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The YES Press Release for the EU Youth Award 2012 winner event in Graz, Austria 22-24 November 2012

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20121130 yes ey_agraz_press_release

  1. 1.   Brussels, Belgium Friday, November 30th, 2012 PRESS RELEASE “YES – European Confederation of Young Entrepenreurs, representing the Young Entrepreneurs of the European Union, is proud to have been a Knowledge Partner of EYA Festival 2012, a special event celebrating europes best e- content designers for their taking action on the MDGs. Sparkling European Youth Award Festival 2012 (EYA)3 days dedicated to Youth Engagement, Innovation andDesign!November 22-24, Graz, Austria! UNESCO City of Design, HumanRights City. The European Youth Festival!The European Youth Award (eu-youthaward.org) selects andpromotes Europe´s best practice in e-content. It demonstratesyoung European’s potential to create outstanding digitalcontents and serves as a platform for people from all EU and UNmember states to work together in the efforts to reach the MDGs(Millennium Development Goals) and contribute to the EU DigitalAgenda and the future of ICTs in Europe.From Thursday 22nd until Sunday 24th, at the EYA Festival 2012students from Spain, Finland, Denmark and Austria demonstratedtheir winning projects based on criteria like usability, design andimprovements. Before that, the students mixed up in groups andworked together learning a lot about the MDGs, the winners and, ofcourse, about the projects they competed against. YES – EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS www.yes.be | secretariat@yes.be | http://twitter.com/yes_ecye Rue Vautier, 54, B - 1050 Brussels, Belgium, Tel +32 22803425
  2. 2.  On Friday the 23rd November, the 12 winning teams presentedtheir project to the EYA audience and judges of the EYA grand jury.Jury member like James Norwood, Dimitris Tsigos, Cai Melakoskiand Stella Tembisa Ndabeni Abrahams, Deputy Minister ofCommunications from South Africa had to decide which project willbe the Overall Winner of the European Youth Award 2012. Afterlong discussions the project with the best design, interactivity andMDGs was found – It was I Mirabilia!, a project with 3 special dollsfor hospitalized children, by Erika Rossi(http://www.erikarossi.com/wordpress/)Next to this award, the city of Graz decided on their own specialwinner. The Special Graz Award for the best business project wentto the team of Mladiinfo, a resource point for free education(http://www.mladiinfo.com/).Mr.Dimitris Tsigos, President of YES, was also a speaker in aspecial session titled “Social Innovation & Youth Entrepreneurship inEurope”, sharing the Confederation’s expertise and vision aboutyouth Entrepreneurship in Europe.About the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs - YESEuropean Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs is the major association of youngentrepreneurs throughout Europe representing 40.000 members and aiming tosupport and improve the economic and social performance of young entrepreneurshipin Europe. As such, it is the largest dynamic network of entrepreneurs, whichconstantly expands its activities, while participating in international networks like theG20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance. Learn more at www.yes.be. press@yes.be,www.twitter.com/yes_ecye, www.facebook.com/yes.europe YES – EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS www.yes.be | secretariat@yes.be | http://twitter.com/yes_ecye Rue Vautier, 54, B - 1050 Brussels, Belgium, Tel +32 22803425