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What's your Goal Mama? Hopelab and Nurse-Family Partnership collaborate to create an app to help increase program impact

  1. What’s Your Goal Mama? A Co-Creation Story to Help Increase Program Impact Fred Dillon, Senior Director, Strategy & Design @FredDillon @hopelab
  2. Hopelab is a social innovation lab focused on designing science-based technologies to improve the health and well-being of teens and young adults. We are a nonprofit funded by the Omidyar family. 2
  3. Nurse-Family Partnership is a national nonprofit organization that pairs a low income first-time mother with a home visiting nurse.
  4. In 2016 Hopelab teamed up with NFP to answer this question: How can we use technology to increase NFP mom engagement and retention?
  5. 55 Through a combination of in home interviews, focus groups, and home visit shadows at several sites around the country we had inspiring conversations with: Gathering Insights 65MOMS 55NURSES + We also gathered insights from: 1,000 moms in an anonymous survey conducted by the NFP National Service Office 1,500 nurses in a web-based survey conducted by the University of Colorado Prevention Research Center 800 nurses through qualitative interviews conducted by the University of Colorado Prevention Research Center
  6. 6 After synthesizing this research data and running the top ideas through feedback cycles with nurses, moms, and leaders, the winning concept emerged: A mobile app and companion nurse dashboard that moms and nurses use together to set, track, and reach moms’ goals The Winning Idea
  7. 7 01 Improve mom retention. PRC research suggests NFP sites that focus on moms’ goals may have higher retention rates. 02 Increase mom self-sufficiency. A focus of goals can help moms achieve better life course outcomes, a key NFP objective. 03 Broadly relevant. Every mom, no matter her circumstances, has things she wants to change and accomplish. Why Goal Setting?
  8. 8 01 Meet moms where they are. The vast majority of NFP moms are already using mobile devices. 02 Tech keeps you on track. We can leverage reminders and communication tools to keep moms and nurses on track with the moms’ goals. 03 Go paperless. Tracking goals and tasks on paper is cumbersome, and papers can get lost in the shuffle. Why an App?
  9. 9 01 Nurses are key. In a sea of parenting and pregnancy tech, moms said nurses make all the difference. 02 Serve up useful information. Access info on moms’ goals to keep them moving towards the things that matter most to them. 03 Lighten the load. Additional features like mom visit reminders, visit topics lists, and digital articles can potentially help reduce work. Why a Nurse Dashboard?
  10. HopeLab — Confidential 10
  11. Ayogo is an award-winning software development company that creates HIPAA compliant custom applications to improve patient engagement and empowerment and help clinicians better meet the needs of their patients. You can learn more at 11 Building the App and Nurse Dashboard
  12. 12 Key Features for Moms: Goal Mama helps moms to: ● Set and track their most important goals and share them with their nurse ● Build better habits with daily nudges ● Explore informational articles about pregnancy and early motherhood ● Keep track of tasks with a to-do list and reminders ● Connect with other NFP moms through the in-app community
  13. 13 Key Features for Nurses: Nurses can use the Goal Mama Nurse Dashboard to: ● View mom’s goals and track how their confidence and prioritization of each goal shifts over time ● Send encouraging “shout outs” to cheer on moms ● See the topics that are top of mind for each mom, to make the most of each visit ● See which clients have downloaded the app and view their recent activity
  14. Testing the waters 1 SITE 40 MOMS APP CONTROL Starting late 2017, we ran a small usability study with NFP Contra Costa in California. Our findings helped us improve the app, training, and study design.
  15. Early Usability Learnings • Nurse involvement is key • Nurse supervisors have their own role to play • Wide range of tech savviness among moms and nurses • Reminders make the world go round • Hard to predict which moms will take to the app • Goal setting is top used feature, along with mom community, and visit topics 15
  16. Amplifying the signal For the rest of 2018, we’ll be conducting a full scale pilot with 5 NFP sites across the country to test the apps efficacy and use. Half of the moms enrolled at each site will be randomized to receive the Goal Mama App and half will not. 5 SITES 250 MOMS APP CONTROL
  17. Pilot Study Design • Six-month randomized control trial • Launching June 2018 • 5 NFP sites across the country • 250 moms to be enrolled • Assess efficacy • Explore factors affecting implementation & adoption
  18. 18 5 sites Recruit ~250 Moms ~37 Nurse Home Visitors Study Sites
  19. 19 What are we trying to learn by conducting studies on the Goal Mama App? 01 Are moms and nurses using the app? 02 Is it helping moms achieve their goals? 03 Is it improving moms’ experience with the program? 04 Is it helping retain moms in the program?
  20. 20 How will we answer our research questions? FOUR SURVEYS conducted over the course of 12 weeks to look at: • Goal setting and achievement • Goal specific self efficacy and generalized mastery • Satisfaction with NFP and nurse-client relationship NFP DATABASE queries to look at: • Visit attendance • Engagement during visit APP USAGE to look at: • Frequency and duration of logins • Frequency of specific feature use
  21. What’s next? ● Conduct Study and Analyze Data ● Share Learnings with NFP and Ayogo ● Optimize / Improve Product and Nurse Training ● Develop Roll-out Plan
  22. Q & A
  23. Thank you. @FredDillon @hopelab