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YPEF-Dubit Business Link Enterprise-Potential Research


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Business Link Yorkshire engaged Dubit to carry out research into the attitudes and perceptions of 14-25 year olds across Yorkshire & Humber with a view to helping target key groupings and strengthen service delivery. The survey captures the enterprising potential of the region's young people.

Key findings from the research are:

1. Young people who have had enterprise education have a higher enterprise potential.
2. Enterprise potential of young people still to be fully realised - 6 out of 10 have business ideas they'd like to explore but only 3 out of 10 have ever looked for information or support.
3. We can identify young people's enterprise potential on a scale (EPS 1 - EPS 4) and provide appropriate support depending on their personality traits, attitudes to risk, skillsets and confidence.
4. Young people see setting up a business as being far riskier, more complicated and involving higher amounts of investment than being self-employed.
5. Young people see the top 3 barriers to starting up a business as:
1. hard to find money (74%),
2. don't know how to start (68%)
3. too risky/prefer safe job (51%)
6. What young people would like is: online resources aimed at young people; entrepreneur mentors and social networking.

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