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Bulaqua2011 firstcall en

  1. 1. Bulgarian Water Association FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND ROUND TABLE BULAQUA 2011 WATER SECTOR DEVELOPMENT – CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES First Announcement and Invitation for Abstracts 13-14 April 2011 Inter Expo Center bul. Tzarigradsko Chausse, 147, Sofia, BulgariaBULGARIAN WATER ASSOCIATIONThe Bulgarian Water Association (BWA) is a non-profit organization which was established on 1 December 2005 inSofia, following the merger of the Bulgarian Water Supply and Sewerage Association (BAWK) and BNAWQ(Bulgarian National Association on Water Quality).CO-ORGANISERSBulgarreklama AgencyWasser BerlinUniversity of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), SofiaUnion of Water and Wastewater Operators in BulgariaORGANISING COMMITTEEProf. Roumen Arsov, ChairmanGantcho Tenev, MEngAnnie SargavakianBoycho Boychev, MEngPravda MihaylovaVanya SavovaPROGRAMME COMMITTEEProf. Dr. Eng. Petar Kalinkov, ChairmanDr. Eng. Atanas PaskalevAssoc. Prof. Dr. Borislav VelikovAssoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Dragan DraganovVladimir Stratiev, juristProf. Dr. Eng. Gancho DimitrovAssoc. Prof. Dr. Grigor MihaylovAssoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Irina KostovaProf. Dr. Eng. Stoyan BoychevAssoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Tzocho TzankovCONFERENCE GOALBulgaria joined the European Union on 1 January 2007, which called for a full harmonization with the Europeandirectives and standards. The membership in EU allows more full and effective utilization of the Europeanintellectual and financial potential in the water sector.The big international projects in the water sector which are going to be realized in short time require themobilization of the whole national managerial, expert and contractor’s resource. The challenges which the time and
  2. 2. circumstances pose before the sector open up opportunities for acceleration of its development, implementation ofnew technologies, constructions and materials as well as adequate managerial and financial approaches. Theclimate changes impose the introduction of more rational management of the national water resources-a problemthat stays before all countries in the world. Development of society, and the water sector in particular, depends to agreat extent on the staff training and especially on the young professionals involvement. With regard to this, BWAshares the politics of IWA for the involvement of young professionals in the water sector.ROUND TABLE GOALThe goal of the round table is to consider the water sector issues in Bulgaria and to suggest adequate solutions,using the experience of the more advanced European countries. Some of the main issues in the Bulgarian watersector are, as follows: • Adoption of appropriate acts and regulations, particularly the Water Supply and Wastewater Act as well as the amendment of the Spatial Planning Act and its harmonization with FIDIC; • Water and wastewater infrastructure management; • Construction and putting into operation of great number of water and wastewater treatment plants; • Assimilation of European funds – problems and solutions; • Floods in urban regions – risk assessment and management; • Institutional capacity development and staff training in the water sector.BWA invites all national institutions engaged with management, funding and development of the water sector(parliamentary standing commissions on Environment and Water, Regional Development, MRDPW, MOeW,SREWC, NAMRB, media) to take part in the round table.CONFERENCE TOPICS 1. Water Sector – Legislation and Regulations 2. Water Infrastructure Management, incl. pubic-private partnership 3. Financing and Assimilation of European Funds in the Water Sector 4. Application of Contemporary Construction Technologies, Machinery and Materials in the Water Sector 5. Climate Change and Water Resources 6. River Basins Management 7. Water Operators Training 8. Young Professionals in the Water SectorINVITATION FOR ABSTRACTSAuthors wishing to submit papers should send to the email address of BWA (see below) an abstract in English and/or Bulgarian, up to 400 words (1 page A4), until 17 Dec 2010 at the latest. Abstracts should be presented as MSWord files (Word 2003), typesetting Arial 10 pt for the whole text, left alignment, Normal style.Authors of accepted papers will be notified by 10 January 2011 and will be invited to submit by 17 March 2011 viae-mail the full text of their papers in English or Bulgarian of maximum 10 pages (18 000 chars with spaces).Detailed instructions to authors will be provided in the Second Announcement and on the Internet site of theAssociation. Abstracts will be published in a printed form, while papers will be put on CD.Abstracts should be accompanied by the following information: • Title of paper • Author’s name and affiliation • E-mail address, postal address, telephone and fax numbers • Conference topicLANGUAGESBulgarian and English are the official languages of the conference. Simultaneous translation will be provided.REGISTRATION FEESIndividual participants: • Full fee (individual and corporate members of BWA): 30 € • Full fee (non-members of BWA) 45 € • Reduced fee (students, retired persons: members of BWA): 10 € • Reduced fee (students, retired persons: non-members of BWA): 15 €
  3. 3. Note: The full fee covers: access to all sessions, conference proceedings, coffee, buffet lunches, cocktail. The reduced fee covers: access to all sessions, coffee.Company participation: • Oral presentation in the conference room, up to 20 min. 410 € The fee covers: access to all sessions, conference proceedings, coffee, buffet lunches, cocktail. • Advertisement in the Abstracts brochure, A5 format: 130 €/page • Distribution of advertising materials: 155 € Notes: 1. The above fees for individual participants apply if received by 15 March 2011. After this date the fees will be increased by 20%. 2. Companies-members of BWA have 10% reduction of the fees for company participation.SPONSORSHIP / PARTNERSHIPThose companies interested in sponsorship / partnership may contact the Organising Committee at the address ofBWA below.EXHIBITION “WATER SOFIA 2011”The International Exhibition WATER SOFIA 2011 will take place at the Inter Expo & Congress Center in the period13-15 April 2011. For details and possible sponsorship, please contact Bulgarreklama Agency at the addressbelow.IMPORTANT DEADLINES17 Dec 2010 Abstract submission10 Jan 2011 Confirmation for accepted papers21 Feb 2011 Applications for company presentations28 Feb 2011 Second announcement. Advance Programme15 March 2011 Payment of reg. fees for individual participation without extra charge21 March 2011 Full text presentations submissionDetailed information for the advance programme of the conference, instruction to authors, hotels, and otherpractical information will be communicated in the Second Announcement and will be currently available on theInternet site of BWA. Contact address for BULAQUA 2011 Conference: Bulgarian Water Association bul. Hristo Smirnenski 1 UASG, Building A, room 111 1046 Sofia, Bulgaria Phone/fax: +359 2 963 2669 E-mail: bawk1@uacg.bg; bawk@mail.prosoft.bg; bwa.sofia@gmail.com Internet: www.bwa-bg.com Contact address for Water Sofia 2011 Exhibition: Bulgarreklama Agency bul. Tzarigradsko chausse 147 Sofia 1784, Bulgaria Phone: +359 2 9655 202 Fax: +359 2 9655 231 Email: vsavova@iec.bg Web: www.bulgarreklama.com
  4. 4. General sponsor of BWA Sponsor of BWA