Mobile Optimization Trends Among Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses


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Smartphone penetration is around 50% of the population, but fewer than 5% of small businesses have websites optimized for those potential customers. Join Asif Kahn, of the Location Based Marketing Association, and David Williams, Vice President of Demand Generation at YP for a discussion that intends to helps providers understand the state of the SMB customer base in terms of awareness of the issue, budgets, and what they need to provide to satisfy their own customer base.Mobile Optimization Trends Among Small- to- Medium- Sized Businesses

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  • David Williams, VP Marketing David leads marketing efforts at YP developing programs that provide SMBs meaningful advice and offers for local advertising. Previously, he led YP’s consumer properties including and YP mobile growing them to #33 on Comscore’s U.S. web ranking and 20MM+ monthly mobile users. Prior to joining YP, he held product leadership roles with mobile marketing startup Mozes (now ePrize), was an original Treo smartphone team member at Palm, and got his start in technology at Apple. Prior to that he served as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy. He holds a BS in aerospace engineering from Boston University and an MBA from Stanford.
  • Mobile Optimization Trends Among Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses

    1. 1. Mobile Optimization Trends AmongSmall- to Medium-Sized BusinessesTuesday, May 21, 201310 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ETAsif Khan, President, Location Based Marketing AssociationDavid Williams, VP Marketing, Demand Generation, YPWebinar
    2. 2. Page 2About YP• $1B in digital & mobile revenue• California-based tech organization• Developer of℠ site and Ypmobile®• Network of 300+ online and mobilepublishers• $2B in print revenue• Relationships with SMBs• Nationwide sales force• Go-to-market systems andprocesses$3B in multi-media revenue#21 on Ad Age’s U.S. Media ListTop 50 digital global media companyMobile / Digital platform focus3K+ local media consultants600,000 advertisersRevenue and advertiser metrics are based on internal data®
    3. 3. The Location Based Marketing Association is an international, not-for-profit group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborativeinnovationat the intersection of people, places and media.We live at the intersection of:PEOPLE, PLACES & MEDIAFormed in 2010, 650+ members with chapters in:Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, AtlantaSeattle, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, SingaporePage 3
    4. 4. Why Mobile/Location Matters • 58% of smartphone owners use a location-based orgeo-social service, we expect that number to be 73%by 2014 (The LBMA 2012)• 70 million mobile coupons worth $2.4 billion to beredeemed in 2013 (Yankee Group)• 4 in 10 individuals use local search once a day, with2/3 using it 3 to 4 times a week (immr 2012)• Global market revenue for mobile location-basedservices and location-enabled mobile apps shouldreach more than $10.3 billion by 2015.Page 4
    5. 5.  • The #1 access method for local information isthe mobile browser with 20.7 million users permonth.• 50% of connections to the internet are frommobile phones.Why Mobile MattersPage 5
    6. 6.  Your customers are looking for you, but canthey find you?Why Mobile MattersPage 6
    7. 7. State of SMB Presence on Mobile • 12% of SMBs in North America have run location-based offer campaigns (The LBMA 2012)• 66% of SMB owners say they are currently usingeither mobile devices, mobile solutions, optimizedwebsites or text-message marketing to market theirbusiness. (Fox Business 2013)• 97% of SMB business owners said they or theiremployees are using social media channels, includingYouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,to market their businesses. (Fox Business 2013)Page 7
    8. 8. How to Think About Mobile Marketing • Keep focused on your target audience• Give customers an easy way to get in touch• Smartphone users aren’t necessarily on the go• Don’t get distracted by mobile• Go where your potential customers are** “Why Mobile Shouldn’t Scare Small Business Marketers,” DMNews, April 26, 2013Page 8
    9. 9.  Local search IS the game changer forbusinesses that want to marketlocallyLocal Search MattersPage 9
    10. 10. Page 10Local Insights HighlightsMobile searches continue to rapidly grow across the YP℠ Local AdNetwork. In Q4 2012, 34% of all searches were made on a mobiledevice. Mobile penetration is even greater within YP properties, ℠ site and YP apps, where 40% of searches are mobile.YP internal data, Q4 2012 vs. Q3 2012 and Q4 2011. Numbers are averages across entire category and do not reflectindividual performance. Past performance cannot be used to predict future performance.
    11. 11. Get Started  1. Get Listed on Directories and Search Engines2. Build a Mobile Site3. Promote yourself!* “Why Mobile Shouldn’t Scare Small Business Marketers,” DMNews, April 26, 2013Page 11
    12. 12. Get Started Source: “Local Search: Managing Listings Across Multiple Platforms,” IAB, April 2013Page 12
    13. 13.  It’s FreePage 13
    14. 14.  Bills itself as: 50% friend-finder,30% social guide, 20% nightlife game• Check-in functionality• Earn points• Get badges• Social City Guide• Friend FinderFoursquarePage 14
    15. 15.  Facebook PlacesPage 15
    16. 16.  Location Creates TrafficPage 16
    17. 17. Page 17• Your customers: Email and Text Campaigns• Growing % of emails are opened on a smartphone –take advantage of this!• New Leads: Premium ads on directories &search engines• Being found is not enough – buy up to beat thecompetition!Promote Yourself!
    18. 18.  Future Thoughts• Mobile search – beyond the click• Indoor presence detection• Geo-targeted SMS• Layered location mediaPage 18
    19. 19. Page 19