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Policy handbook


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Policy handbook

  1. 1. Policies, Page 1 POLICY HANDBOOKFirst of all, I would like to welcome you to Alif-Ba-Ta Learning Center. I am glad to have you as part of my childcare family. In the following pages, youwill discover my philosophy and goals, operating procedures, and policies concerning the care of your child/children. If you have any questions orsuggestions, please feel free to contact me about them.Enrollment Requirements:Before enrolling your child in Alif-Ba-Ta Learning Center there are several things you must do:1. Engage in a personal or telephone interview prior to the first day of care.2. Read through and become familiar with this Policy Handbook. You will be required to sign a contract that indicates you have read, understand,and agree to ALL the Policies as outlined.3. All required supplies must be brought within 2 weeks of your child’s first day. If you do not bring the required supplies, I will purchase themfor you and you will be responsible for reimbursing me the full cost.4. All appropriate forms must be filled out, signed, initialed and on file PRIOR to admission. All necessary forms/consents will be given to you inyour admission package.  Contract signed by both parent/guardians o Napping Permission  Child Admission Record o Sunscreen  General Health Appraisal Form o Transportation and Field Trip Permission  Immunizations Record or Colorado Immunization o Diaper Rash Prevention Card o Media Use Permission  NOTARIZED Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization o Activity permission  Permission Forms for the following: o Potty Training, o Neighborhood Walks o Introducing New Foods to Infants o Photo permission  School TransportationMy hours of operation are individualized for each child and listed in your contract. I will be open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Myhome is licensed for up to 6 full-time children and 2 part-time children ages newborn to 12 years old, including my own children. I believe in taking a professional approach in what I can offer the children. I will provide a licensed childcare home in compliance with the Colorado Child Care Regulations. I work to keep abreast of current information on childcare and early childhood education. I am active in continuing my education through various courses, conferences and in-services through various state and national child care organizations. This handbook has been prepared for you (the parent or guardian). Please take the time to read this handbook thoroughly, as every parent is expected to be aware of this information.Parent Handbook, Revised 4/27/12
  2. 2. PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS My philosophy is to provide a loving, happy, educational and secure environment for children. I strive to enrich each child with a love of learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of creativity. I also strive to promote mutual respect between the parent, the child, and myself. To accomplish these goals, I will work: 1. To provide a nurturing atmosphere to promote a childs creativity and positive self-image. 2. To provide the children with many different educational activities and play centers to explore and participate in. I provide developmentally appropriate programs for the children to experience and enjoy. These programs are either developed by myself or purchased through a preschool program. I incorporate walks, art, and stories into my programs. 3. To provide positive methods of discipline to reinforce the strengths of the children and to help develop a respect for others. I try to develop age- appropriate limits to help the children gain a sense of independence and responsibility. 4. To be available to parents for the purpose of daily communication. My doors are always open to the parents. TRIAL PERIOD Your childs adjustment is important to the both of us. There will be a 2 week trial period before a commitment is made by either the parents or myself. It is appreciated that a child does not always adjust easily to a new situation. This will give the child, myself and the other children in my home an opportunity to discover one another. In this manner, we can determine if there is a working relationship for all involved. Both parties agree to give 2 weeks to see if the child(ren) can bond with other children and the provider. After 2 weeks if either the childcare provider or the parent does not feel the child is adjusting, both have the right to leave without further notice. Childcare services will be available until the parent can obtain another childcare provider. RATES AND FEES The cost of childcare will vary from child to child. Your monthly rates will be based on the hours and days your child attends. A minimum rate is charged to hold your opening in my home. This rate is subject to change as deemed necessary. The following are the enrollment fees that are charged upon enrolling your child. If the child/ren have taken time away from childcare temporarily for reasons listed, but not limited to: Maternity leave, Extended Illness or Vacations, you will be subject to 1/3rd of your tuition rate each month to hold the position for your child. No position is guaranteed to a parent until an enrollment fee has been received. No positions will be held for longer than 5 business days with the enrollment fee. Starting with the 6th business day forward, you are subject to the 1/3 of your monthly payment until your child begins. ENROLLMENT/HOLDING POSITION FEES A fee equivalent to the amount of 5 business days (1week) of childcare (applicable to the age of your child) is due at the time of enrollment. All enrollment forms must be received with the enrollment fee (exception to be made for health evaluation and immunization forms). Once an enrollment fee/holding fee and enrollment forms are received, the child can start whenever it is convenient for the parent. If after one week the child has still not started childcare, the holding fee must continue to be paid each successive week thereafter in order to continue to hold the child’s spot. That fee is the equivalent of 1/3rd of the tuition rate as stated above**THE ENROLLEMT/HOLDING FEES are NON-REFUNDABLE** whether or not your child starts childcare at Alif-Ba-Ta Learning Center. In addition to the enrollment fee, the parent shall complete and return all forms with payment for two weeks or 1month of care upfront. It will be decided between the provider and parent how much will be paid in advance. In some circumstances the provider may allow the enrollment/holding fee to be applied towards the first week of childcare. CHILDCARE FEES All services are PREPAID and will be made on the 1st of the month (if paying monthly) and the 1st and the 15th of the month (if paying bi-monthly), prior to the month/weeks of care. No post-dated checks will be accepted. There will be a $10.00 charge for each day the payment is late, including times when a back-up provider is used. Checks returned for insufficient funds, closed accounts, or similar reasons will be rectified immediately by a cash payment plus an additional $20.00 service fee. From that point on all payments must be made in CASH. There will be an overtime charge for all children dropped off before their scheduled time or picked up after their scheduled time. My intent is not to increase my income, but to have my opening-closing times respected so I may follow through with family plans and commitments. Overtime is charged at a rate of $4.00/hr for pre-arranged over-time and $5.00 per 15-minute increment or portion thereof starting with the first minute in cases where overtime is not pre-arranged. The same rate applies for early drop-off whether pre-arranged or not. This is payable at time you pick up your child. The provider has the right to waive the overtime charges as deemed necessary. If your payment is late, you may be asked to withdraw your child from the Childcare Home. DROP-IN CARE: Drop-In care is on a provisional basis. This means that there is no guarantee that I will watch your child. At any time that my spaces are at capacity due to licensing regulations, I will not be able to provide drop-in care. I will only provide drop-in care if I have space available thatParent Handbook, Revised 06/11/10
  3. 3. day. You will have three options available to you for drop-in care. The first option is my standard daily rate for families that will only need drop-in care, once or twice in a week, not on a regular basis. To receive the standard drop-in care, you must call at least one hour prior to dropping off your child. If I have space available for that day, you will be expected to have your payment ready and it must be received at the time that you drop your child off for care. See fee schedule for rates. Drop-In Packages There will also be two different drop-in packages available to families that may need drop-in care for more of an extended period of time, meaning 1-2 weeks at a time. These packages will only be available I am not at capacity on the license. Monthly contracted care will always take precedence over drop-in care. If you purchase a drop-in package and I need to fill that position will a monthly contracting client, you will be given a 1 weeks notice. If any funds are due back to you, it will be issued within 24hrs of termination of the drop-in package agreement. See fee schedule for details. Please ask for further details regarding my drop-in packages. The rate you pay is based on the hours you have contracted for childcare only. Additional time can only be arranged providing an additional fee or late fee is paid and depending on space availability. I will not watch your child for extended time if it causes me to operate over my license capacity. Contracted hours will be respected. If your child purposely damages any childcare property, such as toys, books, or equipment, you will be expected to replace that item or pay for the replacement or repair. A higher rate is in effect while your child is being potty trained. Potty training periods will be discussed and approved by both the parents and the provider at a prior conference. Children must exhibit all signs that they are ready for potty training prior to commencement. This rate will be in effect from the first day your child wears training pants until he/she can use the potty unassisted for at least one full week. ARRIVAL/DEPARTURES Absences: If your child will not be attending childcare for the day, I expect a phone call by 6:00 a.m. that morning. Parents must notify me if your child will be arriving or leaving at a different time than normal. This will ensure that we do not miss each other. Failure to notify the Childcare Home can result in immediate termination. Parent Drop Off: Parents must drop their child off only during their contracted hours as to not disturb the childrens’ routine. I request that parents keep their good-byes to a minimum. If your child does not cry, please dont continue the good-byes until he or she does. I expect a phone call at least 30 minutes in advance if it is necessary for you to drop off at a time other than what is contracted. You will be charged overtime if you bring your child before your contracted hours or pick them up after your contracted hours without pre-authorization. Failure to call can result in immediate termination. Parent Pick Up: If an emergency makes it impossible to pick up your child at your usual pick up time, I need a phone call. You will still be charged overtime. I will expect a phone call if it is necessary for you to be late picking up. I feel that parents should spend as much quality time as possible with their children. It minimizes social, emotional and behavioral issues. Authorized Adults for Pick Up: Children will be released only to their parents or to an adult who is authorized by both parents. Siblings under 18 years of age cannot pick up the child. The parent must submit written authorization for any person to collect the child. Signed faxes or email from a known email address is acceptable. All people authorized and unknown to me will be required to show ID when they come to collect the child. I ask that you bring any authorized people to meet me before they call to get the child. Unauthorized Persons for Pick Up: The provider will notify the party that they are not an authorized party to pick up the child. The provider will ask the party to leave and will call the police if necessary. Transitions at Drop Off & Pick Up Times: It is normal for your child to cry on arrival, especially for the first few weeks. Please make your goodbye brief and tell your child exactly when you will be returning. The crying usually stops within seconds of your departure. You are welcome to listen outside the door. Never leave without telling your child goodbye. Please be in control of your child during drop off and pick up times. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (parent and provider) and this situation will be tested at one time or another to see if the rules still apply. I will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are being displayed. Children of all ages adjust to transitions from one activity to another differently. Most do not like to be too rushed and most do not like to wait too long once they are ready to depart. Court Orders: If there is a court order keeping one parent or guardian away from the child, I must have a legal copy of the order from the court presented by the custodial parent or guardian in my file to that effect. By law, without official court orders, I cannot prevent the non- custodial parent from picking up the child. VACATIONS/HOLIDAYS/CLOSURES You are allowed one free week of care per year to use as you chose, whether it is for vacation or other time. You must have been enrolled with me for a minimum of 9 months and have paid your tuition on time every month to qualify for the free week. Parents are required to give a written 2 week notice before any vacation is taken. This assists in daycare/activity planning and avoids over expenditures of food and supplies. Tuition is still due while the parent(s) is/are on vacation, unless you are eligible for and chose to use your free week of care. If parents are in town, the child may still attend their contracted schedule if the parents wish to sustain the child(s) daily routine. The free week may only be used when the child is not in care at Alif-Ba-Ta Learning Center. If a parent or the provider chooses to terminate the contract, and the parent is eligible for a free week, that free week will be forfeited and no reimbursement will be given under any circumstance. I considerParent Handbook, Revised 06/11/10
  4. 4. the free week to be a privilege and not an obligation. The provider will take one week (5 days) of paid vacation each year. During the provider’s vacation, the parent may opt to use another licensed childcare provider. It is the parent’s responsibility to choose an alternate provider. If the parent chooses to use another childcare provider, it is the parent’s responsibility to pay for alternative care as well as the regular weekly fee to Alif-Ba-Ta Learning Center. You may opt to use your free week of care during this time, if you are eligible. Due to my religious beliefs, I do not celebrate any of the American cultural or other religious holidays. Therefore, I will remain open on those days. For those families that do not bring your child, on your holiday, you will not be charged for the holiday only (not for days before or after). I do celebrate two holidays observed as a part of my religion. The following are observed holidays at Alif-Ba-Ta Learning center and are the only days that I will close. *Eid Al-Fitr *Eid Al-Adha (Four days in length) Because I only close on the holidays of my religious beliefs and the dates change every year, I will have to inform the parents of the exact day, as it draws near. Please understand that I may not be able to give more than a days notice, but will try to give an anticipated date at least a week prior to the date the holiday will fall on. In addition to these holidays, if either parent has additional holidays, the child will not be expected in attendance on those days. PERSONAL DAYS : Due to the fact that providing childcare for your child, means that I am working from 7 am to 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday, it becomes very difficult for me to handle personal business, such as well care visits for my self or children, and more, due to the fact that most doctor’s offices, etc are closed by the time I get off. Well care checks are a requirement for my license renewal every year, and therefore, I will take three PAID personal days, during the year, to handle this type of business, and will close on those days. EXTREME WEATHER CLOSURES: In case of extreme weather conditions, if the Aurora Public School District is closed, this child care home will also be closed. No tuition reimbursement will occur. ABSENCES/SICK DAYS I will be fully compensated for any day your child is not in my home due to illness. If I become ill and unable to care for your child, I will notify you as soon as possible and inform you of arranged backup care or to have you pick up your child. I do this to ensure the health and well being of not only myself, but the children in my care. If I am not well, I do not want to put the children at risk of catching my illness and I am sure the families of the children would appreciate that courtesy. I will be fully compensated for any time missed due to illness when backup care is available. Even if you choose to find alternate care! If an extended illness or an unforeseen situation causes me to close other than the above mentioned, there will be no charges for those days. You will be required to find alternate care for these days. EMERGENCIES I must have numbers where parents can be reached, plus the number of a personal physician or clinic. It is extremely important that these numbers be kept current so that I may reach you when necessary, not just during emergencies. The numbers may be checked from time to time to verify their accuracy. In case of emergency, I carry a cell phone when I’m not at home. My cell phone number is 720.629.0979. Parents must sign an emergency medical treatment form. This form must be notarized. In the event of a medical emergency concerning your child, I will make every effort to contact you. If you cannot be reached, or time does not allow an attempt, the release form will be used. EMERGENCY SITUATIONS/EVACUATION PLAN *See Emergency Policies and Evacuation Plan attached to this handbook. HEALTH & UNIVERSAL PRECAUTION POLICIES *See Health /Universal Precaution Policies attached to this handbook. SAFETY ISSUES Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the child care home or outdoor play areas during the business hours for all providers, parents, guardian, volunteers, substitutes, employees, and household residents in an effort to protect children from second hand smoke. Transportation: To protect the health and safety of the children in my care, proper age-appropriate restraints will be used when the provider transports the children in his/her vehicle.Parent Handbook, Revised 06/11/10
  5. 5. Parent’s Transportation of Children To/From Child Care: Parents are also required to transport their child safely to/from the child care home. The following are my policies on dangerous situations that may arise: If a parent comes without a car seat, I will ask them to return home to get the car seat or purchase another one and return to pick up the child with an appropriate car seat installed in the car. If a parent comes to pick up a child under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I will ask the parent to let me call the other authorized people to see if any are available. If no one is available to pick up the child, I will call a cab to pick up the child and the parent. The parent will pay the cab fare. I will charge a late pickup fee under these circumstances. When a parent transports children under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or fails to use an appropriate car seat, it creates an unsafe transportation situation for the children. In these situations I will immediately call the police and report the unsafe driving situation. Injuries: Small bumps, scrapes and cuts will have first aid administered per doctor’s recommendations on the health form and the parent will be notified at pick up time as to what happened. For injuries more severe, the provider will call 911 and then notify the parents. Should the child need transported, the provider will relay the parent’s choice of hospital as indicated by intake records. Product Recalls: The provider will maintain knowledge of dangerous products, product-related injuries and product recalls of items in the child care home that could be a threat to children, by notifying parent of such products and or removing them from the home. MEALS I provide nutritious/halal breakfast, lunch and snacks as outlined by USDA guidelines for young children. Parents should inform me of any allergies or special diets needed for their child. Parents will have access to the menus each week, by logging on to our website and viewing the “Weekly Menu” Tab. I serve meals at the following times: Breakfast: 8:00am until 8:30am, Lunch: 12:00pm until 12:30pm, PM Snack: 4:15pm until 4:45pm. If your child is not in attendance at least 15 minutes prior to the ending time of that particular meal, then your child will not be served that meal. The food program will not let me get reimbursement for any children getting served food outside of these hours, and therefore I will no longer serve meals outside of these hours. If your child is not in attendance during these hours, it will be your responsibility to feed your child before bringing them in or after picking them up. Special Diets: The provider/parent will provide meals and snacks for children with special diets. Special Events: Arrangements can be provided for birthdays or other special events. You may bring a cake or special treats to help celebrate. Please let me know of any special plans you may have, and I will try to schedule them. Infants/Toddlers: Whether breastfed or bottle fed children have individual needs when transferring from nursing to bottle, from bottle to cup, etcetera. A parent/provider conference may need to be scheduled to ease the transition and avoid stress on the child. REST PERIODS All full-time children will have a rest period of at least 1 hour as required by Colorado Rules & Regulations. The child does not have to sleep, but will be required to have a quite time without disturbing the other children. Full-time is defined as any child who is in child care for 4 hours or more in one day. The child does not have to sleep, but will be required to have a quite time without disturbing the other children. All children will be provided with age appropriate sleeping equipment. Infants under 12 months will be provided rest in a playpen. Toddlers, preschoolers and older children will be provided rest on a cot. Our napping schedule is 1:15pm – 2:15pm. Please DO NOT drop your child off during these hours, no exceptions. To be fair to myself and the other children in care, please use good discretion about bringing your child prior to nap time. If your child is waking late and you know that they will not lay down by 10:00am reasonably, and if you have the flexibility, please keep them home until after nap time. SUPPLIES The following checked supplies will be provided by the parent to be left at the childcare home.Parent Handbook, Revised 06/11/10
  6. 6. Baby blanket Diaper wipes Shoes Baby food Hat Sippy cups Bottles Infant formula Snow boots Change of clothes Gloves Snow pants Car seat/booster seat Jacket, light Sunscreen – full spectrum, SPF 30+ Crib or play yard Jacket, heavy Sweater Diapers Pacifier Swim shoes Diaper ointments Plastic underpants Swimsuit Clothing: Parents will dress their children in clothing appropriate to the season and to the weather. A swimming suit and sunscreen is needed during the hot summer months. I also ask the children be dressed in clothes that can get dirty so that the child is free to play outside or on the floor. The childcare home is not responsible for misplaced or mislabeled articles of clothing or personal belongings. Slick soled shoes/sandals are not permitted at this child care. Storage, theft or damage to property: Any items sent to the childcare home by the parent, will be stored in a safe location exclusive to each child. If such items are damaged or stolen by another child in the childcare home, the provider will do her best to rectify such issue, by contacting the parent of the child responsible to negotiate a suitable replacement, if damage has occurred or the theft has been confirmed to have happened with their child. If theft or damage occurs to property of the childcare home, the provider will contact the parent of the child responsible to negotiate replacement. ACTIVITY POLICIES Outdoor Activities: All infants and children are required to participate in daily outdoor activities. Please provide your child with appropriate clothing i.e. snow boots, snow pants, heavy jacket, hat, gloves, light jacket, sweater, shoes, swimsuit, swim shoes. See supply list above. Sunscreen: Parent must Pre-apply sunscreen upon provider’s request. Full spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater will be applied daily for outdoor activities. Sunscreen will be reapplied as needed during the day. Sunscreen is not applied to infants per childcare regulations and manufacturing instructions. Extreme Temperatures: The provider will provide indoor activities, when there is heavy rain, heavy snow or the temperature is over 90 degrees or drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Diapering/Toilet Training: Potty training periods will be discussed and approved by both the parents and the provider at a prior conference. Children must exhibit all signs that they are ready for potty training prior to commencement. Children’s personal items will be stored in a cubbie when item is not in use. The provider is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. The parent will provide diapering supplies as indicated in the supply list. Diaper ointments will be provided by the parent/provider and it can be used without doctors permission as preventative precaution. The Provider will NOT use diaper rash ointments on any skin surface if there is a rash or broken skin without having permission first from both the parent and the child’s physician. Diapers will be changed throughout the day with periodic diaper checks. FIELD TRIPS/TRANSPORTATION The Child Care Home will be going back and forth to school on a daily basis. We will also be going on field trips by car or on foot. The parent must sign a permission form authorizing scheduled and unscheduled trips away from the child care home. As required by law and human services rules and regulations, all children will be in either an infant car seat, booster seat or fastened by seat belts. Field trips will be taken on a regular basis. For the childrens safety, though, all major field trips will be postponed if there is bad weather--only an emergency or a special trip will be the exception. The child care provider drives a 15 passenger Chevy Express with a seating capacity of 15. The provider has child car seats restraints available. While the childcare provider is away from the childcare home, on a field trip or otherwise, she may be contacted at 720.629.0979. Regular fieldtrips taken by this child care home are to local parks, public library, Chuck-E-Cheese, Children’s Museum, public schools, etc. Parent’s initials of approval: ________ Special Activities – Special activities or fieldtrips outside of the child care home (i.e. gymnastics, monkey business, etc.) that require a participation fee will work as follows. If the parent does not want the child to participate, the parent will provide alternate care for that child for that day. No tuition reimbursement will occur. Nonparticipation – Should a parent choose for their child to not participate in a specific regularly planned activity, the parents will keep the child home during those days/times. (No tuition reimbursement will occur). MEDIA USAGE Preschool children may have access for up to 2 hours each day using any of the following media sources: Television, videos, computers, music, and gaming systems. These resources will not contain any violence, profanity, or other inappropriate content. On occasion the children may pick an child appropriate video to watch. Children are NEVER required to participate in media usage. Alternate activities will be offered to children who are not interested in participating in media usage. The parent will be required to fill out the Activity Authorization form that authorizes media use.Parent Handbook, Revised 06/11/10
  7. 7. MISCELLANEOUS • Non-Discrimination: As a licensed provider, I shall not discriminate against any person or family on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, family structure, gender, or physical/mental challenges. • I ask that you let the child bring a security toy or blanket if the child feels in need of one for naptime. Please leave other toys in the car or at home - If your child does bring in other toys, food, etc. he/she will be expected to share them with all of the other children (except for infant toys). Please do not bring candy, coins or items that are easily broken. The child care home is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal belongings of the child or his/her parent or guardian. • For my childcare home to exist peacefully in my neighborhood, I ask you to respect my neighbors driveways. Please park only in legal spots, and do not double park. Help me to maintain good relations with my neighbors. • Please only park in front of our home on the street, DO NOT park in the driveway. • Childcare is a legally deductible expense and I will be happy to provide you with receipts or a year-end total for your income tax purposes. A year-end receipt and W-10 form will not be given to any parent in arrears in their childcare tuition payments. GUIDANCE (DISCIPLINE) I believe in positive guidance first. I try to reward children for correct behavior. If the childs behavior is not acceptable, however, I use time out and discussion. Time out consists of one minute per year of age to sit away from activities. Other methods of guidance include logical and natural consequences, redirection, substitution, and role modeling. The child may be required to sit away from the activity for a short period of time. If need be, a conference may be required to discuss ongoing problems. As changes in a childs life may affect his or her behavior, I ask that you inform me of any major changes, i.e. divorce, death, unemployment etc. You, as parents, are expected to back me up at all times for misbehavior. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination. No child will be hit, spanked, belittled, or otherwise intimidated at Alif-Ba-Ta Learning Center -- even with parental permission. No corporal punishment will be used. Children will be treated with courtesy, respect, and patience. Guidance will be according to age and understanding level. CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT By Colorado Law, I am required to report any signs of abuse or neglect of children in my care to Social Services, and I will Promptly do so. I am liable, as a childcare professional, for this responsibility and can be fined or jailed for failing to do so. If you or I suspect child abuse, we are to report it to the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services, telephone # 303-636-1100 . If you care to review the Rules and Regulations that this child care home is regulated by, you can view them online at FILING A COMPLAINT AGAINST A CHILDCARE HOME If you need to file a complaint against this or any other childcare home, you may do so via mail or telephone. To contact the Colorado Department of Human Services via mail please send any complaint to: Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Childcare 1575 Sherman St. Denver, CO 80203 Or by Phone: 303.866.5948 PETS This child care home does not have any pets. So you will not have to be concerned about allergens or dangerous situations with biting. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT Termination of this contract must be in writing and the intent to terminate must be given to the child-care home 2 weeks before the child is to leave the childcare home. Failure to give 2 weeks notice, will result in the normal-fee being due and payable to cover the week period. . A 2 week notice will also be given if a child can no longer be served in my home. The provider has the right to terminate the contract without notice if parent fails to follow the policies of the child care home. No tuition will be reimbursed. The provider has the right to terminate a contract without notice in the case of harm to other children or a dangerous situation due toParent Handbook, Revised 06/11/10
  8. 8. that child has caused intentionally or otherwise. CLOSING I am a self employed Child Care Provider. I have tried to be fair in setting up these guidelines to help us both see what we can do for each other. The financial arrangements are there for my family to maintain a monthly balance we depend on and you can budget. I do expect the respect and consideration you would give any other professional. Please remember my business is necessary for the support and well being of my own family. Changes in the agreement form should be fully discussed and agreed upon. Your childs well being is very important to me, and I want to keep communication open. Please ask for a conference at any time. If necessary, I will ask the same of you. Please feel free to bring me any complaints or compliments. As required by regulation, I am listing the number to Social Services. You may reach them at 303-636-1100. My caseworker is Teresa Ribble and her telephone number is 303-914-6100 ext 3059. I also have these numbers posted in the parent area of my home if needed.Parent Handbook, Revised 06/11/10