plasma proteins pyrimidine degradation & disorders beta-oxidation of fatty acids pericardial fluid synovial fluid ascitic fluid cerebrospinal fluid (csf) oxidative stress in preeclampsia biochemistry questions-mbbs/phase-1 biochemistry important questions-mbbs zinc & copper selenium calcium & iron iron metabolism metabolism of zinc magnesium & electrolytes metabolism of sulfur molybdenum iodine manganese fluorine & selenium copper metabolism matabolism of calcium & phosphorous riboflavin (b2) niacin (b3) vitamin like compounds vitamin c cobalamine (12) folic acid (b9) biotin (b7) pyridoxine (b6) pantothenic acid (b5) thiamine (b1) vitamin k vitamin d vitamin e vitamin a identification of unknown carbohydrate solution reactions of starch reactions of sucrose reactions of lactose & maltose reactions of fructose cardiac biomarkers myocardial infarction (mi) heme synthesis mechanism of action of hormones electrophoresis chromatography prostaglandins diabetes mellitus - biochemistry translation & post - translational modifications blotting techniques regulation of gene expression recombinant dna technology polymerase chain reaction (pcr) transcription & post-transcriptional modifications replication mutations & dna repair mechanisms free radicals & antioxidants cancer aids dietary fiber importance nutritional importance of proteins nutritional importance of lipids nutritional importance of carbohydrates nutrition / bmr / sda detoxification acid-base balance & disorders purine degradation & gout integration of metabolism gastric function tests thyroid function tests (tft) renal function tests (rft) liver function tests (lft) pyrimidine synthesis biosynthesis of purine nucleotides polyamines serine & threonine metabolism lysine metabolism arginine metabolism branched chain amino acid metabolism cysteine metabolism methionine metabolism tryptophan metabolism disorders of phenylalanine metabolism phenylalanine metabolism glycine metabolism urea cycle alcohol metabolism ammonia metabolism transamination & deamination obesity fatty liver lipoproteinemias or dyslipidemia lipid storage diseases ldl & hdl metabolism chemistry of lipoproteins tgl metabolism synthesis of phospholipids ketone bodies metabolism degradation of cholesterol cholesterol biosynthesis biosynthesis of fatty acids
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