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BurellesLuce Social Media Tips & Resources


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BurellesLuce Social Media Tips & Resources

  1. 1. F r e e T i p s F o r m e d i a p r o F e s s i o n a l s F r o m B u r r e l l e s Lu c e Tips for pr success SOCIAl MEDIA TIPS & RESOuRCES Free Social Media Monitoring Tools: Google Alerts - Twitter Advanced Search – TweetDeck - Seesmic - HootSuite - ICEROCKET - Addict-o-matic - BoardTracker - Twazzup - Socialmention - Technorati - Tweetalarm - Puly - Twilert - Media Relations in the Social Media Age Blog Posts: 5 Changes in Journalism and What They Mean for Public Relations - http://www. relations/ Media Relations 2.0: What Journalists Really Want from PR - freshideas/2010/06/media-relations-2-0-what-journalists-really-want-from-pr/ Are You Conducting Media Relations or Committing PR Spam? http://www.burrellesluce. com/freshideas/2010/04/are-you-conducting-media-relations-or-committing-pr-spam/ Media Survey 2010 Reports on Journalists PR Practices: media-survey-journalists-pr-social-media/ Twitter Pitching Etiquette…: etiquette-what-works.html Social Media Blogs: Mashable - SocialMediaToday - Blogging Tips- TopRank Online Marketing Blog - Twitter PR #chats to check out: #blogchat – #pr20chat – #socialmedia – #commschat – #measurepr – #prstudchat – #imcchat –