interface. Multi-Touch Demo
  12. 12. Windows 7 supports multi-touch Microsoft wupports multi-touch (MT) function. Multi-touch technology is exciting and opens up new choices for UI interaction. Many recent operating systems support multitouch, including Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Ubuntu (since version 7.10), Apple's iPhone OS, Google's Android, Palm's webOS and Xandros, Neprash Technology's N-Touch Platform.
  13. 13. The Key Elements of Medical Terminals Durability Portability & flexibility Ease of filling by pharmacists Ease of manipulation Security & storage Documentation and protocols Legal and professional responsibility
  14. 14. VariCura Features: TM Intel® Pineview-D D410 / D510 1.66GHz CPU 38.1cm (15”) projected capacitive technology & resistive touch screen Antimicrobial coating for medical application Flexible connection of: VOIP Phone/ finger print / barcode scanner / RFID/ smart card reader…. EN60601-1-1, EN60601-1-2 Certificated IP66 at front panel approved VESA standard for flexible mounting solutions Sustainable alcohol or cresol cleaning
  15. 15. VariCura Accessory TM
  16. 16. VariCura Specification TM
  17. 17. VariCura Specification TM
  18. 18. VariCura Applications Dentist Clinic Hospitals / Medical Center Patient Infotainment Terminal Elderly Care / Home Healthcare TM ,
  19. 19. Why do you need multi-touch? True flat Panel without rim for easy cleaning and Perfect fit into anti-bacteria and hygiene environment Sustainable alcohol or cresol cleaning Hospital Patient Multi-touch function supports interactive software for body rehabilitation Decrease the risk of infectious disease by whole unit Alcohol Sustainable
  20. 20. How does VariCura benefit hospital? Increased customer satisfaction Patient empowerment Competitive/marketing advantage Patient record mandate Diagnostic assistance Streamlined patient care Improved communication Possible revenue streams: access fees, pay-per-view, and premium contents TM
  21. 21. How does VariCura benefit patient? Receive personalized entertainment Have access to news, shows, movies Participate in Social networks facebook, e-mail, chat, Skype, etc. Lookup/education/research Remain productive and on top of things Access to medical information with paperless operation Quick way to get help and assistance Stay close with family via live communication TM
  22. 22. Flexible Mounting Solutions •Clinical installation •Wall Mount •Swing Arm VariCura supports 100 x100mm VESA mounting standard to fit into various space management • Nursing Cart
  23. 23. Thank You Feel free to contact us at