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(Youth Research Partners)Asian lower tier youth: Youth market trends from India & Indonesia


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(Youth Research Partners)Asian lower tier youth: Youth market trends from India & Indonesia

  1. 1. Asian Lower Tier Youth Photo by Balster_the_rocketman through Flickr Youth Market Trends Report From India & Indonesia YRP Asia Trends Report Series
  2. 2. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) Lower tier youth or commonly called rural youth, is the most collective youth that one could encounter. They’re commuter living in sub-urbs, and a large part of the ‘perantau’/migrater in big cities such as Jakarta. Mostly have only 6 years of basic education. They’re the day dreamer segment who strongly believe that their economic faith will change if they go places. A lifetime pursuit of becoming a ‘ Dadi Wong’/’A significant person’ Indonesian Lower Tier Youth
  3. 3. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) A New Version of “Total Request Live” for The Rural Youth While urban youth already embraced ‘The New Media’, their rural neighbours just started to love ‘reality TV’, ‘music video’, and live Music show with TRL format. ‘ To see and be seen’, they are likely to skip school day just to be featured on one of those show. ‘ Rock melayu’ with mostly melancholic lyrics became the mainstream of music Industry. Music album is rarely found today, only singles that could be downloaded as ‘RBT’/’Ring back tone. Those RBT represent an important self expression statement to rural youth.
  4. 4. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) Transportation and telecommunication tools are seen as status symbol for the rural youth. That’s why, a ‘foot in the door’ strategy is the most popular marketing approach used for selling cellphone and motorcycle to this peculiar segment. With only 60 USD as down payment, one could take a new ride home. The ‘credit payment’ mindset is common among rural youth and families. This mode of payment facilitate most youth ‘impulsive’ decision to buy “luxurious” product, which initially was influenced by social pressure. High Psychological Pressure to Conform With Social Surrounding
  5. 5. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) ‘ Alay’ is an abreviation of ‘Anak Layangan’, which means ‘Kite boys’. A terminology labeled to rural youth who is trying too hard to be seen as ‘Gaul’/ ‘Cool’. The ‘ Kite boys’ thing came up, as more rural youth have their hair colored. Which look like a boy who plays to much kite on midday. ‘Alay’ have a unique fashion style, a blend between Emo, Punk, K-Pop, and Brit-Pop. They’ve also their own language code. Try it below. Source: benny & mice Alay text generator: Alay ‘ Alay’ a Social Stigma for Lower Tier Youth
  6. 6. Self-Attribution of Success and Failure Copyright of youth laboratory indonesia Self Attribution of Success and Failure Matrix Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) “ waiting for something to happen” is paradigm embedded in most lower tier youth. This is due to their educational culture prominent at school and at home where it deprioritize the sake of character and self esteem building. We could found many cases where youth are trapped in a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ of failure . Their dream are shape based on ‘reality’ shown on TV, while the strategy and motivation to achieve it is at minimum point. Outcome Success Failure Self Attribution Lower Tier Youth Faith Luck/random chance Gratitude Repression of emotion “ Let it be” Acceptance Urban Youth Competence/Skills Hard Work ‘ Law of causality’ Shame Incompetence Stress
  7. 7. 20 years old Hometown: Kebumen The most terrifying thing about the future: Doing bad deeds, something against religious teaching His most wild dream: Be a Kindergarten teacher in Kebumen Favorite band: Ungu, The Virgin, RBT: None Favorite brand: Yamaha Motor What excites him the most: Watching TV with friends (OVJ/Opera Van Java) Handset used: Twin Sim (Chinese Brand) Operator card: Simpati Telkomsel Social media mostly used: Facebook for chatting with friends Hang out place: Salemba, in front of the campus Event recently attended: Hip Hip Hura In Bekasi featuring Pingkan Mambo & She Band Lower Tier Youth Profile Achmad Zainun Muchtam Insights: Lower tier youth have a more positive expectation regarding the future than urban youth.
  8. 8. ‘ Social Currency’ to an Indonesian rural youth means that “I’m part of the crowd” Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) ‘ Mangan ora mangan asal ngumpul’ is a javanese idiom for collectivity. It literally means ‘ having the luxury of food, or not, we should not forget to have a good time together’. It’s the principle that most rural youth hold forever. For marketing context, this means that marketing should facilitate social encounter between rural youth tribes.
  9. 9. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) “ No room for Individualism among rural social environment” Photo: ‘Panjat Pinang’ (pole climbing) traditional competition mostly held in rural area to comamorate Indonesia’s Independence day.
  10. 10. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) Dream of Working Behind a Desk The dream of working behind a desk is an achievable reality for many rural youths nowadays. Many institution have now the privilege of giving academic experiences for rural youth with a reachable deal. This new trends will impact job purchase competition for the middle class in domain such as Information technology, advertizing, administration, and communication. New market for low end laptop will emerge. Entrepreneurship will start to grow among rural youth and probably become a major trend 6 years from now.
  11. 11. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) ‘ Warnet’ or ‘Warung internet’ (internet shop) is still the main touch point for rural youth to access the world wide web. This particular ‘shop’ could be found In many rural area, usually spotted near school, traditional market, and residents. A trend shift toward mobile probably will happen in the next 3 years due to the massive invasion of cheap smartphone from China. Photo:’Warnet’ an abbreviation of ‘Warung Internet’ (Internet shop)
  12. 12. Muhammad Faisal Executive Director Youthlab Indo (Indonesia) Spontaneous and naïve way of using social media as performing stage. Many rural youth have the basic knowledge to be ‘connected’ but lack of wisdom to interact in it. Case study of Briptu Norman, a police officer in Gorontalo who uploaded his dancing performance covering a Bollywood song, regardless the consequences that might follow. His was so close to be put out of job, until his video was featured on an infotainment show. Briptu Norman now became nationally popular, treated as ‘pop’ sensation, guest in so many talkshow. His path will surely be followed by many rural youth. A Spontaneous and Naïve Way of Using Social Media
  13. 13. The lower tier/ indigenous youth in India are the segment of youth who’s rooted to India’s traditional socio psychology, family values, social norms and mostly lives in SEC2 or SEC3 cities. As per my socio psychological segmentation, I call them as “Bharatiyas*”. With about 70% of India's population, i.e. approximately 700 million people, 'Rural India' can well be termed as the 'Real India'. Kustav Sengupta Research Head of INgene India Lower tier/Indigenous Youth in India
  14. 14. * The Socio Psychological Pyramid in India
  15. 15. psychographic (characters, traits, behavior, habits) of the lower tier youths in India Homogeneous (in one social cluster), family focused, education oriented and aspiring, 80’s bollywood inspired, icon worshippers, addicted to media promoted 'Pavlov' conditioning of “Capsule luxury”!
  16. 17. Capsule luxury “ Luxury in small packs, a media promoted Pavlov conditioning” *copyright To Kaustav S.G. 2010
  17. 18. Icons and worshipping Million gods and many epics…God has families… They “grows” just like a human being…They “eats”…”sleeps”… Pouring milk Worshipping dummy world cup!
  18. 19. Aspire a life is like 80’s Bollywood flicks Girl- Gold-Glitter- Glamour- Globe! Interestingly, study has found that more youth in rural areas indulge in pre-marital sex than their urban counterparts, thanks largely to the fact that they face none of the space and privacy problems young couples in cities are constantly grappling with. Kustav Sengupta Research Head of INgene India
  19. 20. According to a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the user base of Internet in rural India is about to rise by a whopping 98%, from 24 million in 2011 as compared to 12.1 million in 2010. It also predicts a growth of 96% in the number of claimed internet users i.e., from 15.2 million to 29.9 million. Social currency' for the lower tier youths be the most “internet savvy” youth in village/ town! Kustav Sengupta Research Head of INgene India
  20. 21. The usage of internet is turning towards SNS faster from earlier trends of music/ video
  21. 22. To have an “active” / “interactive” profile in Facebook/ Orkut with most of the friends from “other half of the better/ developed world” Source: Facebook
  22. 23. The photos in SNS Profile are mostly downloaded! Downloaded photo in DP Source: Facebook
  23. 24. Photo by Vansh Bahadur Nagvanshi through Facebook Myth about lower tier youths that most brand managers often got it wrong “ they will buy everything/ anything cheap!” Kustav Sengupta Research Head of INgene India
  24. 25. “ One reason Tata Nano has not taken off is because it was seen as a cheap car . That's a symbol enough to say that even that mass segment of buyers is seeking a premium, in the sense that they are seeking an upgrade, and not value for money. Value has to fall into place but it is one of the drivers, not the only driver.Brands, in the rural space, need to add a bit of imagery to themselves.Those consumers are reaching out to brands that are giving them that sense of premium. We see that across the spectrum, from shampoos and deodorants to mobile handsets. Rural India is seeking a sense of moving up in life, a sense of pride.” - Dheeraj Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer, Bates 141 (writer of the book ‘Consumer India: Inside the Indian Mind and Wallet' Source: The lower tire youth will look for a piece of “premium” at an affordable price and the products must not appear “cheap”! The downfall of the BIG dream of selling Tata Nano (the cheapest car) in rural India ! Read more at:
  25. 26. The best strategy in creating a marketing engagement with the lower tier youths Be involved in their aspiration and help them to realize it ! (to bring “fame” in their Social cluster) Kustav Sengupta Research Head of INgene India Photo by Ravi Jain through Facebook
  26. 27. #Contributors Profile YRP Asia Trends Report Series
  27. 28. <ul><li>Member of Youth Research Partner (YRP) </li></ul><ul><li>Insight curator at PYMCA -Youth Club </li></ul><ul><li>Trend Consultant at Cscout-Japan </li></ul><ul><li>Trend Consultant at Consumerfaces-Singapore </li></ul><ul><li>Trend Consultant at Nike-India </li></ul><ul><li>Trend Consultant for BBC </li></ul>Ingene Research Collaborations YRP Asia Trends Report Series
  28. 29. #Contributors Profile YRP Asia Trends Report Series Muhammad Faisal is the Founder of Youthlab, he’s now engange in his doctorate study at the faculty of psychology of the University of Indonesia.  He was the initiator of the first TV program on presidential candidate psychological profile analysis called “Sosok pemimpin” in Metro TV. In the 2009 general election he analyzed and researched the political attitudes of  young people (17-30 years old) by means of focus group discussion in nine Indonesian cities. He was surprised that the data gained from conventional way was artificial and robust.  He then open a new firm called YOUTH LABORATORY INDONESIA focusing on youth research and develop new way of inquiring insight from the youth segment.   Youthlab then become the first factory and repository of youth insight in Indonesia, compromised of multi-talented youths of various background, the research and consulting company helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet precious market segment.Through etnographic research, online tracking, creative focus group discussion, and other means, Youthlab help brands & organizations create a dialogue with the youths of Indonesia in the most efficient manner. Muhammad Faisal Founder & Executive Director of Youth Laboratory Indonesia Email: Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  29. 30. For a free download request of this presentation jgjkgjkgjkg Follow us on twitter : @YRPartners @YRPasia Slideshare: YRPasia YRPasiaTrendsReport Activate the network! Asian Region Chairman contact: Faisal +8158195354 [email_address] or