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The Future Of Wearable Tech


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Pam Lourenco, Shopper and Social Expert at Y&R's Labstore South Africa, investigated the trends that wearable tech will bring in the near future, as well as how this will influence marketing strategies.

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The Future Of Wearable Tech

  1. 1. Labstore creating experiences to The Future Of Wearable Tech -By Pam Lourenco, Content And Social, Y&R’s Labstore South Africa
  2. 2. What’s Here Wearable tech currently Innovations in wearables Predictions for wearables Influence on future marketing strategies
  3. 3. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 3 TECH TRENDS Wearable tech is seen as both fashionable and functional Trend on health and fitness are amplifying wearable tech sales The ability to integrate other services into wearable tech is also a great option i.e. Nike Polar Consumers are researching about wearable tech through reviews and articles Credit:
  4. 4. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 4 CURRENT CAPABILITIES • Tells time • Tracks steps • Monitors heart rate • GPS capabilities • Measures elevation • Links to phone (call screening and answering calls) • Measures hydration levels • Measures pulse • Tracks time being active
  5. 5. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 5 FUTURE TRENDS & CAPABILITIES Convenience: Smart watches will become smarter than ever – linking to our bank accounts and banking apps, allowing us to basically have our wallets on our wrists and minimising the need to carry purses or physical wallets.
  6. 6. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 6 FUTURE TRENDS & CAPABILITIES Safety: Smart watches will help you feel safer and more secure. Updated GPS settings will enable one to be located in a few minutes and a heartrate monitor will be able to detect whether you are in distress. If distress is detected or signaled from your device, this will automatically send a distress call to local law enforcement and your local security company for assistance.
  7. 7. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 7 FUTURE TRENDS & CAPABILITIES Increased Health Capabilities: Smart watches will also be able to detect real health emergencies or symptoms of health problems. If your heart rate speeds up and you are short of breath (within un-reasonable parameters) your device will pick up that you may be having a heart attack and contact emergency services for assistance. The devices will also be able to detect fevers, colds and flu or minor viruses and alert you to see a healthcare professional.
  8. 8. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 8 FUTURE TRENDS & CAPABILITIES Entertainment: Smart watches will be able to stream music, link to social networks, check into locations via GPS and download QR content or augmented reality content from retailers and other businesses and companies.
  9. 9. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 9 FUTURE TRENDS & CAPABILITIES Functionality: Having your mobile device with you will be a thing of the past, as your wearable tech device will be able to make, answer and forward calls as well as have dictation capabilities for messaging purposes. You will be able to access your diary, make appointments or change events all on your wrist.
  10. 10. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 10 WEARABLE TECH AND MARKETING Influence on future marketing strategies: Content will need to be even more ‘glanceable’ – messages will have to come across in less than two seconds. Upping the ante with location-based marketing – will need to tap into location and emotion. Integration – not only across marketing platforms, but across multiple interconnected, smart devices. Window for opportunity will be wide open – brands will be able to create memorable experiences for consumers like never before.
  11. 11. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 11 WEARABLE TECH AND MARKETING (cont) Apple Watch predictions by David Sable, CEO of Y&R Advertising: Apple watch will change the category in our lives just like the iPhone did Google’s deal with Tag Heuer for ‘Swiss’ smartwatch signals the first shifts to integration of emotion and technology Android will no doubt pass them by eventually
  12. 12. Milad Creative - Business Presentation 12 SOURCES • • • • • • • • •
  13. 13. THANK YOU Content by Pam Lourenco, Content And Social, Y&R’s Labstore South Africa For any comments, please contact Pam at