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4-4_4. vm consulting company_presentation

  1. 1. V. Maliokas & Associates LimitedCompany introduction
  2. 2. Company introduction• Private engineering consulting firm.• Established in 1992 in Thessaloniki, Greece.• Design & consultancy services for the environment & the construction of infrastructure projects.• Identification of reliable and qualitative project solutions.
  3. 3. Organization and Philosophy• High quality services in light of environmental protection and sustainability.• Interdisciplinary consideration of project issues.• Clearly defined duties of each member of the project team: 1. Satisfaction of the Clients needs. 2. Smooth and timely implementation of the projects.
  4. 4. Company infrastucture • Central offices in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece • An over expanding National and European network of associates • ISO 14001 and 9001 certification
  5. 5. Fields of expertise • Hydraulic Works Design • Wastewater Management & Treatment • Water Resources Management • Solid Waste Management & Treatment• Protection of Sensitive Ecosystems• Development Policy and Techno- Economic Analysis• Project Management• Innovative Infrastructure Systems
  6. 6. Hydraulic Works DesignV. Maliokas & Associates Ltd has extensive experience in the design of:1.Water Supply2.Sewage and Stormwater networks3.Flood Control – Arrangement of torrents and rivers4.Irrigation and water resources works (dams, reservoirs, etc)5.Roadway Drainage
  7. 7. Wastewater Management & Treatment • Selection and design of Effective Treatment Systems. • Design based on: 1. Environmental and sanitary parameters. 2. Project requirements (cost, land availability, etc). • Waste water Management Plans.
  8. 8. Water Resources Management• Water resources management in light of sustainable development, water protection and drought risk handling.• Project proposals for the design of hydraulic works.
  9. 9. Solid Waste Management & TreatmentExtensive experience in designing:• Sanitary landfills.• Refuse and residuals sorting centers.• Biological-mechanical refuse treatment units.• Restoration of uncontrollable refuse disposal sites.
  10. 10. Protection of Sensitive Ecosystems • Environmental impact assessment for each project designed. • Solutions based on the need for protecting sensitive ecosystems. • Determination of protection zones. • Proposals for mild interventions highlighting protected areas.
  11. 11. Other fields of work• Development Policy and Techno- Economic AnalysisImplemented by multidisciplinary project teams, depending upon the specific needs and requirements of each project.• Project ManagementClient support in the construction phase. • Innovative Infrastructure Systems Investigation of Potential Application of Innovative Infrastructure Systems in light of current technology and sustainability.
  12. 12. Services • Conceptual Design Studies • Master Plans • Feasibility Studies • Environmental Studies and Permits • Studies Highlighting Natural Environment – Protected Areas • Hydraulic Studies • Wastewater Management • Solid Waste Management • Techno-economic Studies
  13. 13. Services • Tender Documents • Health and Safety Plans • Development Studies • Survey studies • Structural design • Roadway design • Technical and Consultancy Support • Project Management • Guidance through EU-funded programmes – proposal preparation
  14. 14. Effective Solutions• Primary problem identification – Conception of idea• Specialized solution proposal• Search for funding – Expert knowledge of European financial tools• Tender documents and support to the contracting authority throughout the process – expert knowledge of all tender systems (public works, concessions, public-private partnerships).
  15. 15. Clients• Prefectures and Regions• Municipalities and Communities• Ministries• Municipal Water and Wastewater Associations• Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)• Various private clients, Technical Firms
  16. 16. Contact information• For more information youcan visit our company website, www.malv.gr• We are always open to collaborations. For more information you can reach us by e-mail malv@tee.gr and of course we would be glad to discuss with you at the end of this event.
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention!